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Family Tides

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Summary: Xander discovers he has a secret to keep and protect

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Chapter One

Family Tides

Author: CCAmazon

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Buffy mostly season 3 and beginning of 4 but anything is fair game. All 3 PotC movies.

Pairings: None really

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of them, except for Lizzie.

AN: Pretty much Buffy cannon until season 3 and that’s where I kinda start to play around with it.

Chapter 1

Giles eyed the large package with interest. It had been sitting on his desk in the library when he had arrived at the school, and he had been set to open the box when he noticed that it wasn’t addressed to him. Confused and intrigued at the same time he sat sipping his morning tea staring intently at the cardboard.

“Hey G Man.”

Giles jumped, not realizing how tuned out he had been. “Xander how many times have I told you not to call me that. “

He looked up at the young man and smiled slightly. “This was delivered here for you.”

“Really?” Xander smiled and looked over the box. “Wonder what it is.”

“Do you know anyone in Florida?”

“Not that I know. I mean my mom’s dad lived in St. Augustine, but he’s been dead since I was six. And my dad never did like him. Said he was crazy.” Xander rambled on as he looked over the large box that took up the entire desk.

“Are you going to open it or just stare at it?” Buffy’s voice carried into the office as she and Willow came to stand in the doorway.

Xander chuckled and reached into Giles desk and pulled out the letter opener. He slowly sliced through the packing tape careful not to cut too deep into the box. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting but it wasn’t what was in the box. A cream colored envelope addressed to him sat atop a large leather bound book.

“Xander what is it?” Willow asked peering over his shoulder.

“It’s a book.” Xander replied a bit confused, handing the letter to Willow as he pulled out the large tome.

Willow carefully opened the envelope pulling out it contents , which turned out to be a birthday card, Willow nearly fainted when she opened it and saw the small slip of paper taped to the blank side of the card.

“Wills what’s wrong?” Xander asked grabbing the card from her. “Holy shit.”

“What?” Buffy looked over Xander’s shoulder. “Xander that’s a check for eighteen hundred dollars.”

Xander just nodded, shaking himself slightly looking at the other side of the card. ~Xander, the money’s to make up for all the birthdays, Christmases, and anything else I would have given you money for, that I missed. Love Grandpa~

Below the missive there was a phone number with the words anytime written next to them. Xander stared at the note intently for several moments before he sank into the desk chair. Questions ran rampant through his head. The one that kept repeating over and over was why had his parents lied to him. Granted he had heard his dad on more than one drunken occasion tell his mother that her father was a kook. He suddenly shook his head when he realized that Buffy had been talking to him.


“This looks like its your family tree.” The blond slayer commented as she passed the large book over to her friend.

“Wow.” Xander breathed as he took the book and opened it. A drawing of a large ship spread across the inside cover of the book and on the page next to it in a fancy script was scrawled:

The History and Linage of the Turner Family

“Turner?” Willow asked peering over Xander’s shoulder.

“My mom’s maiden name.”

He responded, still a bit awe-struck. He turned a few pages before he stopped again on a colored drawing of a young woman with dark blond hair standing next to a handsome young man with dark hair and a nasty looking scar running across his chest. The caption under the picture read Captains William and Elizabeth Turner.

“Captains? You mean they both sailed ships?” Willow asked again causing Xander to shrug.

He turned the page to find a hand written account of the two in the drawing. The script was difficult to make out but Xander got a good gist of it.

“They were pirates and fought in some kind of war.” Xander rubbed his forehead this was almost too much to take in.

“What war Xander?” Giles asked. Something about the picture had alerted something in his Watcher brain.

“Umm…it’s really hard to read. Something about the East India Trading Company and…I can’t be reading this right…Davy Jones.”

“Xander your ancestors fought Davy Jones?”

“Willow I’m still trying to process that my ancestors were pirates.”

“Who’s Davy Jones?” Buffy asked causing everyone to stop and look at her.

Xander was grateful for the brief distraction as Giles went into Watcher mode.

“Davy Jones was, well there’s actually several theories to who he actually was, but what we have on record is he was an evil plague on the seas that bartered for the souls of doomed sailors.”

“So he was a demon?”

“We don’t know.” Giles sighed and took off his glasses. “We weren’t able to get an accurate account. Maybe your book will help Xander.” Giles took off to look for some books to reference against Xander’s family’s book.

“Sure.” Xander nodded as he flipped another couple of pages.

“Whoa. Now he looks like a pirate.” Buffy remarked as she pointed to the drawing Xander had stopped on.

“Captain Jack Sparrow and Lizzie Turner Sparrow.” Xander read out loud.

“Did you say Jack Sparrow?” Giles asked setting down a large pile of books.

“Captain, and yep we did.” Xander replied with a lopsided grin and turned the book toward Giles so he could see the picture. “And I think that’s Elizabeth and William’s daughter.”

The bell suddenly rang causing Xander to jump.

“Just leave the book here Xander, I’ll read some of it for you and compare notes.” Giles replied taking the book from Xander and setting it on his desk. “Now go before the three of you get caught by der furher.”

“How’s it feel to know your related to pirates?” Giles heard Buffy ask as they started to leave the library.

“Weird. I wish I had known this earlier I may not have been picked on so much in school. Hey I wonder if any of them knew Blackbeard.”
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