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The one who sees, the pleasurer and the Moon child

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Summary: When Xander makes a "Date" with a companion comming by his planet, he has no idea what he's bringing down on it, and himself. Xander/Inara Xander/River

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Firefly > Xander-Centered > Pairing: InaraTTrunksFR2113,6791164,2438 Aug 098 Aug 09No

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I know, I know I’m sorry really really I am, but I couldn’t help it. I had to get this written. It wouldn’t’ stop gnawing on me. I swear after this, I’ll update The one who sees and the ones how are slimed.

Disclaimer: I do not own Firefly, Serenity, or BvTS

Yes, this will have sex in it, it annoys me how people never mention Inara having sex. I know it was never really mentioned on the show, but it was part of who she was. To me leaving Inara having sex out of a fan fiction is the same as making Jane a softy a bad idea.

This will also have kinky sex in it, Companions were trained in every art, to think they’ve never been called on to act out a kink or fantasy is sheer stupidity. I have no doubt that as long as it does no permanent harm it can be done to them, just like Geishas.

BDM has happened but only book died. Wash happened to survive because one of his dinosaurs fell off his console and as he was landing he reached for it.


Xander Levelle Harris woke up, his brown eyes running over his cortex; apparently a companion was headed this way. He knew they rarely traveled out this far, and hurriedly booked her.

He briefly wondered what his girls would have thought of him hiring a hooker, or the fact that these “hookers” were what the council had become.

It had all been Dawnies idea; after all, those who gave sex and were GOOD at it were never hurt. So towards the final hundred years of her life, Dawn slowly but surely got the guild recognized in its fame.

That had been around three hundred years ago apparently. Dawn’s key influence allowed her age much more gracefully, however even she hadn’t’ lived to find the cure to his “cancer”.

It was kind of funny, freeze his cells to stop the cell growth, put him into deep sleep, and then when the cure to cancer only five, maybe ten years off was found, revive him. Only the earth had died, and he’d been put on a shuttle, eventually finding a new planet, and a home as a guild foot rest. Only after about twelve hundred or so years did they turn the thing over by accident, and find out it was a vibrating sex toy, or a foot stool at all it was a cryo chamber.

So, they thawed him out, cured his cancer, gave him some funds, some memorabilia from his family in all but blood and, he’d wound up here.

He knew his skill with tools and such would make him a lot of money here, and being a carpenter made it easy.

Sure he was rich, but it felt weird using the money, he’d made himself a beautiful log cabin and was doing very well on his own.

Soon the Cortex message was received, opening it there were various pictures of Inara in various flexible naughty poses apparently it would take her four days to get here, and Xander couldn’t wait.

This was something he both loved and despised, when one got “Appointed” to a companion in space depending on the day she was set to arrive she’d send him several captures, each with various dirty images, only to show you her naked form the day before she arrived.

Walking up Xander offered the beautiful companion his hand kissing it lightly as he said, “Gods every time I see a companion I have to change my definitions of beautiful.”

Mal snorted as he saw the man saying, “Pay for sex often?”

Xander smirked at him, “Only when women this beautiful are involved, besides I have more than enough money I just like a chance to “Let my beast out” and visit with my great great great grandmother’s best achievement.”

Mal looked at him funnily even as Inara explained, “Xander here’s grandmother several generations ago started the guild, and she spent a lot of time working on its services and on forming political bonds.”

Inara realized her mistake even as Mal said something stupid, “You mean she spent a lot of time on her back under various politicians to get the guild Okayed for whoreing.”

Nobody saw the punch expect for Mal who didn’t so much see it as felt it, even as Jane went for his gun Xander had drawn his own and a secondary pistol was pointed at Zoe as he said, “Listen here shit bag, nobody talks bad about my mom or her side of the family, I put up with that shit when I was a kid and I don’t need it now, you understand?”

Reynolds nodded as he said, “I’m sorry, I guess I rightly deserved that, shouldn’t’ talk about a man’s momma, a man’s ship, or a man’s woman unless you’re ready to get punched.”

Xander nodded even as he put his colt single action revolvers away saying, “I understand captain, honestly I didn’t’ understand the difference when I was younger, the difference is companions have to do anything, it’s like temporarily buying a woman, but none of the responsibilities of doing so, while a whore you use like a condom, but you have to follow their rules, a Companion has to follow yours.”

Mal nodded his head, he’d never thought about it that way, before saying, “Doesn’t’ that seem wrong to you thought to be able to use something completely and then disregard it.”

Xander nodded as he said, “Sometimes I wonder what my grandmother was thinking, then I remember the real reason the companions were started, you see women below a certain standard weren’t going to be allowed on the shuttles to leave old earth, so my grandmother made of the companions, and to this day we take those who would be left for death, ignored by society and probably die in a gutter train them, sure some of them like Miss Sierra here come from relatively high families but the companions always offer to shelter and help those who need it.”

Malcolm looked at him strangely, “But it isn’t’ safe for women folks to do that, no offense but what if they offer shelter to the wrong people?”

Xander smirked, “Inara, show them.”

He then threw her his gun with scary ability she caught it pointing it as lane she said “Bang” even as Malcolm went for his own pistol Inara grabbed the wrist turning Malcolm and throwing him to the ground and saying “Bang” Zoe had her rifle raised saying, “Bang” herself but Inara was gone, She turned to the right only to see the barrel of Xander’s gun held to her hand, Inara saying, “Bang.”

Tossing Xander his gun she said, “All companions are trained to a higher level than soldiers, we can kill supposedly fifty people in a normal room without using bare fists, I’ve been trained to use swords, knives, stabbing weapons, cutting weapons, gauging weapons, slashing weapons, and of course guns, rifles, even a cross bow and a high tension bow.”

Zoe seemed to think back saying, “That bow you used on Mr. Universes planet.”

Inara nodded as she said, “I’ve always fancied bows over guns, more accurate and more powerful, and silent.”

Zoe nodded as Mal said, “How is a bow more powerful than a bullet?”

Xander handed this one as Inara rolled her eyes, “An arrow will pierce almost any anti bullet armor, when the reavers touched down planet side my skill proved still useful got about thirty of them at night before they even touched the ground and then got the rest with a longer version of the rifle the Amazonian woman has.”

Jayne looked up at that, “Wait, Reavers been on this planet Mal.”

Mal rolled his eyes saying, “Mr. please don’t’ be scaring my mercenary.”

Xander just shrugged, “Reavers ain’t so scary, and they die just like anything else, although it might take more, they where some kind of basic body armor that stops bullets but they keep coming I guess they don’t’ mind the pain of a broken bone or four, my name is Xander Mr. Renolds, Xander and while this has been a pleasure, I’m afraid I’m losing valuable time here.”

As Xander walked into Inara into her shuttle, he smirked at her even as she said, “If memory serves your file says you don’t’ like tea?”

He nodded, “I need it rough and hardcore, and I assume everything I tell you is private.”

The woman nodded as she undid her robe showing a perfect body except some scars where her clients had gone a little too far and she hadn’t had time to totally heal them. It was a harmless and easy surgery but it required tools Simon Tam simply didn’t have. Few realized exactly how abused Companions got however at the same time except for certain key areas any damage could be undone, and honestly Inara liked her clients a little rough.

Xander nodded as he said, “I got into an accident a few years ago, and unleashed a darker side of myself, he has since been on the loose, he likes it rough as do I, the only outward appearance of him is this.”

As Xander pulled down his eye patch a vicious yellow eye looked at her dripping with lust. Inara felt herself grow wet as she said, “Goddess, it wants to take me now doesn’t it, hard against the bed.”

Xander nodded saying, “First however I want you to give me a foot job while I relax on the bed.”

Inara nodded, saying “Then please lay on the bed Xander.”

((Sex scene starts here!!!! Sex scene starts here!!!! Sex scene starts here!!!!))

As Xander did so his pants removed, Inara felt her cunt flow even stronger, Xander’s hard rod was twelve inches long and at its widest two and a half inches.

A hundred years ago his cock would have been a career ender, now however with some of the toys clients liked to use Companions were lucky if their wombs weren’t damaged.

Slowly she moved over, taking some warm oils she poured them along the vein of Xander’s bulging cock. Soon her right foot was rubbing his hard dick along the under vein, up to the head where she gently rocked her heel into the head, sucking on her left middle finger she gently but firmly stuck it up his ass, even as her hand rubbed his balls, she could tell how heavy they were with cum, showing off her amazing flexible skills she soon has both feet working Xander’s rod, her heels working his head, her right hand covered in oil, rubbing his cum heavy balls, he tongue sliding in and out of his ass, and her left hand barely supporting her. She was using her stomach muscles to slide her feet up and down HARD on Xanders cock, faster and faster making him groan and grunt in pleasure. Faster, faster, and faster Inara’s body moved until soon it was a blur and Xander was groaning and moaning in lust.

With a roar of lust Xander came hard about three lines going up to where his neck met his body. As Inara moved off and looked at him he growled, “You dumb bitch lick it up.”

Inara nodded her body sweaty, small clumps of her hair escaping from the bun she had it in.  As she licked from his asshole up his balls, along his hard cock, up his stomach and chest, showing him her mouth full of his seed, she then swallowed it, her soaking cunt lying against his hard prick she asked, “What next does master desire?”

Xander smirked evilly, “I desire to make you scream, now suck me off you kinky bitch.”

Inara nodded soon sucking him, but apparently it was too slow for him as he rolled over fucking her tight throat like one would any other orifice.

Soon tears were running down her face, along with spit and drool, her tears made her makeup run. He hair was now wild as he fucked her against the mattress and gave her no choice but to take it or suffocate, sometimes he’d pinch her nose until she w as about to pass out.

And Inara loved it, spreading her legs wide almost pleading with him to jam something into her.

Soon with a grunt of lust he nearly drowned her with his cum, Inara though wasn’t the best at what she did for nothing and she swallowed it all easily.  

He slapped her face with his saliva covered rod saying, “Heh, you kinky dumb bitch, you fucking loved that didn’t you?”

Inara nodded even as he continued to call her things that would make most women make him leave, before finally saying, “Your fucking wetter than a water tank down there from this huh you nasty sick bitch.”

Inara nodded her head as she pleaded, “P-please please stick your rod in me?”

Xander smirked a minute before saying “Hm, no.”

Inara was shocked, she was honestly let down by this and let a single word slip out, “Why?”

Xander bitch slapped her, “Because bitch, I’m the master and I don’t think you deserve a cock in your cunt yet, now jerk me off.”

As Inara moved her hands up and down she said, “If slave does good will master give Inara a big load on her face.”

Xander nodded his head leaning back Inara’s hands moved easily up and down, he let out a groan of lust as her red makeup and spit covered face ground into his testicles, her tongue giving him a rim job like no one but a companion could.

Soon she felt his balls tightening and pulling away begged, “Master Xander, has Inara been a good enough slave to get a load of cum on her face, has she, has she?”

Xander nodded groaning loudly as she licked the underside of his tool, “Gods yes, get ready and french kiss the part under the head.”

Inara did as ordered sucking hard on the underside rubbing it with her tongue as Xander groaned and came all in her face and hair.

Xander then smirked at her saying, “Now I want a tit job you subclass whore.”

Inara nodded somewhat surprised but doing as he ordered, her tits weren’t’ the biggest, but she understood why as he said, “Oh and suck on only the head.”

Inara was rewarded with Xander’s piss flowing into her mouth, but like a good little slave she swallowed it, fighting her own gag reflex. Rubbing his head, so right after he was done filling her mouth with piss he came, she swallowed that down, sucking his dick like a straw.

Smirking he said, “Now slut, if you still want my dick in your body get on all fours.”

Inara soon was on all fours, her ass in the air, her pussy running, as Xander lined up Inara got about a half second warning before Xander pushed his huge dry rod deep into her ass. Inara screamed her nails digging hard into the bed, as did her toe nails, as Xander fucked her ass brutally, she knew now why he’d made her stroke and lick and such him so long the oils were water based meaning in her rubbing and licking she’d removed them all. She couldn’t help but scream and moan as he took her ass like an animal. Her ass stretched tight against his rod. She could feel it loosening even as he rolled his hips to go deeper pulling on her amazing hair how wiry from sweat and sperm. As Xander took her ass he grabbed her nipples tweaking them hard. Inara screamed as she came. she came twice before with a loud roar he came deep inside of her.

As they rolled over Inara mounted him and road him like a bucking bronco until she collapsed. Her body dripping in sweat, her hair a frizzy mess, she looked like any random whore, and she loved it. She’d have to remember to take the pill tomorrow so there were no accidents. Luckily she always had a large supply on hand.

((Sex Scene Ends Here!!!! Sex Scene Ends Here!!!! Sex Scene Ends Here !!!! Sex Scene Ends Here!!!!))

Suddenly the door was thrown open Wash his eyes widening at both their nakedness quickly looked away as he said, “Inara, we got Revers, Mal Zoe and Jayne are pinned down in the center of town, they flooded like locusts, them and the towns people are holding them off but.”

Xander was already out the door, even as he looked up into the grating and saying, “Are you coming little moon?”

River dropped from the ceiling even as Inara blushed crimson wondering how long she’d been there and replied, “Sure Alpha, you going to let the beast out?”

He cracked his knuckles and his neck saying, “Probably going to have too.”

River smirked saying, “I’ll make sure to tame it if I have too.”

Even as Wash went to ask what they were talking about he tried to look anywhere but at Inara’s naked ness, she was so out of it she didn’t even notice what was wrong with this, plus their were liquids leaking out, but he wasn’t looking no nope no Zoe killing him.

He wasn’t’ surprised when River went into Jayne’s room, lifted her dress ((Flashing everyone in the dining half her soaked panties)) and started putting various hand guns in the panties sides. What most surprised him was when Inara’s client smirked in a way that reminded him way to much of Jubal Early, and said, “Why are you getting all those little moon?”

River then smiled back cheekily at the very rich man, replying, “If Alpha’s gonna come out Beta has to as well.”

Soon both were running towards the captive’s location as Xander remembered the real reason he’d been put away.

After so many years helping the Slayers in Africa someone was bound to see his Hyena possession remains, and try to exploit it. However this time it turned out the idiot tried to jam a whole pack into his body. The spell had been to powerful, Xander had been forced to give into the Hyena, however Willow had guessed that if she put the most powerful seals with enough time the magic’s would equal out.

They had, thus he’d been revived, the two magic’s were perfectly countering he still had the pack mind, but it was controllable, unless he released it like he was about to. The cancer story was just what he told most people. Apparently magic and demons were nonexistent something about the suns of these worlds putting out a different form of radiation.

As he ran he touched the seals on each of his wrist pulse points deactivating them he let out a whimper of pain as his muscles bulged he felt himself taken on the power that broke slayer before him.

To most people a young thirty something man, and a barely 19 year old girl running into a Reaver infested town would be suicide, but these two in their last flashes of clarity before their own monster  took over was pity for the Reavers.

Forty minutes later it became obvious why the two beings were feared by those in power. Xander was ferocious and brutal; while River possessed the same touch of dancer’s grace that Inara had only increased a hundred fold.

Where Inara used her abilities to make her enemy look where she had been and not where she was, River used her’s to seemingly make herself a ghost, Xander would swear there were times there were three of the girl. She moved with a scary grace.

((((Sex Scene two starts!!!! SEX SCENE TWO STARTS HERE!!!!))))

Xander’s eyes widened almost comically as the blood smeared River dropped to her knees and freeing his very hard rod sucked it down her throat. Xander wondered how the young psychic knew cocks so well until he realized he’d answered his own question.

River was beyond good with her tight warm mouth she made Inara look like a random two bit hooker. Soon with a grunt Xander came in the young psychic’s mouth even as the girl laid back, lifting her dress she stroked his cock saying, “Make a woman out of my Xander, please?”

Xander tried to fight the urge to screw the girl, however the next words out of her mouth made it impossible, “My super wet, hot tight pussy is begging for your hard thick cock, it’s dripping Xander, please fill it?”

Xander felt his control slide away as he started pounding the virgin River Tam, even as he plowed Xander hard into the ground both of them covered in the blood of various Reaver’s they rolled. Thrusting and grinding.

Inara took it, but River gave as well as she got.

((Sex scene two ends!!!!))

Xander pet River even as River said, “I’m not a cat, I’m not like pretty sleek Inara.”

Tears were welling up in her eyes, as Xander pulled her close saying, “River, Inara is nice, but I assume you were spying on our whole section, did you know that while sex is easy to make a relationship is hard work, I don’t’ want to date or go out with a woman who is like Inara, Inara speaks to the man in me, but you speak to the animal.”

River nodded slowly as she nipped at his chin, “Alpha needs Beta.”

She suddenly got a very mischievous smile on her face, “But old Alpha isn’t going to like that.”

Xander turned just in time to see Mal’s boot connect with his face.


There you go folks, The one who sees, the one who pleasures and the Moon Brain chapter 1 and possibly only. I love the show Firefly but I feel I desecrated the characters, let me know what you think and I may continue if anyone likes this story.



The End?

You have reached the end of "The one who sees, the pleasurer and the Moon child" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Aug 09.

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