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Tales from the barman... Part II

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Tales from the barman...". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Simple premise for anyone to join... Xander has opened his own bar, club by the name of 'Nights', anyway he's the barman there and 'collects' stories off his customers, multiple crossings allowed. Dig in people.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Multiple Crossings > Faith-Centered
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The Seven Potters by NimbustheMariner

Introducing my crossover Harry Potters, some of whom have yet to be published. The first is as featured in my Wizard in the Shadows verse, the second is featured in a maybe one day published crossover with Codex Alera, the third is from a crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer called 'Our Man on the Hellmouth', the fourth is from my Doctor Who/Harry Potter, the Life and Times of Harry Williams Potter, the fifth is from my Avengers/Harry Potter crossover that is still being written 'Child of the Storm', the sixth is from 'The Life and Times of Harry Williams-Potter' crossover that is on hiatus and the last is from a hopefully soon to be published Harry Potter/Dresden Files crossover.

All these Harry Potter's either can or soon will be found on my fanfiction dot net profile, under the name of Nimbus Llewelyn.

I've got to admit, I had a lot of fun writing this. The accounts are slightly sketchy on account of me not wanting to spoil too much. And also, Nights is too fun for me not to write in. I've written three stories for Nights so far, and another two that I'm working on, one charting Emrys' reappearance. This story is deeply addictive.

Every now and then, multiple versions of one person would turn up in Nights for a chat. Usually it was Harry Potter, as it was this time."Well, I think we should introduce ourselves to our honoured barman and to each other," the self-elected leader said, as all seven sat by the bar. "I'm Harry James Potter, also known as the Moristar, the Darkness Slayer, the Royal Wizard of Gondor and Arnor and descendant of King Arthur Pendragon, Godric Gryffindor and certain others. I'm happily married to Ginny, and we have one baby boy called Boromir James Potter," he said, checking the position of his emerald topped staff as it rested against the bar.

"Anyone who wants to know what I've been up to, I think I've written it down somewhere. Read it. I have mildly superhuman physical abilities and fuckloads of magic. Plus, a sword that Emrys, Gimli and Ron made for me," he said, drawing a longsword with a deep red hilt that the numerous Slayers were looking at covetously. "Evil's Bane. Does what it says on the tin. Occasionally emits light. I've also got something of his for the two Senior Slayers from him as well. I'll hand 'em out later." Buffy and Faith perked up and grinned. "Speaking of which, Uncle Maglor says hi to Faith and that if she's ever in our corner of the multiverse he wouldn't mind a round two."

"Tell him that if I see him again he'd have to try and stop me," Faith said, winking. Buffy waved at Harry who waved back, recognising her from the Ministry of Sound.

"I've been wondering since that night at the club who that blonde girl he ogled was," Harry muttered, then turned to Xander and said, "Emrys says hello, by the way, and says that he's working on something for you."

"Cool," Xander said with a grin. "What would you fellas like to drink?"

"A Rohirric ale, if you please," the first Harry asked, and looked at the others. "What about you, lads?"

"I'll try what he's having, since you don't get it in my world. It'll be something to wind up Max about later," the second said with a grin.

"This Max. Your best friend?" the first asked.

"Close to, winding him up is hilarious," the second confirmed and all seven grinned.

"Know the feeling," they chorused and laughed.

"I'll have whatever you recommend Xander, I trust your judgement," the third said with a knowing smile.

"I'll try one of the Hypervodka's Captain Jack talks about," the fourth said.

"An Asgardian mead, please," the fifth said.

"I'll have a Peladonian wine if you have it," the sixth said hopefully, and looked immensely gratified when Xander produced a fine vintage.

"A Mac's brown, please," the seventh said.

"Coming right up," Xander said, collecting the drinks and placing them in front of the drinkers who all drank appreciatively.

"That's better," the second one said, more powerfully muscled than the last, who was full of wiry muscle as opposed to bulging biceps. "I was born Harry Potter, but raised Hararis of Bernardhold in Alera. This became Hararis Patronus Gaius, Sir Calderonus Hararis and eventually Gaius Hararis, making me an adopted member of the Aleran royal family. It kind of helps that my little brother was the long lost heir to the throne, who for some reason has the exact same hair and eyes as I do. He's a little taller though," Hararis said. "I could theoretically learn magic, but I prefer to concentrate on my Fury crafting. That's basically elemental manipulation, flight, healing, that sort of thing. I'm currently sleeping my way around with any interested attractive female." The interest from the Slayers rose a couple of notches, and Hararis swivelled on his barstool and winked deliberately, before turning back.

"I'm number three, Harry James Potter from a universe very like this one actually. I got bored after defeating Voldemort and after reading a newspaper article about the exploding high school, remembered meeting Buffy a couple of years before and applied for the job of Hellmouth Watchman, basically acting as backup for the Slayer. I ended up teaching Willow and Tara magic," this Harry said. He looked up at Willow's photo and sighed. "She ended up going dark, since though I managed to save Tara with a stolen time turner and Madame Pomfrey, Buffy was dying and there was nothing I could do. Willow was the only one who could help and she went and got juiced on power. Plus she was pissed at Warren, so you can guess what happened. She and I threw down, she won eventually, being an order of magnitude stronger. My version of you talked her down, like here. By the way, alterna you ended up dating Ginny Weasley as I fell head over heels in love with my version of Buffy and eventually had a daughter with her," he said. "And I got you an eye like Moody's. You enjoyed it, for all that it got you slapped every day for six months."

Then he looked along at the first Harry and said, "by the way, since my Buffy's pregnant with a boy, I'd appreciate it if we could exchange notes."

"My Ginny's pregnant with a girl, so sounds good to me," the first one said agreeably.

The fifth Harry, the one drinking the Asgardian mead, paused, schooled his face into careful blankness, downed the mead, then muttered, "Give me the strongest stuff you've got."

The rest turned to look at him, and Hararis, sensing something, winced. "Don't ask," he said. The rest didn't.

"Cool. Oh, it turns out that Spike is my great-great uncle," the third Harry added. "Who ended up biting Buffy instead of trying to… you know." He looked rather uncomfortable.

The others nodded grimly and moved on.

"That being related thing happens surprisingly often," Xander observed.

"Must be the cheekbones and the badassery," the third Harry said.

"And the liking for black," the first Harry added, and all seven nodded their agreement.

"At number four, I'm Harry Williams-Potter. The Doctor – the young one with the bow tie – found me at Godric's Hollow and took me to two young parents who'd just lost their child, Amy Pond and Rory Williams," this Harry said, and cracked a grin. "My new dad was dark haired and obscenely brave and loyal, and my new mum was fiery and redheaded, so little enough changed. Due to wibbly wobbly time wimey stuff they ended up as a witch and wizard too – something to do with time travel and genetics. I'm currently dating Ginny, looking after my little brother and sister, sometimes time travelling, sometimes helping out Torchwood Cardiff and always being embarrassed by my big sister, River Song, whose latest project seems to be stealing the Sword of Gryffindor and the Sorting Hat at the same."

"That woman never changes," the sixth said with a smirk, sipping his wine appreciatively.

"No she doesn't," the fourth agreed.

"My turn," the fifth said. "I'm Harry James Potter, also known as Prince Balder of Asgard. I'm the son of Thor, who was sent down to earth to be born and raised as a mortal called James Potter. His memory wipe was to stop him smiting Britain in grief and rage after he died and returned to Asgard. In third year, I was being chased by Dementors and sent out a subconscious psychic call for help. Uncle Loki picked it up, broke the memory block and sent dad down to save me. Nothing like the smell of scorched Dementor in the morning," he added with a smirk, and the others nodded, the first and fourth even more vigorously than the rest. Clearly these two particularly disliked Dementors.

"Anyway, I eventually became part of the Avengers, had to get an arc reactor installed after an incident with a killing curse, a spell enhanced Iron Man armour and an ill placed gravestone, discovered my powers as the son of Thor. These included Asgardian strength, flight and light and heat projection abilities. Uncle Loki taught me magic and they all helped me against a supercharged Voldemort," Balder continued.

"Now that sounds familiar," the first and seventh said in grumpy chorus.

"That bastard always gets sneaky power ups," the seventh complained.

"Probably the Multiverse's way of keeping balance," the sixth said thoughtfully, obviously the brains of the group. "A too great imbalance in power could destabilise the entire multiverse with catastrophic consequences involving multiversal destruction. Still annoying though."

"Preaching the choir, lads, preaching to the choir," Balder said dryly. "Even our barman has more than enough experience with the problems of so called Balance if I'm any judge." The third Harry nodded sympathetically, looking at Xander.

"Too true. Just look at my bloody eye," Xander muttered, nodding. "Want a refill?"

All of them nodded, and he set about refilling the glasses.

"I'm between girlfriends at the moment, but they tend to be superpowered," Balder said, then turned to the third Harry Potter and asked, "You also being a Harry Potter with a supernaturally strong partner, do you find that you tend to go through beds quickly? And are there any enhancement charms you could pass on? All of them tend to break under the strain."

The third one tapped his chin in thought, then got out a pad of paper and scribbled down a few. "These might work, though I'm not sure how strong you and whichever partner you have are in relation to a Slayer. though if you're related to the Thor, you're probably a long way off the scale. You could get Stark or Loki to reinforce it."

Balder grinned. "Are you kidding? I'll do that when I let Tony and the Weasley Twins test one of their machines on me. Both would put something in the bed. Or nothing, and see how look it took for me to go crazy from paranoia." Then he nodded to the next Harry, indicating that they should move on.

"I'm the sixth, and probably the smartest here. Not that any of you are stupid by any stretch of the imagination, but none of you are part Wizard part Time Lord," this Harry said, causing Harry Williams-Potter to look at him with interest.

"I'm from a universe four universes over from Harry Williams-Potter, in three dimensional English terms. The reality requires the use of certain Gallifreyan tenses and concepts that just don't exist in English. Anyway, in the graveyard - where Balder nearly met his end if I'm any judge."

Balder dipped his head in acknowledgement, as if acknowledging a fellow fencers touch. "I found that I was in position of an ancestors pocket watch.

"It turns out that my ancestor was an Arched Time Lord, who went by Ignotus Peverell. The Time Lord inside had been dormant, but offered his assistance since I was on the point of being murdered. This Time Lord was the Master," the sixth said, then hastened to add as Williams-Potter reached for his wand and Balder began to glow ominously, "but sane, due to the influence of the Arch." Both relaxed and mumbled, 'sorry'. The sixth smiled. "You have every reason to be cautious if you've heard of him. Anyway, he crushed Voldemort in psychic combat – and gave me popcorn and a seat to watch in my mental landscape – then we established an arrangement. He would lend me his power and expertise, eventually leaving me his memories as a very powerful and skilled wizard, among others, in exchange for being able to build a beacon to attract the Doctor and build himself a new body. Now I have the knowledge and mind of a truly brilliant Time Lord, and he has a body to call his own. Both of us are happy," the sixth finished.

They all turned as one to the last.

"Saving the best for last, I'm Harry Potter, though technically you could call me Harry Potter-Murphy-Black. And I'm the first Wizard since Merlin to wield both types of magic. Harry Dresden and Sirius came by to visit when I was nine, to check how I was. Sirius was not thrown in Azkaban because Dumbledore enlisted the assistance of the Merlin of the White Council to build the blood wards, and the Merlin being who he is – a strict, spiteful, brilliant old man who likes to show off his intelligence – he explained how Sirius was not guilty and Professor McGonagall went to stop Sirius and succeeded. Sirius ended up as Harry's probation officer instead of Morgan, though he became more, and I quote, 'his Obi-Wan for partying'."

"Sounds like Sirius," the first said, amused, to a chorus of agreement.

"Anyway, Harry and Sirius managed to resist the urge to burn number four Privet Drive and its inhabitants to ash and took me away. Harry nearly fried Dumbledore until he found out Dumbledore genuinely thought I was being cared for. Sirius, Harry and Elaine taught me magic, Susan taught me investigative skills, Michael taught me the sword, and Mum – Karrin Murphy, Sirius' wife - taught me how to kick arse without magic, how to shoot and how to be an all-round badass. Currently I'm dating Molly Carpenter, my fellow former apprentice and fellow Warden."

The third Harry cocked his head and looked thoughtful as this final account wound up. "Have you noticed that we're all really powerful badasses dating hot, strong willed, independent and powerful women? Do you think someone's meddling, bringing us together in a place like this to talk for their own amusement?"

The first Harry, sixth Harry and Balder shared a look and smirked. "… Maybe," the first Harry said, winking.
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