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Summary: Love isn't suppossed to hurt this bad.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)lckybrFR18157,29314911,67911 Aug 0931 Dec 09Yes


SO! i am so glad you guys are enjoying this! Please DO keep it up! :) Here is another chapter, i am off to work (sigh) the life of an adult so fun...




She is sleeping, her tiny hands clutching at the teddy bear he
bought her on her first birthday. You run your finger down her
nose, her mother’s nose and through her blonde curls.

Seraphina Cecile Malfoy…

She stirs when you pick her up and even though you may wake
her, the urge to hold her is to much, you need something to
hold on to.

The two-year-old stirs, opening sleepy grey eyes just like your
own before snuggling into your chest. Absently she rubs your
cheeks, a habit she has always had, and maybe it helps her drift
off into sleep.

There is an ache in your chest as you move through the room
and into the hallway, carefully not looking at the family photos
hanging on the walls.

After the war things changed…lives were ruined.

Yours was ruined but she changed all that.

Maybe it was the self-righteousness in side of her, Gryffindor
heart…When everyone else was unwilling to give you a chance,
she did.

It was not all sunshine and daisies, no…

She was the enemy

And you despite all that happened, you still hated
everyone of them.

Four years…

Three months.

One week.

Two days.

Seven hours…

You loved her

The door opens closing softly, she removes her coat throwing it
on the back of the armrest as you stand perfectly still by the
fireplace. She is beautiful, all womanly curves and pale skin.

How was work?

She jumps a hand to her heart, lips parted in surprise.

Draco, a whisper, guilty you startled me.

Sera huffs against your neck, making small noises in her sleep,
you rub her back but your gaze is still on your wife. She moves,
coming toward you, she peers at the life you made together.

Was she fussy?

You kiss her then, quickly, desperately because as angry as you
are you are Afraid of what happens next. Her mouth is
hot on yours and Merlin the kiss isn’t the same…

I love you the words are whispered against her neck,
she pulls away with a frown, but she does not respond.

Do you love me?

There is a slight hesitation, yes.

You leave then, laying the baby down back in her room,
covering her with the fuzzy blanket her godfather bought…

She is in the living room still, and when you join her, she looks
away first.


So you ask again.

Do you love me

Her fingers dance a nervous trail up her thigh, tears shining in
honey brown eyes.

And you are afraid.

Still with me?
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