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Summary: Three heroes who are at Crossroads in their lives are asked to stand together. Author's note added at the end of ch 5. Btvs/Hp/Smallville

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry Potter
Smallville > Buffy-Centered
NimacuFR1379,8090149,21413 Oct 0318 May 04No


Title: Collaboration

Author: Nimacu

Summery: Buffy/Harry Potter/Smallville Crossover. Our heroes all receive interesting letters.

Timeframe: Buffy Post season two, age 17, Harry Post book seven age 18, Clark mid-season two age 17? Yes I may be molding it to my own device but hey that’s why it’s fanfiction and not the Jetsons meet the Flintstones

Disclaimer: Not mine, not of it. Even the plot leans a little towards LXG. So again I say I don’t own Buffy, Harry, Clark and any other characters.

Buffy Summers entered the dingy apartment, swinging the door shut behind her. She hated this place, she hated her job, and she hated Los Angeles. She wanted to go home, but it wasn’t home anymore, there was nothing there in Sunnydale except for bad memories and abandoned friends.

She undressed and showered quickly throwing an old t-shirt and sweatpants on. No matter how much she washed, she could still feel the grease from the diner. Getting ready to throw herself on the bed in exhaustion and exasperation something caught her attention. There was a white envelope underneath the door. She opened the door looking both ways down the dank hallway not seeing or sensing anyone she picked up the envelope. “Buffy” She read the front aloud to herself. It had been awhile since anyone had called her that. Opening the envelope she read the contents, shock and then confusion forming on her face.


You saved the world, now what?”

Friday October 31st 10:00 pm, Chicago, Illinois. 1124 Michigan Ave.


Harry Potter sat at the Leaky Caldron, a few empty bottles before him. He knew drinking too much was out of character for him, but he woken this morning from another nightmare and he couldn’t stand one more minute of remembering; of reliving those days in his head again and again. Wondering what he could have done differently. He just wanted a few minutes of piece inside his own head. As he laid his head in his hands, an owl came zooming at him. Not stopping for a moment the owl dropped a long white envelope at Harry’s table.

“Muggle paper” Harry thought to himself as he examined the envelope.

Opening the envelope he was surprised at the contents.

Mr. Potter,

You saved the world, now what?”

Friday October 31st 10:00 pm, Chicago, Illinois. 1124 Michigan Ave.


Pete Ross and Clark Kent were shooting hoops in the drive on the farm Clark’s parents owned. Rehashing their latest “save the world from evil kryptonite monster” adventure.

“Man Clark, those muffins your Mom makes are pretty good” Pete interjected during a lull in the conversation.

“Are you trying to hint at something?” Clark asked, playing dumb

“Yeah I’m hinting that we should go eat” Pete threw the basketball at Clark and started walking towards the house

“Yeah now that you mention it I’m starving too”

Clark smiled as he sped past Pete at super speed into the kitchen, getting the muffins and some juice out in time to look like he was effortlessly waiting for Pete to arrive.

Pete entered the kitchen holding a white envelope out to Clark. “Dude, this was laying on your front porch; it’s addressed to you.”

Clark took the envelope from Pete, opening it quickly.

“Well man, read what it says out loud” Pete nagged

Clark opened his mouth, looking more confused than he normally did. He started to read twice but only made fish-like movements with his mouth. Finally he cleared his throat and read out loud,


You saved the world, now what?”

Friday October 31st 10:00 pm, Chicago, Illinois. 1124 Michigan Ave.”
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