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Secrets In The Night

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Fic A Day 2009 Challenge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Bufy/James Bond Crossover, Fic a Day Challenge Response, reasonable plot, plus smut

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Movies > James BondDennSedaiFR2112,656022,4647 Aug 097 Aug 09Yes

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Pairing: Xander/Bond (as portrayed by Daniel Craig)
Disclaimer: Buffy and company belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. James Bond belongs to Ian Fleming, Eon Productions, etc.
Author Notes: The list sibs over at Imaginings are responsible for this idea. *groans* I hate when you guys bunny me to death.

Glancing up at the mirror behind the bar, Xander supressed a smirk. He did have to admit that whoever this guy was, that had been following him the last few days was good, but he didn't compare quite to what they had dealt with for years on the Hellmouth. Not to mention the fact that Willow's helpful little spell let him realize when anyone was focused on him as strongly as this guy was. It had been a variation on a ward spell, but designed to alert the person when they were being constantly observed.

Still this game of cat and mouse was getting a tiny bit old for his tastes. Waving the bartender over, he placed an order for two drinks to be delivered to the table that he was heading over to. He was meeting up with a friend. Paying the cost and adding a generous tip, he casually made his way over to the corner where his watcher was having a drink at.

"So, care to tell me what's up with the trailing me for several days now is all about," Xander asked, pitching his voice so that it wouldn't carry beyond the two of them.

"I don't know what you're talking about," James replied equally softly, forcing down his fight or flight response. Since neither of those reactions would do him any good at the moment.

"That's rather amusing, given that I have been aware of it, and I also managed to get a picture of you and have a 'friend' looking you up to see exactly who you are. So care to reconsider the answer?"

At that moment, the bartender arrived with their drinks, which Xander accepted with a smile and a word of thanks.

Grinning at the older man, he flashed him a smile as well. "I told him I was having a drink with an old friend and gave him an extra tip to bring the drinks over. So as you can see, I didn't mess with them at all."

"All right, I'll bite then," James said casually. "Just who do you think I am?"

Xander offered a slight shrug at that, before taking a sip of his own drink. "Not a clue, but by the accent I'd say British, I'd also wager that your employed by some more or less covert agency, probably MI5 or MI6. Beyond that, I expect I'll have a bit more information waiting on me when I check my e-mail later tonight."

James stiffened up ever so slightly at that. "Let's just speak purely in the hypothetical here, shall we. Just supposing that you are right and that I have been keeping an eye on you, what could your friend hope to find out that fast?"

Xander let out a chuckle at that. "Given that she's got resources at her disposal that go far beyond the normal realms of what's believable quite a lot. So keeping it purely hypothetical, as you asked, what should I expect her to have found? Or do you expect that there won't be anything to be found?"

"I would say there is nothing to be found of course, after all if I did work for such an agency as you suggested, it would be buried far deeper than most people could possibly access. But it would be interesting to see what your friend could find."

Xander just nodded once at that. "In that case care to make a small wager? That is if you're sure that there is nothing to be found."

James took a sip of his own drink and considered it carefully. There was definitely something unique about the young man in front of him. So why not hear him out and see where it went.

"Very well, what is the wager and who determines who won?"

"It's very simple, we can return to my hotel room, we'll check my e-mail. If my friend found nothing on you, then I'll owe you a drink, which you can claim at a time and place of your choosing. And if she did find something, you answer my questions and I'll even sweeten the deal by promising to answer one of your questions for every one of mine."

James leaned back against the wall and considered the implications of that. M would nail his hide to the wall for even considering it, but if it got them the answers she so desperately sought, she might forgive it. Still, how had the kid picked up on him trailing him and gotten a photo, if he had indeed managed that.

"All right, I'll take you up on that wager. I expect that you'll be owing me a drink though, which I'd have no objection to."

Xander just smiled and nodded once at that. "We'll see about that. Still it should be interesting."


Staring at the screen of the laptop in front of him in disbelief, James swore in his own mind. It was absolutely impossible, yet sitting right in front of him was the proof of who exactly he was and who he worked for.

"So James, I hope you don't mind if I call you that," Xander said with a small smile. "I suppose it's time to pay up."

Letting out a sigh of annoyance, James shrugged. "I suppose I have no choice in that case. You obviously have a highly skilled or connected friend. So what do you want to know?"

"The first thing that springs to mind, is why were you following me? I can already see who you are and who you work for."

"I was told simply to observe you, find out what I could and avoid being caught at it. Obviously I didn't manage the last thing. As for why, I wasn't told other than that there was some concerns about your tenatively identified employer."

Xander just nodded at that. "I suppose that does make some sense, with what happened to them before. Still, I'm surprised that someone didn't try taking the simple, direct approach and asking for information."

James let out a laugh at that. "Since when do politicians ever do the simple, direct thing? So who exactly are you Alexander Harris?"

"First it's just Xander, not Alexander if you please. As for who I am, I'm technically one of the newly reformed Watcher's Council. I suppose you could say I"m the second in command, and I'm directly over training. Not that it answers what you really want to know, I would say."

"Not really, since I've never heard of them. But training implies several things, but without knowing what type of training..." James trailed off ever so slightly, hoping to draw an answer out.

"Nice try, but you can always use that up as one of your questions. Now, who ordered the watching and information gathering? Not just your boss, but who gave him or her the orders."

"My direct supervisor is M, and she answers directly to the Prime Minister. So I suppose that is who ordered the investigation. As to why it was ordered, I wasn't told."

"Interesting, very interesting," Xander said, as he considered that. Picking up the lap top he typed out a quick reply to the e-mail that Willow had sent him. Asking for her to relay the main information, limited as it was, to Giles as well. This was definitely something that was going to bear keeping a close eye on.

"So what exactly does the Watcher's Council do then Xander?"

"I could tell you, in which case, you would probably consider me to be rather insane, or I can provide you rather undeniable proof, in which case, you'll probably end up being far more paranoid than your job already makes you. And probably make you turn into a heavy drinker as well. So your call James."

Arching a single eyebrow at that James let a small smirk cross his face. "I doubt it could be that bad or unbelievable Xander."

"Up until a few years ago the Council operated in a unique way, since events have unfolded in the last few years it's been forced to change a bit," Xander offered slowly. "It used to be one Watcher assigned to one Slayer, till death do them part, if the Watcher died first he was replaced with another one. If the slayer died, another was called. Just about a year ago, that changed rather dramatically and now it's a lot more Slayers, but we are being forced to rebuild the Council and train a whole new type of Watcher."

Pausing to catch his breath, Xander held up a hand as James started to ask a question. "As for what a Slayer is and what she does, let me show you. It will be a little bit simpler that way."

Pulling up the web browser, Xander typed in an IP address from memory. Clicking on the log in, button he typed in his own log in and password, before clicking on a video. Passing over the laptop he let James watch as the video slowly played.

After several minutes of silence, he just nodded as James handed back the laptop. "I know what you're thinking. That has to be faked somehow. It's not. I can take you out tonight or tomorrow night and give you a lot more proof if you need it."

James shivered at the casual tone of Xander's voice. "'s..impossible."

"Actually it's not. I've been involved with this mess for over seven years now, ever since a Slayer moved to Sunnydale and started High School there. That was mid sophmore year."


Staring at the young man infront of him as he dusted the last of the ashes off, James shook his head in shock and horror. "I still can't believe you did that. What the hell were you thinking?"

"Well, the fact was that I do have a reputation in the 'community' so to speak. Plus I don't let innocents get hurt, and while I'm not sure you fully fit that description, you're close enough that I wasn't willing to let you get hurt. Besides, I'm not the one who foolishly decided to trail after someone after finding out about things that go bump in the night James."

Letting out a sigh at that, James nodded his partial concession of that point. "That may be, but I do still have a job to do. If I had a choice about it..."

"Uh huh, if you had a choice, what exactly would you rather be doing James," Xander asked as he slowly walked closer to the older man. "I know I can think of a few things that I'd rather be doing instead of standing out here in this alley."

James swallowed the lump that appeared in his throat at that. The more he got to know Xander, the more intrigued he became. But this wasn't the time or place to act on that interest.

"You still haven't answered my question James, what would you rather be doing instead," Xander asked again, this time deliberately stepping into Bond's personal space, as his voice dropped down into a huskier tone. "Or should I offer up a better idea than holding this conversation out in the cold..."

"Xander..." James started to say, as a blush slowly creeped across his face.

Raising a hand up, Xander gently laid a single finger across James' lips. "Don't say it. Instead just let yourself feel for a few minutes and then decide," he said is a soft whisper.

Trailing the finger gently downward, Xander moved in closer and just barely let his lips brush against James, before taking a second pass, applying just the tiniest bit of pressure this time, ready to withdraw at the first sign of an objection.

Instead the lips parted beneath his, as a tongue hesitantly darted outwards, Xander let his own lips part and deepened the kiss.


Slipping on the condom, Xander watched as his soon to be lover, shivered under his gaze. "Trust me will hurt at first, but I'll go slow and then...well you'll see."

Swallowing James nodded his hesitant agreement once more. "I trust you..."

Leaning in closer, Xander stole a kiss, even as he gently nudged his partners legs slightly further apart. Reaching down with a free hand, Xander gently stroked James' uncut cock, even while he continued kissing his partner senseless, keeping him relaxed and distracted.

Oh so gently he stroked teasingly at the tight opening, spreading a final bit of lube over it, before he pressed the head of his cock against it and pressed forward, breaching the tight barrier.

Pausing once he managed to get the head of his cock in, he heard James gasp at the sudden sharp pain and continued to stroke teasing his lover to encourage him to relax.

After a minute he could feel James start to relax and began to steadily press in the rest of the way in, stopping only when he was fully sheathed, feeling James shivering under his touch he smiled. "It's going to get a lot better hot stuff, trust me," Xander whispered nipping at his partners ear as he slowly began sliding back out, pausing part way before sliding back in.

Picking up the pace further, as he felt his partner begin to get into it Xander was soon slamming in and out of James' tight ass, even while the older man, grabbed at the sheets and whimpered underneath him.

"Xan....Xander....please....oh God.....please...."

"Oh yeah baby, so tight," Xander managed to gasp out between groans of his own. "Feels so good James, going to make you cum so hard..."

"Xander....." James barely managed to get out, as it suddenly felt like his body exploded in sensation, "harder.... please....Xaaaaaaaannnnnnnn"

"Oh yeah baby," Xander growled, picking up his pace, slamming in and out at break neck speed. Throwing back his own head, he began to growl ever so slightly, knowing that somehow this was the person he'd been looking for forever, the hyena in complete agreement. "Mine James..."


Leaning in close he bit down hard at the tender junction of neck and shoulder, even as he hand reached down to start stroking James' cock in time to his own vicious thrusts....

"Please.....Xander....." James said screaming for more as the sensations overwhelmed him, knowing he was drawing closer and closer to the edge.

"Mine," Xander said growling louder, as the hyena came to the fore. "Come for me my mate..."

With that James exploded, blasts of cum flying here and there, even as he clenched down hard, pushing Xander over the edge.


Waking at last, as he felt James start to stir underneath him, Xander opened his eyes reluctantly. Taking a slow look around he noticed how much of a mess the two of them had indeed managed to create.

Getting up he quietly padded to the bathroom and returned shortly with several warm washcloths to wash them up with and a two towels so that they could dry up afterwards.

"Hey...I almost thought you had left," James said softly, his voice a bit scratchy from earlier.

"Not a chance, just got some wash cloths so we could clean ourselves up," Xander offered with a smile of his own. "So you feeling all right?"

"Just a tiny bit sore here and there, but nothing to really complain about. You?"

"I'm pretty good, might need to rest a little while before we go for another round, as I don't want to hurt you, but good other wise."

Leering a tiny bit, James replied, "I'd say a bit more than just good...but that's just personal opinion."

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Secrets In The Night". This story is complete.

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