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New Avengers. New Rifts Earth.

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This story is No. 1 in the series "New Avengers. New Rifts Earth". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The New Avengers are assembled in Rifts Earth.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-Centered
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RafMereCFR1880227,0027361101,62511 Aug 0929 Jan 10No

Chapter One-New Avengers. New Rifts Earth.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. The New Avengers and other Marvel characters belong to Marvel. Deathstroke belongs to DC. Star Wars and its characters are conceived by George Lucas. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the gang belong to Joss Whedon. RIFTS belongs to Palladium.

New Avengers. New Rifts Earth.

I would like to thank nemogbr for taking over the Beta position.
Thank you nemogbr.


Xander Harris= The New Avengers, Spiderman with the red and gold suit.
Cordelia Chase= The New Avengers, Jessica Drew Spiderwoman. Not the Skrull queen.
Jonathan Levinson= The New Avengers, Wolverine.

Jenny Calendar= Emma Frost, X-men, same universe as the new Avengers.
Dawn Summers= X-23, X-men, same universe as the new Avengers.
Harmony Kendall= Black Cat, same universe as the new Avengers.
Aura ?= Black Widow, same universe as the new Avengers. (Does anyone know Aura's last name?)

Stevie Rogers= The Ultimates, Captain America. Steve Rogers.
Warren Mears= The Ultimates, Iron Man, Tony Stark.

Andrew Wells= Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars.

? =Boba Fett, Star Wars.

? =Deathstroke, DC Universe.

Anyone want to name the ? unknown characters. Drop me a line. I'm open to suggestions.

Dawn's friends ?==I'm also open to suggestions on what they went out as, and their names as well.


My name is Steve Rogers, but everyone I know calls me Stevie. I guess its no surprise to anyone who knows me, I consider Captain America to be my personal hero. In my opinion he's the "Ultimate Hero!" but that's my opinion.

This Halloween I still went as my hero, with a slight twist. There's something new on the horizon for my hero. Ultimate Captain America. He was a more realistic look at the super soldier concept. I thought that this would be the Ultimate Halloween costume ever. Little did I know, that it would come true.

After the usual superhero battle that spontaneously springs up whenever more than a couple of costumed adventures gather in the same place, the battle generated a "Green Glowing Rift." all the combatants were sucked into this rift.

However the battle didn't stop, just because we were rifted to this new place. Halfway through the fight I started to wake up from the dream I was living. I could feel the walls between my waking personality and that of Steve Rogers, slowly separate. Iron Man was keeping the winged demons off our backs. I'm not sure who was driving that gold and red power armor. I was just glad that he was on our side. I know I was calling him Tony, and he was responding.

Between us there were a couple gliders, I could now recognize Spiderman's red and gold suit and Spiderwoman distinctive silhouette. They went after the low fliers and took out the faster moving ground targets.

On the ground. Wolverine and his daughter were to my right and who I now recognized as the Black Cat and the Black Widow to my left. The claws were out and everyone was slicing and dicing to their hearts content.

I was finally in control of my own body. I didn't dare slow down for a second or I was a goner. I could tell, that the other were going through the same thing. At first there movement became less sure. They hesitated more often and didn't carry through when they had to. But they slowly regrouped their inner strength and renewed the offensive.

After a few minutes we had to stop. The obvious demons and monsters were either killed or subdued. More than a few bundles had shrunk in Spiderman's webs. We would later find out the transformed Halloween children. Mercifully they were unconscious. Pity the rest of us who weren't.

I began to recognize my classmates as they converged on me. Captain America is a symbol of hope and justice no matter where he was. To the other he's a magnet.

Spiderman and Spiderwoman landed on either side. They took off the masks. I recognized Xander Harris the class clown and Cordelia Chase the school's cheer leading queen. I've known both since kindergarten.

"Hey Stevie. I see you went with old faithful." Xander says with a smile.

I smile as well. After all this he was still able to joke about this nightmare. Right then and there I decide to do the same. If he can laugh in the face of this nightmare so can I.

"Knock it off dweeb. Where the hell are we? And more importantly, how do we go back? By the way looking goo Stevie. You been working out?" she says with a gleam of interest in her eyes.

Within moments the others join us. Wolverine turns out to be Jonathan and X-23 was a kid I've seen around town, Buffy Summers' sister. She launches herself at Xander and attaches herself to his arm like a limpet mine.

"Not now Dawny. And may I say, my how you've grown!" Xander says with the ever present smirk. I can tell that for this young girl its genuine.

"Are you insane!" Shouts Cordelia. "She's like twelve and Buffy's sister and twelve. If she finds out you're flirting with her kid sister she'll slay your ass."

"So, you like?" says Dawn ignoring Cordelia.

"You said twelve twice." Xander tells her.

"That's because it bears repeating you dweeb! GOD! Buffy is gonna turn you into a eunuch!" she shouts.

"Over my dead body she will!" challenges the younger Summers girl.

The Cordettes join us. The Black Cat is Harmony and Aura was dressed as the Black Widow. Cordelia takes them aside and takes charge of her followers.

Jonathan stays quite. Iron Man lands a few feet away. When the suit opens up, I recognize Warren's face.

"Come on guys. Let's take care of the kids." I say leading the way.

There were three smaller bundles and four larger ones. Dawny Summers, races by me. Two adamantium coated claws slide out, she goes to work on the trapped smalled bundles. She recognizes them as friends from her school.

I glance at Jonathan and he grunts and nods. He does the same thing for the bigger bundles. Two are students that go to Sunnydale. I don't recognize the third. He's a little older, looks like a college student. He was dressed as Deathstroke a DC villain. Andrew Wells was dressed as Anakin Skywalker and he and another Star Wars character that I easily recognized as Boba Fett.

The last to be freed was a surprise, in that she was a teacher and not a student. It was the computer science teacher miss Jenny Calendar. She was in a white bathing suit with a white cape and a blonde wing. 'Wow.'

"Wow." I say out loud.

"Sorry miss Calendar." I apologize quickly.

"Its alright Steve." she says.

"Thanks for getting me out of here boys." she thanks Jonathan for his assistance.

"Hey miss Calendar. Any idea how we got here?" Xander asks the spectacularly attractive teacher with a leer.

Cordelia smacks him as she walks by. "Ignore the doof, Miss Calendar, he's not housebroken yet." she says giving Xander a scornful glare that could melt steel. She placed her hand gently on my shoulder as she gave the teacher a hand up.

I wasn't sure what to make of it. When miss Calendar got up, Cordelia's hand went from resting on my shoulder to stroking my back. I don't think that she was even aware of it. It was erotic as all hell, and just as uncomfortable. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Don't get me wrong. I would love to get together with Cordelia, but her reputation was such, that she was at the top of the school's social pyramid and I was at best maybe right in the middle of the social pecking order. I was good enough at sports to talk to the Jocks and had marks high enough to understand the in-jokes of the bookworms. I was in between, neither fish or fowl.


Xander's POV.

Poor Stevie. On one hand, he's the Ultimate version of Captain America. On the other, he now had Cordelia Chase interested in him. Better him than me. There's nothing wrong with Cordelia. She was just too much high maintenance for anyone. There are very few mortals that can measure to her high standards. Unfortunately for Stevie, Captain America is one of those very few that does measure up.

Aura was waffling. It looked like she was deciding between staying near Cordelia and going over to talk to Jonathan. He knew that Natasha Romanoff and James Howlett had a history. Any devoted Wolverine fan would have told you that for free. He was interested to see which way she would go.

The change in Dawn was a surprise. He knew she had a crush, okay a huge crush, but now she looked old enough and was aggressive enough to do something about it. He knew with absolute certainty, that if something did happen between him and Dawn, the Slayer would be the least of his worries. Mrs Summers was the true threat to his continued manhood.

He didn't know just how much of the current power up would stay permanent, but he had an added problem. He could feel the itch from the Primal Bitch in the background. Physically he never felt this good. Not even with the Primal power up. This was another level of power. He just hoped nothing would bite him in the ass. Who was he kidding. He was Alexander Harris and the Harris luck will exact a price some how, someway.

While Dawn was busy helping out her friends, he was ogling and recording all the heavenly bodies. There the temptation to not record all the eye candy was too much. At the moment he had the magnification turned up as he was keeping a careful record of all of the flesh display. Miss Calendar could certainly fill out that tiny white bikini.

Uh-oh. White. Bikini. Blonde hair. Check. X symbol on the cloak. Check. Emma Frost. Telepath. He was so dead. Hey wait a minute. Why hasn't she said anything yet? He thought furiously, then it came to him. The itch from the Bitch was keeping her out. Man that was a close one. Miss Calendar could be scary when she wanted to be and that went double for Emma Frost. He wasn't sure how to take this. He was a teen aged male full of super teen hormones dammit. How could he not think about the eye candy buffet on display?

Did Harmony's chest get bigger? He wasn't sure but it looks like it went up a couple of sizes. Cordelia, whilst always one of the healthy girls, looked like she was gifted as well, so was Dawn come to think of it. No dammit. She's one of your girls. You are going take care of your girls and that's it. Do you understand brain? He got an answer. Not the one he was expecting, but he got an answer, just the same.

'Yes I understand cub, but at some point you will choose a mate and the feral one looks like the best choice.' said a growly female voice.

'Oh dear god no! Not you again! What will it take to get rid of you?'

'You will never be rid of me cub. I'm here to stay. Live with it, or don't; your choice.'

'Don't worry about it Xander. I'll keep an eye on her.' says a male voice.

Xander recognized the voice right away. It was Peter Parker.

'Peter. You're still with me? You didn't go back?' Xander asks.

'I'm what's left, you could say. I'm just a pale copy of the Peter Parker and Xander Harris combined. I'm not sure how it is with the others, but because of the lady of the house here, this copy of the two of us stayed. I think it was your way of protecting yourself from her. You must've known on a subconscious level and formed this merger of the two of us to protect yourself. Which by the way, has the added benefit of keeping the nosy telepath out.' the Peter/Xander spirit explains as it parries a mental thrust from the Primal Bitch.

'I'm so screwed. Aren't I?' Xander asks his mental protector.

'Oh yeah! This isn't healthy, but it's the only to keep your sanity. And I have to agree, there's way too much eye candy here not to preserve it for posterity.' says the mental guardian.

'You mean you're not gonna rat me out. Wow thanks man. You're a pal!' Xander says relieved.

'Well sure. After all, I am a part of you as well. I so can relate. I'll talk to you later, looks like my partner here wants to dance some more, and don't worry, if you feel the itch, it just means that we're both on the job. Its the one thing we both agree on. This is our house and no uninvited guests need apply. Later!'

'That's a close call.' Xander thinks.

Xander notices' Warren Mears as he comes near. He was in an Ultimate Iron Man suit.

"Hey Warren. What's up?" Xander asks.

"I'm picking a dozen fast moving signals converging on our location. We better get the others ready. So far they've been ignoring me." Warren says in a miffed voice.

"Thanks man. I'll get them moving." Xander's thank you mollifies Warren's upset sensibilities at being ignored.

"Hey Guys, listen up. Warren just picked up a fast moving welcome wagon. We'd better get ready to receive them. Stevie you want to take over tactical again? You're the best man for the job at the moment. You didn't do too bad of a job the last time. Whadda you say buddy?" Xander asks.

"Sure. Lets do it. But this time I want every one on this frequency. I want to make that our response is co-ordinated and not half ass-ed. Warren, can I count on you to handle communications?" Stevie asks.

"Got you covered Stevie." Warren tells him.

"Alright. Lets get ready." Stevie says doing just that.

End Chapter.
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