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Tales from the barman... Part II

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Tales from the barman...". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Simple premise for anyone to join... Xander has opened his own bar, club by the name of 'Nights', anyway he's the barman there and 'collects' stories off his customers, multiple crossings allowed. Dig in people.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Multiple Crossings > Faith-Centered
(Past Donor)Methos + 59 othersFR1596129,42327423403,8219 Aug 0914 Dec 14No

A Knight and A Barman by buffalo

Blackened knight belongs to Quinn R. McSherry, BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon.

Blackened knight is a sci-fi Horror story it is sort of a mix between aliens and the mummy.

Xander looks over nights. He truly loved this place, the memories he’d made here since opening it. It was almost time to close up. Cracking his neck he reaches under the bar and pulls out a coke. Popping it open he takes a long swig.

He looks at the wall, covered in keepsake from his many patrons.

Hearing the door open he turns back to the room. A man has entered the bar. Xander almost tells him that the bar is closed, but the man has a look in his eye. Xander had seen that look too often over the years. It was the haunted look of a man who has seen too many friends die.

“What’ll it be?” asks Xander.

“Double of your best Irish” the man replies in a husky voice. Pulling down a bottle Xander pours the man a generous portion of whiskey.

“Here” says Xander putting it on the bar top in front of him. “Xander Harris” he says holding out his hand “Daniel Black” he replies with a firm handshake. He is wearing worn leather gloves. Xander doesn’t say anything more to Daniel, it is clear he wants to talk but that it will be better to let him start the conversation.

“Quite a collection you have there” says Daniel. Xander sees that he is looking at the wall.

“Some of my patrons, they like to leave something here.” Daniel reaches into his pocket pulling out a polished rock.

“Maybe this could find a place there” he says laying it on the bar top.

“I’m guess that there’s a story that goes along with this” says Xander taking the stone into his hand.

“A memory of a bad place. I was part of an expedition to a dead world. The ruins of a once great civilization. They were the knights that guarded us against the dark, but a cancerous evil had grown in their absence.” Wordlessly, Xander pours Daniel another drink as he speaks.

“I lost too many friends there.” the man reaches under his jacket a produces a sword, it is beautiful. Xander has seen a lot of swords over the years and he knows that this is truly a unique weapon.

“I got this there, or maybe it got me. It’s hard to tell anymore. The epitaph of a civilization. The last vestige of an ancient order. Seems I’m the last knight. Meant to bring order back to the old empire.”

“I’ve known a few people who have a destiny. You look like its weighing on you.”

“I was a simple man, a solder. I didn’t want big things.”

“Maybe that’s why you’re the one who was chosen then. People who want a destiny, who seek out great power, they fall. It’s the souls who have no desire for power who have the spirit to wield it. Take comfort it that at least.”

“Suppose” says Daniel taking a drink. He gets out of his seat and tucks his sword back into his jacket.

“Where to now?”

“Now. Now I do what I have to.” Xander stairs after the man as he exits the bar into the night. Looking down at the stone in his hand he turns to the wall. He carefully places it among the other pieces there.

People sometimes ask about it. Xander tells them it’s a bad memory of a good man.
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