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Family Tides

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Summary: Xander discovers he has a secret to keep and protect

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Chapter 2

Giles took off his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose again. He had spent most of the day comparing his book to the family history Xander received that morning. Nothing he had matched what was in Xander’s book.

“You look stressed Giles.” Buffy announced as she and the others entered the library.

“That could be put as a mild understatement. Xander I think it’s time you gave your grandfather a call.”

“Why?” Xander asked peering over the watcher’s shoulder.

“Well your book doesn’t have a death date for William Turner,” Giles stated pointing to the first picture in the book. “But my source here states that William Turner died a bored Davy Jones’ ship.”

“So one person saw one thing, someone saw something else.” Xander shrugged.

“That doesn’t explain this.” Giles commented pointing to two dates and names he had scribbled down.

“Giles their birth dates are ten years apart and almost on the same day.” Willow squinted close at Giles’ notes. “Lizzie can’t be William’s if he died on Davy Jones’ ship.”

Giles’ nodded. “According to Xander’s book they are indeed both the children of William and Elizabeth Turner. The other thing that caught my eye was Jack Sparrow…”

“Captain.” Xander and Buffy both interjected.

“What?” Giles sighed.

“Captain Jack Sparrow.” Xander replied with a smile.

“Yeah they seem to put emphasis on it in the book. The Captain part I mean.” Buffy finished.

Giles sighed heavily again. “May I continue? Xander, none of what is in your book makes sense. It’s telling me that Captain Sparrow married someone who was at least forty years his junior. You tell me does he look like he’s that much older than she is?”

“Giles you’re being a bit picky aren’t you?” Buffy asked coming over to stare more intently at the picture in the book.

“I…it…there is just something here. Something I can’t explain, but can’t help but feel like I should know.” Giles sighed again. “I’m just thinking that if this has been passed down from generation to generation stopping with your parents, Xander, I’m thinking your grandfather would know a little more.”

Xander shrugged. “I’ll give him a call.”

He set his bag down, rummaging through it until he found the birthday card. He took a deep breath and disappeared into Giles’ office.

“You know I can see the family resemblance.” Buffy said as she turned the pages in Xander’s book.

Willow nodded her head. “And now we know why he was so good on the swim team. It was in his blood to be in the water.”

Giles rolled his eyes as the two girls laughed. “Don’t you two have anything else to do?”

“Not really.” Buffy replied with a smile, just as Xander walked slowly out of his office.

“Xander are you ok?” Willow asked when she saw the down look her friend’s face.

Xander shook his head briefly. “My parents didn’t lie to me. The number in the card wasn’t to my grandfather’s house it was to the office of the lawyer in charge of his estate.”


“Yeah I guess he knew he was going to die so when he was putting his affairs in order he left the book with his lawyer with instructions that he send it to me with a check for eighteen hundred dollars, when I turned eighteen. The lawyer said he had been keeping an eye on me ever since my grandfather passed and knew we hung out in the library so that’s why he sent it here instead of the house.”

“That’s kind of creepy.” Willow commented with a shiver.

All Xander could do was shrug. “That’s nothing. After graduation I have to make plans to go out there and meet with his lawyer. Apparently I get more than just the book and some money.”

“What’s his name Xander?” Willow asked as she pulled out her laptop.

“Bernie Ashcroft.”





Bernie Ashcroft set the phone down heavily. He had been waiting twelve years for this phone call with anticipation and reluctance. Billy Turner had been a good friend and it had nearly killed him right then when his daughter Jessica had told him he was a nut job and left with the asshole she had married. That’s why he had agreed to do what Billy had asked him to do. Why he waited and sent the book and check till the boy was eighteen. Why he hired a privet investigator to trail the boy once a year just so he could keep tabs on him.

That’s also why he was going to make another phone call. He picked up the reciever and punched in the numbers he was forced to memorize and waited.

One ring….two rings….three….

“ ‘Ello.” A female voice sounded over the end. She sounded like she had been sleeping, but Bernie knew better.

“Hey beautiful, it’s Bernie, is your man available. It’s important.”

“Sure.” She replied.

Bernie heard movement as she got up in search of her other half.

“Is everything alright?” She asked, concern steeped in her voice.

“Fine, I got a call from Billy’s grandson a few minuets ago. He’s agreed to meet with me after he graduates…”

“And you want us there when you meet with him?”

Bernie could hear the smile in her voice, causing him to smile.

“That’s what I’m hoping for. Since I know Billy talked to your hubby about this before he passed I figured I needed to talk to him.”

There was a giggle on the other end of the phone as she yelled for her husband. Bernie could hear a muffled “What?” in response, then some more yelling from her. Bernie shook his head and laughed as he listened to the muffled conversation then the sound of footsteps running closer to the phone.

“We’ll be there, mate.” A male voice suddenly said over the phone. “You just let us know when, Savy.”

Bernie laughed again, agreed to let them know when the meeting was going to take place, said his goodbyes and hung up. Bernie shook his head again with a smile.

“Poor kid, has no idea what he’s in for.”
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