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Leather and Lace

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Summary: BtVS/Ghost Rider crossover. Roxanne tracks Dracula from New York to Sunnydale and meets the Slayer. Set during season 5 of BtVS. Buffy/Roxanne pairing.

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Magic Box Meeting

Chapter 2: Magic Box Meeting

Buffy woke up the next morning, having gotten hardly any sleep, and rolled over to a “Good morning” from Riley. For some reason Buffy felt reluctant to be affectionate with him. She chalked it up to left-over nerves from the previous night. She got out of bed and got dressed without wasting any time, telling Riley to hurry up as well. “I need to see the gang at the Magic Box. I ran into someone on patrol last night and a Scooby meeting is definitely in order.”

Riley looked slightly confused and a out-of-the-loopy, but he quickly got out of bed and joined her in dressing. He wrapped his arms around her to kiss her but she pulled away. His confusion only grew and he gave her a ‘What the hell?’ look, but she pointedly avoided eye contact as she grabbed her jacket.

Buffy walked at a brisk pace after they left the house, and Riley frowned as he hurried to keep up with her. He could feel that something was off but she obviously didn’t want to talk about it.

When they arrived at the shop they walked in, greeted by the cheery jingling of the bell, and they saw the gang gathered around a table, except for Anya who was ever-occupied with doing business. It seemed like a normal Saturday morning at the Scooby Headquarters. Everyone looked up from their books upon hearing the bell, and Willow gave Buffy a little wave as she approached, Riley somberly in tow.

Giles was the first to speak. “How was last night’s patrol?” Buffy sighed and quipped sarcastically, “Gee… I don’t get a ‘How are you?’ or a ‘It’s nice to see you.’ You just jump straight to the interrogation.” She flopped down in an empty seat next to Willow then looked at him seriously.

“Patrol was… strange.” Giles gave her a questioning look and she elaborated. “I met Dracula.” Her statement was eerily casual, as if she’d gone to pick up some tomatoes at the grocery store. Everyone stared.

Roxanne took an early morning jog followed by a hot shower. After that she got dressed and walked into the main part of town. She figured she'd try to find a place that sold weapons, or at least some sort of supernatural paraphernalia. She struck gold when she came across the Magic Box. She walked in and was slightly startled by the bell above the door. She looked around slowly, mentally taking in the array of merchandise along the shelves.

She smiled when she saw a bright-looking sales woman walking toward her. As she looked toward the back of the shop she noted there was a group of people gathered around one of the round tables. Her eyes scanned each of their faces and she was shocked when her gaze fell upon Buffy. She walked right past the blonde sales clerk, who stared after her with a confused frown, and toward the table where Buffy was sitting.


Buffy was in avid research mode with her friends, looking through numerous tomes to try and find more info on Dracula. Riley was sitting beside her and being more distracting than helpful. Every few minutes he would brush his hand up against her knee, obviously hoping to get some sort of reaction. She pushed his hand away each time but he was being oddly persistent.

“Not now,” she chastised in a low tone, without looking up from the book she was flipping through. “I have work to do.” Riley frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. He’d been testing her to see her reaction, since she’d been so distant all morning, and he was none too pleased with her response.

Just then the bell chimed, signaling the shop of a new arrival, but Buffy didn’t look up until she heard her name. The blonde raised her head and was stunned by who she saw. Her eyes widened and she asked incredulously, “Roxanne? What are you doing here?”

The brunette shrugged and gestured around the store. "I was looking for some sort of supernatural weapon, what with Dracula on the loose in Sunnydale. I take it these are your friends?" She raised her brows inquisitively as a smile crossed her lips. Today she was wearing curve-hugging jeans and a tight black halter top.

Buffy vehemently ignored that her eyes had been drawn to the other woman’s curves. Instead she focused on the question she’d been asked. “Yep. Willow and Tara,” she gestured at each, “are witches and Giles is my watcher.” At Roxanne’s confused look she quickly explained, “He taught me how to fight.” She finished her introduction with Xander and the still-frowning Anya, who wasn’t happy to have a customer taken away from her.

“We have weapons to use, but the store doesn’t really sell mystical weapons… it deals more with witchcraft than hand-to-hand combat.”

Roxanne arched a brow and nodded slowly as she considered Buffy's words. "Oh. Well I'm sure you could point me in the direction of some great weapons, considering your profession." She raised her brows hopefully. She looked around the group and saw they were all staring at her with a mixture of distrust and confusion. They seemed to be sizing her up, just as Buffy had the previous night.

She gave them a smile nonetheless and said, "I'm Roxanne. I just got into town yesterday, after tracking Dracula for the last month. I found him in an abandoned section of New York. The guy likes his flashy, out-of-place castles, that’s for sure. Maybe I can help you guys find him." She looked back to Buffy and grinned excitedly. "How about it?"

Buffy had a feeling that Roxanne could be of help to the group, but she was also feeling a strange connection with the woman. They hardly knew each other though, and she had no idea what it meant. For the moment she decided that Roxanne seemed friendly and trust-worthy, so she’d keep her hostility in check.

Buffy looked to Giles and said, “I think she can help us. She’s been after him for a month so she knows his habits better than we do.” If she could convince her watcher then the rest of her friends would fall in line, so to speak.

Giles looked to Roxanne and asked, “Perhaps you can shed some light as to why he’s here?” Buffy took in the expressions of her friends and Riley, trying to gauge their reactions to the brunette, and then she looked back to the woman expectantly.

Roxanne bit her lip and shrugged slightly. "I'm not actually sure on his motive. He's been through almost every state on the way here, so I'm thinking he might be looking for a good place to settle. The only other thing I can think is that he might be looking for you."

Her eyes came to rest on Buffy and she got that little grin on her face, the one that made Buffy’s skin feel tingly and the room feel smaller. She was drawn out of la-la land when Roxanne began speaking again. "He's probably thinking he'll be the one to kill you. It certainly wouldn't hurt his fame."

Buffy listened quietly, along with the other Scoobies, and Giles stared at the woman intently. Upon the conclusion of her speech he said, “Well… that’s more information than we previously had. Thank you, Roxanne.” He then addressed the rest of the group. “We’ll continue to consult the books and perhaps gain more insight on his motives. It’s reasonable to think, however, that Buffy may be at the top of his list.”

Buffy shot him a fake glare then stretched her arms above her head, one of many signs that she didn’t like sitting still for too long. “Well, I’m not really one for the books, so…I think I’m going to train.” Buffy overlooked Riley and let her gaze fall on Roxanne, wondering what the brunette would be like during hand-to-hand. She couldn’t help her curiosity but she didn’t express her thoughts verbally.

Roxanne perked up again immediately when Buffy mentioned training. "Need a sparring buddy?" She smiled devilishly once again, anxious to fight the feisty blonde and work out some of the sexual tension she was feeling.

Buffy had somehow anticipated the offer and found herself smiling. “That’d be great.” She pecked Riley on the cheek, more out of habit than anything else, and led the way to the training room. She could practically feel her boyfriend’s gaze burning into the back of her head as she walked away. He didn’t seem very happy with her today. Was it because she hadn’t made out with him that morning like he’d expected? Was it because she didn’t want any hanky panky under the research table? Or was it because she’d chosen to train with Roxanne instead of him?

Once inside the back room she shook off her thoughts and shed her jacket, turning to face Roxanne with a confident smirk. She walked over to one of the weapons cabinets and said, “Before we start sparring, feel free to take a look at the weapons we have.”

Roxanne's jaw dropped appreciatively as she stared at the shiny assortment. "Nice collection." She ran her fingertips down the blade of an axe in admiration. She then looked at Buffy and arched a challenging brow. "Ready to start?"

Buffy watched on as Roxanne ran her fingers over the blade. It was plain to see that the girl had a respect for good weapons. Buffy met her challenging gaze with a smirk and moved to the middle of the room. They both stretched slowly then got in fighting stance.

They made eye contact and Buffy waited for the brunette to make the first move. She generally preferred defense to offense when sparring, especially with someone new, because of her unnatural strength. It would be unfair to flatten the poor girl before she even had a chance.

Roxanne came at her with a series of punches and kicks, all of which she expected Buffy to block. It would be great practice sparring with the slayer and she hoped to come out of it a better fighter.

Buffy watched Roxanne’s movements and was able to anticipate all of her punches and kicks. She dodged and blocked Roxanne’s hits for a while before she went on the offensive and began to throw her own punches.

Roxanne took a punch to the face and quickly blocked some of Buffy's kicks, barely able to keep up with her speed and agility. Their movements were fluid and went well together, but Roxanne was an amateur fighter compared to Buffy. Perhaps out of pure luck she managed to swipe Buffy's feet, and she tumbled to the mat on top of her. She smirked slightly as she realized their position.

Buffy gasped in surprise as she hit the floor. She could tell that Roxanne was a well-trained and experienced fighter, but she still didn’t hold a candle to the slayer. She remained very still as she looked up at Roxanne’s face, and her breathing became a little deeper.

Roxanne stared down into Buffy's eyes and felt intense electricity sparking between them. She felt a pull toward this woman that she'd never felt before. She swallowed hard and licked her lips, before her eyes were drawn momentarily to Buffy’s mouth. She wanted badly to kiss her. Her body was thrumming with anticipation as her heart raced a mile a minute. The tension and heat between them were almost unbearable.

Buffy felt the same intensity from Roxanne’s gaze and her body seemed to light on fire. When Roxanne’s tongue came across her lips, something snapped inside Buffy and she knew she’d reached her breaking point. She felt inexplicably turned on and it was driving her crazy. She lifted her head, her eyes closing along the way, until their lips were firmly pressed together.

The little spark, the liquid fire coursing through their veins, seemed to explode upon contact. An unbidden moan rose from Buffy’s throat as Roxanne began to kiss her back, equal passion evident in every slow movement of her lips. Tingles swept down the brunette’s spine and she raised one hand to touch Buffy’s face. It was a tender gesture in the middle of a heated exchange.

Buffy felt freed, more alive even, as their embrace continued. The sensation of kissing a woman was so new to her, but somehow it felt just right. Riley wasn’t anywhere in the vicinity of her thoughts as she threaded her fingers through Roxanne’s hair.

Suddenly Buffy felt the light brush of the brunette’s tongue on her lower lip, and she eagerly opened her mouth to accept it. They took the dive together as Roxanne’s tongue swept swiftly between the blonde’s parted lips. The moist heat and welcoming embrace of Buffy’s tongue nearly drove the brunette mad. She emitted a pleasurable groan as she delved deeper and ran a hand over Buffy’s collarbone.

Both were lost easily in the heat of the moment and they almost didn’t hear the footsteps approaching the training room. At the very last second reality seemed to click in Buffy’s mind, because she broke the kiss, glanced quickly at the door, and then shoved Roxanne off of her. She jumped to her feet, panting for breath, and her body trembled slightly.

She smoothed out her clothes and tried to figure out what the hell she’d just done, as she heard the door open and someone step inside. By this time Roxanne was also on her feet, wearing an expression of hurt and confusion. She masked it quickly however and Buffy turned to see who’d interrupted them. It turned out to be Riley and luckily he didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary. Heavy breathing and disheveled hair were often products of sparring, so he didn’t have any reason to think his girlfriend had just been engaged in a steamy lesbian tryst.

Buffy tried to look as un-guilty as possible as she faced him fully, putting her hands on her hips. “What’s up?” she asked, managing to keep her cool. Buffy avoided looking at Roxanne for fear that eye contact would give something away. It had felt so good kissing her, but Buffy was deeply confused, and she definitely wasn’t ready to share it with anyone, especially her boyfriend.

Even as she waited for her Riley’s response, her attention was mostly still on the brunette. Her body was still humming with arousal and she could feel a physical pull toward the other woman. She knew she desperately needed some alone time to think through everything, and she hoped that Roxanne would understand. Until this point she never would have fathomed being with a woman. Buffy didn’t want to hurt her, but she didn’t want to hurt Riley either.

Riley looked at Buffy and said, “We’ve found some information on Dracula. Giles wanted you two to come back out to hear it before we go on patrol tonight.” Buffy nodded and followed him out of the training room, resisting the urge to glance over her shoulder at the brunette.

As she licked her lips another shudder went through her. Chocolate-flavored lip balm.

Roxanne watched them leave with increasing frustration. She didn’t know how one tiny girl could get her so worked up, and she had no idea what was going to happen between them. She turned to the punching bag and wailed on it for a minute before rejoining the group.

End note: I hope you like this so far. I spent a lot of time re-writing these two chapters today, so I would love any feedback you're willing to give. Ciao!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Leather and Lace" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Aug 09.

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