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Warden Xander?

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Summary: What happens when Xander tries to mix together costumes?

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Literature > Dresden Files, TherothosFR13108,17126930,5757 Aug 0925 Sep 09Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS,Bewitched or the Dresden Files

Xander Harris was in a conundrum, he could go as a soldier or as this modern day wizard-type guy that was part of a book series that he had only heard of.

While the soldier was straight forward and what his friends were expecting, for the bargain price of two dollars plus tax he'd be able to go as a wise man and what his friends were not expecting.
The decision was easy to make for him, he'd go as a mix of the two. After paying the aggravated store clerk with some of his road trip money he went home with the costume in a nice box that had what might be a tea stain on a corner.

On a higher plane

“Oh, I like this mortal; he shows my kind of thinking when in a tight spot. He bears watching.”

Halloween day

The soldier part was easy, the tough decision was whether or not to carry both the M16 and the staff.
He decided to carry the handgun and the staff. He reached into a coat pocket and felt a hard roundish object. He pulled it out and saw it was a plastic skull;now how to mount that on the top of the staff?
Xander chose one of a man's most versatile tools: duct tape. After a handful of minutes, the soldierly mage ran off towards Buffy's house.

Ding-dong the bell on the Summers porch sounded and the door opened to reveal a Joyce Summers in a 1950's housewife dress with a string of pearls around her neck.

“Oh Xander! How original! What are you?” Joyce asked.

“A war-wizard, Mrs. Summers and let me guess you are Gladys Kravitz?” Xander asked

“No silly, I'm Samantha Stephens. I got this outfit from the new costume place; Ethan's.”

“Just wait till you see Buffy.” At that cue down the stairs came Buffy dressed in a white toga.

“Hail Buffy Maxima! I hereby renounce spandex!” Xander said mind brimming with possibilities.

“Wait til you see Willow.” At that cue down came a ghost. Buffy said

“Uh, nice Boo you have there Wills. Well,we have to get going before Snyder kills us” Xander said

So off the trio went to the lair of the Snyder-beast and the institution of learning that was Sunnydale High School

Ethan's Costume Emporium

Ethan had just closed the front door and was going into the backroom when someone knocked on the door. Grumbling, Ethan let the person in and after a handful of minutes sold him a sword and a chainmail suit. He rushed to close the door and ran out back to preform the ceremony to Janus to empower all of the costumes.
Of course shortly after the empowerment ritual ended, the phone rang. So Ethan hurriedly ran and picked it up.
“Hello this is a public service announcement from the First Bank of Sunnydale; do you have a problem with paying your mortgage? If so-.” Click. Bloody Yanks and their telemarketers call at a bloody decent hour that was another reason he decided to test his empowerment here.

Ethan went to the bank of monitors that showed him some of the chaos before grabbing a bag of microwave popcorn and throwing it in the microwave. He set it to pop the bag and sat down to watch the chaos.

A/N-Please review. It helps me to write. Please tell me what you think especially about this last part.
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