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Children of Asgard

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Summary: Xander and Willow always dreamed about having different parents, well what if the truth was more wonderous than their dreams.

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Marvel Universe > Thor > GeneraljormunguardFR1313,1612185,5078 Aug 098 Aug 09Yes
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own any of the characters in this story. The Buffy ones are owned by that genius Joss Whedon, and the Marvel ones are of course owned by Marvel.

Note: My muse kept showing me this little story when I was trying to work on Chaotic Intervention. So I decided to write it down and submit it hoping my muse will let me get back to work on my other story. I don't know if I will do anything more for this short story, maybe latter. Tell me what you think.

"Forseti, go to thy hall and bring the criminal here."

"Aye, All-Father," Forseti said, as he quickly turned and left the marble halls of Gladsheim.

Unconsciously he slowed as he walked across the Plains of Ida, memories teasing him of times when he played here as a child watched over by the criminal. He smiled as visions of her using her magic to transform bushes into terrible monsters for him to fight, well as terrible as a bush could be. He knew even then that she had only been doing it to get something from his father, but even knowing that didn't make those times any less wondrous or pleasurable. However, now as he looked back he couldn't help remembering the smile that would light up her face as she watched him, when he thought about that and about the crime that she had committed, he wondered if just maybe she hadn't been watching him for more than what she could get from his father.

Forseti violently shook his head in an attempt to banish those thoughts from them. She had already been tried and convicted by Odin, any reasons she might have had for her crime was now besides the point, the only thing left was for Odin to sentence her for that crime. He forced himself to walk faster as he spotted the silver and golden halls of his home, Glitnir. Usually any crime committed would be tried and judged here in his own home, but the All-Father had said that her crime had been so heinous that it must be brought before the entire host of Asgard and thus only the great hall Gladsheim would be big enough to hold this trial. As he walked closer he noticed both his father and Sif waiting for him outside his door.

"Father, Lady Sif. Doest thou think I needst watching to bring a criminal to justice?" he asked, somewhat annoyed by their presence.

"Nay, my son.Thou arst the God of Justice, of that we dost not fear. However, the criminal hast been known to beguile even the most just," Balder said, lying his hand on Forseti's shoulder, "The Lady and I are here only to ensure that that dost not happen."

Sif nodded and said,"Aye tis true, but come the All-Father is wont to get this deed behind us."

Forseti silently agreed and led the others into his hall. As he walked he looked around at the gleaming gold and silver walls of his hall, he frowned at what he saw. It may have just been his imagination but he truly believed that the walls slowly lost some of their luster the longer that a criminal was detained here, as if even his halls didn't like justice delayed. Finally they arrived at a single golden door set opposite to his seat of justice, at first glance it looked like any of the other doors of his hall, but if one were to really look at the door they would notice that this was the only door that didn't have even the most simple of handles. This was the room of the accused, which only a few Asgardians had the ability to open, and only three had the ability to leave the room once locked inside. Foseti put his right hand against the and whispered a single word causing the door to open, to reveal the criminal sitting on a low bench holding a small baby to her breast.

She looked up when she heard the door open and held a finger to her lips, she carefully pulled the dozing child away from her breast and stood. Without bothering to fix her top she walked up to the three and looked over the three, until finally coming to a decision. Turning to Sif she said, "Sif, we have liked each other, but I dost ask thee watch over my child during these proceedings, ensure that nothing dost happen to her because of my crime."

Sif seemed about to decline when finally she nodded, "Aye, in honor of her father, I shall watch over the little one."

The criminal nodded and with infinite care transfered the child to Sif's arms. She then turned to the others, "Well shall we get this over with, we shant keep the All-Father waiting."

Forseti nodded and said,"Follow us."

She followed them from the hall and across the plains, with a posture and grace of a queen going to a state function. She knew what she had done was wrong, but it had been worth it, originally she had looked at the plan as only a way to gain further influence and power in Asgard. However, that had changed, when first she laid eyes on her child it changed, true she still wanted the influence that the child would give her, but this creature was something that she had never encountered before. Through the centuries she had been loved for many things, for her beauty, for her youth, for her magic, because of her magic, she had to admit she had even been loved once because of her intelligence, but in all those centuries she had never been loved in the way that this creature did, she had never been loved simply because she was. Her child didn't love her for any other reason than she simply existed, she didn't care how she looked or what she could do. At first she had raged at Odin for even thinking of putting her on trial in such a public way for what she had done, but then she decided she didn't care. This trial was nothing more than a sham, for what could even the All-Father do, according to the prophecy she had a role to play in Ragnorok, and there was nothing that he could do that could possibly prevent her from playing that role. It was with that thought in mind that she walked across the Field of Vala.

Inwardly she sneered as she looked upon all those that had gathered in Gladseim to witness her sentencing, 'Go ahead look down on me, fools. For now my child's father may be able to ignore that she is his, but eventually he will come to realize that she is his only heir. Thus granting me all the power I've ever wanted.' she thought.

Looking forward she saw Odin sitting on his throne with Thor standing slightly behind to his right. She barely contained the smile that wanted to burst forth because of the anger on his face.'Ahh, just realizing what you've done.You can't sentence me to harshly because you have no idea what consequences it will have on Ragnorok, but if you sentence to leniently then you just open the door for others to do exactly as I have.'

Odin banged his gauntleted hand down on the arm of his chair to get everyones attention. When silence ruled the hall and ever eye had turned to look at him he said, "Amora, Enchantress of Asgard, thou hast been found guilty of rape. Thou dist use fel magics to ensourcel my son and force him to beget a child upon thee. While it dost be true that I can not force any sentence on thyself that might upset Ragnorok, thus this shall be thy punishment. The child that thou has begat shall be stripped of all her powers as an Asgardian, and shall be sent to live on Midgard. Her name will be stricken from the record of Asgard, to never be spoken of, no Asgardian shall be allowed to ever approach or assist the child in any way.However, she shall be allowed a chance to regain her heritage. It depends on which shall be prove more true in the child, the evil deeds of her mother or the nobility of the father.I sentence her to face the trials befitting a true Asgardian, thusly I sentence her to life on the Hellmouth."

"NO," Amora screamed, her mind in turmoil for even in her worst imaginings she didn't think that it wouldn't be her that would have to face the punishment, "she will die before she even has any chance to try to prove herself. Please All-Father, please lay your sentence on me, allow me to take this burden.”

“No, as thyself has said, thou art needed for Ragnorok.But there dost be nothing in the prophecy that dost pertain to thy child,” Odin decreed.

Seeing that she would get nothing from Odin, she turned desperately to her only other possible source of reprieve, “Thor, please. I may of gotten the child through trickery, but she dist not have any part in that. She is your daughter, the creatures on the Hellmouth will kill her.”

“Mayhap,but if she dost truly be a daughter of mine, and not yours, then she shall have the strength to survive. Until that time I shall not bare witness to her parentage.”

For the first time anger and fear for the life of another coursed through Amora’s body, anger so hot that if she didn’t let it out she felt like it would burn her to a cinder. So answering to that anger Amora spit out the first curse that she could think of, and poring every ounce of her magic into it she screamed, “THEN I CURSE YOU THOR ODINSON, UNTIL THE DAY THAT YOU RECOGNIZE YOUR CHILD, THOU SHALT NEVER BEGAT ANOTHER, THOU SHALT NEVER LAY WITH A WOMAN IN PEACE!”

With that she turned to look one last time on her child, only to find that Sif had already taken her away. Then for the first time in the history of Asgard, Amora collapsed to her knees and cried.

Balder looked away from the sight before him, he had never thought to see the self centered Enchantress break down and cry over the fate of another, he remembered all the times that she had used another without a care for the consequences that that person was made to face for what she had made him do. But for once he could see the small spark of goodness that was buried deep with her and he knew what he must do. He quickly left the hall and ran through the mighty city until he came to a small house near Thor’s own hall. He quickly pounded on the door, waiting for an answer.

The door quickly swung open revealing a tired eyed Hogun, upon seeing Balder he nodded and stepped back, letting his friend into his home.

“Hogun, my friend I must ask of thee to do a deed that will be the hardest that thou will ever do, and tis something that thee must never tell another.”

“What is it?”

“I know that thy lady wife didst die in the giving birth to a son recently.I would ask for the future of Asgard thou allow me to take that son and let him be raised on Midgard.”

Anger coursed through Hogun at the mere thought of doing such a thing but he forced it down remembering that Balder would not ask this of him lightly.

“Why wouldst thou have me do this thing?”

“Thou knowest that Amora had forced Thor to begat a child upon her,” Balder started, and at Hoguns nod he continued, “Well this very morn Odin has thus decreed that that child shall be put on Midgard to be raised as a mortal. I need you to send your son there to watch over her, and ensure that she doesn’t come to harm.”

“Why art thou thinking that she will need a protector?”

“Odin sent her to the Hellmouth, with her powers bound.”

Hogun walked over to his table and sat thinking heavily over what his friend asked, “Why should we protect this spawn that was begat in such a vile way?”

“In response to Odin’s decree and the fact that Thor would not help her, Amora laid a True Curse on Thor, that he will not begat another child until he recognized hers. And a True Curse cannot be broken, even by the caster.”

Hogun looked up in surprise at that statement, “But the prophecy states that only the sons of Thor will survive Ragnorok, if Thor will have no sons then Asgard is doomed.”

“I know, that ist why I would have you do this, we can bind your sons powers same as hers were bound and put a geas on him that he will befriend her and protect her. Two can survive the Hellmouth much easier than one.”

Hogun sighed and closed his eyes, trying to think about what he should do. His duty to the future of Asgard was clear, but what would his wife's memory have him do. This very thing was something that he had been thinking about when Balder had first come to his door, he had been trying to decide what to do with his son. He knew that he alone could not care for the child, and Volstagg and his wife had more than enough mouths to feed. Weariness pressed down on him as he tried make his decision, could he truly send his son into a dangerous environment to be raised by another.

“If I allow this, you must promise me that thou will do everything in thy power to protect my boy,” he said.

“I will, Karnilla knows a spell that is subtle enough that it will protect him from supernatural harm, anything more and Odin will certainly see it.”

With that Hogun made up his mind, “As long as that is true, then I will allow it. In all truth I think it is what Odin wanted anyway. That was why he made such a public display of the event. He knew that someone would do something to protect the child.”

Hogun slowly rose from the chair and walked to the door, without turning back he quietly said, “My son is in the other room.I am going to Volstagg’s to tell him of the tragedy that has befallen, that my son has joined my wife. If I look on my son before you are done, I don’t think I could allow it to be done, but I have a duty to Asgard to protect all its citizens. I ask thou one favor, noble Balder, do not come near me for a while, for I do not know what I will do.”

With that he opened the door and left, leaving Balder alone with his son. With sadness in his heart, Balder walked into the next room and carefully picked up the baby. As he looked at the small child he wrestled with himself over his decision to do this to his friend. Several times he put the baby back into the crib and turned to run after Hogun, when he would once again stop and turn back. Finally he realized that he truly couldn’t do it to his friend, but he knew that it must be done. With a heavy heart he reached into his pouch and pulled out a norn stone given to him by Karnilla, through the stone he called to her.

‘What troubles thee my love?’ he voice sounded in his head.

Balder quietly held the stone to his head and allowed her to see everything that had happened and what he had planned.

‘I understand. Put the stone on the babies chest and I will do the rest. Thou will owe me for this my love.’

“I know, but it must be done, and it must be done so that I wont feel the temptation to alter it.”

In his minds eye he could see Karnilla’s sad smile as she nodded to his statement, ‘I still wish that thou would come to live with me, then thou wouldn’t have to deal with Odin’s foolishness.’

Balder didn’t answer to her statement as she knew that he wouldn’t, he simply lowered the stone and put it on the chest of the child. He then walked from the room. Behind him a flash of light was the only evidence that showed that the deed had been done.


Meanwhile, Sif stood with her friend Brunnhilde in the birthing unit of Sunnydale General and look around at the new born children. As she looked around at all of the crying infants she noticed one that didn’t cry, and she knew that this one was going to be the answer to her next question but she knew she had to ask anyway so as she moved towards the child she asked, “Are any of these children about to die?”

In a hushed voice Brunnhilde answered, “From the way thou art moving towards that child you already know the answer to that. She dost already have the deathglow.”

Sif sighed as she looked down at the sickly child in the crib. The child already had a slight growth of red hair on its head, but it was deathly pale and unlike all the other children it wasn’t crying, it seemed to barely have the strength to breath. With a sad heart, Sif carefully lowered Amora’s child into the crib with the other and carefully bound the baby’s right wrist to the left wrist of the other with a golden cord. She then called upon her rarely used magic and cast the spell as it had been taught to her by Frigga. Upon completion of the spell the a blinding flash covered both children. when it went away only one child remained in the crib.

Sif layed her hand on the child’s forehead and whispered, “May the day come that thou shalt earn the gift of returning to thy true home, child of Amora. Thy mother may have taken what I wanted to be mine but I bare no malice unto you child. My thou grow to be a fitting daughter of thy father.”

Looking down at the name on the crib, Brunnhilde couldn’t help but smile as she said, “At least the child will have a name befitting the grand child of Gaea. Willow, may thou live an honorable life, and may it be that it is I that will come for you at the end and not Hela.”

Sif nodded at Brunnhilde’s statement and then both vanished from the nursery, both hoping that they would see the child again someday in better circumstances. No sooner had they left than Karnilla stepped from the shadows carrying Hoguns son. She confidently walked to the bassinet next to the girl and replaced the screaming infant in it with the quietly sleeping one in her arms. She calmly cast a small spell over both of the children causing them to glow for a second before she turned and walked once more into the shadows. The only words that could be heard as she left were, “Now what am I going to do with you.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Children of Asgard". This story is complete.

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