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Summary: Love isn't suppossed to hurt this bad.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)lckybrFR18157,29314911,67911 Aug 0931 Dec 09Yes


So i'm sitting here and i've decided i should write a pice to go with the art, we'll see how it fares before i get too involved :) hope you like!



Disclaimer: I do not own any of the HP characters, that belongs to J.K Rowlings and i gladly thank her for it, nor do i own any BTVS characters (Joss Whedon) they rock socks. I make no money and i am poor.


It’s raining, the heavy drops pounding against the windows,
chill creeping in from the cracks under the doors. There are
tears on your cheeks, his shirt balled into your fists and,
god you could kill him.

The smell on his clothing is not yours, but it has been popping
up all over the place, in the car, in the closet…On the sheets…

You wanted to trust him.

You needed to trust him

He was everything you ever wanted in a man; someone you
never thought would even go for you. Loyal, truthful, funny,
protective, handsome all rolled into one dark hair package.

Of course he had faults, we all do, and he accepted everyone of
yours, the dark past and physical scars…

The photos are spread across the bed, all of him…and

Sweet innocent, his best friend…

What do we do?” the voice is soft, but underneath
there is an edge of anger.

His platinum hair is mused about his head, eyes dark with
hidden rage.

Harry is smiling, bending in the photograph to kiss Hermione,
its all soft looks and romantic touches. He looked at her as if
she was the world…

Did he ever look at her like that?

You thought maybe he did, but then again…you have been
wrong before.

I don’t know…

But really you did…You were no ones fool, Harry never offered
to marry you.

For three years you have been a couple, living together for two
and not once did he offer to get married.

The trust was gone.


The clock chimes twelve, his assignment would be over
soon, you gather the picture and your hands are shaking ever so
slightly. Draco is as still as a statue, he does not show it but he
is hurt.

More so, because Hermione and he were married…they had a

It was more than one life being altered.

He takes your hands in his, grey eyes calm and you hate it but
your vision blurs and you want nothing more than to hang on to
him and cry but you can’t. You are tougher than this.

The clock chimes again, he releases you stepping away and
turning in place, disappearing from sight as the fireplace flared
to life in the living room and Harry tumbled out.

There is a joyful smile on his face, his skin cool under your
fingertips, and when he bends down to kiss you, your lips are
motionless under his.

What’s wrong?

There is confusion dancing in those green eyes, such an
amazingly clear emerald.

I love you the words are soft, and for once he really
looks at you, a frown coming upon his face.

Were you crying? he hold you then, What’s wrong?

You shake your head pulling away dumping the photos on his
lap as you stand on shaky legs.

How’s Hermione?

If there was a review for every hit...or one review for every other hit... :) we would be SO greatful! Help a writer out yeah?
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