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Leather and Lace

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Summary: BtVS/Ghost Rider crossover. Roxanne tracks Dracula from New York to Sunnydale and meets the Slayer. Set during season 5 of BtVS. Buffy/Roxanne pairing.

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The Hunter and the Slayer

Disclaimer: I own nothing from BtVS or Ghost Rider. This story is simply for entertainment and no profit is being gained.

A/N: This story was originally co-written (or the first 2 chapters anyway), but I've completely re-written it myself. I'll also be continuing it by myself, as my co-author has decided not to be involved with it any longer. This is set during season 5 of BtVS. It starts as Buffy/Riley (nothing graphic, pinky swear) and moves to Buffy/Roxanne. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Hunter and the Slayer

Roxanne had only been in the business of hunting vampires for about a year, but already she'd struck gold. She'd found her biggest case a month ago when she'd passed through a town that appeared to be deserted. She'd discovered Dracula's hide-out and had been tracking him since. She was a little surprised when he led her to the small town of Sunnydale, CA. It didn’t seem like his usual venue, so she was curious to find out what he was doing there.

She had a hotel room on the edge of town and she spent much of her first afternoon there, sleeping and biding her time until it was night. When darkness fell she slipped on her favorite leather suit. It zipped up the front and showed off all of her ample curves. She zipped it up just far enough to cover her bra, but she left a good bit of cleavage on display. She grabbed her crossbow and her shoulder bag filled with arrows, and then she headed straight for Restfield Cemetery to begin her hunt.

Buffy was restless as she lay in bed beside Riley. She’d been experiencing animalistic urges ever since her final fight with Adam. Something about the magic had made her body restless. Tonight she eased herself out of bed and changed into her red leather pants and a black tank top. She left her hair down and slipped on her leather boots. She left the house quietly and honed in on her slayer senses as she neared the cemetery.

As she entered through the front gates she looked around cautiously, idly fiddling with her handcrafted stake. Almost immediately she spotted a vampire trying to dig out of its grave. She waited with her arms crossed until he reached the surface. He growled at her in a way he must have thought threatening, but she just rolled her eyes at the display. Startled that she didn’t seem intimidated by him, the vampire leapt from the ground and lunged for her. His sloppiness only landed him a stake in the chest, as she quickly side-stepped him and extended her arm.

She dusted herself off and began to scan the area again, only to freeze when she felt a strong presence behind her. She turned around to see a creepy pale guy wearing a cape. She barely contained the laughter that wanted to bubble up at the sight of him. “I know you undead guys are strange, and not exactly up to date with fashion, but come on. Do you think you’re living in a cheesy horror film or something?”

He frowned a little before tilting his head and answering her, “I am Dracula.”

‘Okay,’ thought Buffy, ‘the accent’s a little creepy.’ There was no denying it sent shivers down her spine, and not of the good kind. Either this guy was a really good actor, or he was insane enough to actually believe he was Dracula. She arched a skeptical brow at him and said, “Yeah? Well if you’re Dracula, that must make me Walt Disney.” Again she almost laughed, but she contained her mirth to a cocky smirk.

Dracula-guy narrowed his eyes and stepped toward her slowly. “You think I’m lying.” His voice was low and there went the shivers again. To mask his strange effect on her, she threw out a sarcastic retort. “Nope. I think you’re as real as Santa Claus.”

He gave her another strange look and said, “Then we shall fight.” She put on a chipper smile and got into fighting stance. “Not a problem, Dracky. I’m so looking forward to kicking your ass.”

She was sorely disappointed, however, when no ass-kicking ensued. She couldn’t even get her hands on him to fight him. Every time she came close he seemed to evaporate. Frustrated and on the verge of throwing a temper tantrum, she stomped her foot and shouted, “That’s not fair, damn it! I thought you wanted to fight! Chicken.” The last part she grumbled unhappily as she kicked the grass, tearing up a clump with her boot heel.

He didn’t reappear after that and she figured he’d left for the night, which did not make her a happy camper. As she started walking and twirling her stake again, her mind was a whirl of questions. She’d never seen a vampire do that before. In fact, until now she’d thought it was something only in the movies. Was it possible that guy was for real? He had the clothes, the accent, and the weird disappearing down pat.

Sighing in confusion and irritation, she sat down on a nearby headstone, tapping her stake against it lightly as she looked around. A small frown furrowed her brows when she heard footsteps. She couldn’t sense a vampire or a demon in the area, so that led her to believe it was something of the human variety. She quickly tucked her stake out of sight and hopped off the stone, turning to face whoever was approaching.

Upon arrival at the cemetery, Roxanne had heard the sounds of a fight. She moved to investigate it only to find the strangest sight. She stayed in the shadows as she watched a small blonde woman fight and kill a vampire. She was immediately intrigued and she wondered if the girl was a rogue vampire hunter, like herself. Something seemed off though... different. Fighting seemed like natural instinct to this girl. Her movements were fluid and graceful. She didn't seem to tire or get injured easily. Roxanne frowned a little in contemplation as she studied the blonde further.

Her concentration was swayed when Dracula turned up on the scene. She was definitely surprised, but even more curious. She watched as they seemed to trade quips with one other, she wasn’t close enough to hear what they were saying. She huffed in frustration when Dracula disappeared and left the blonde alone once more. She slowly stepped from the shadows and made her presence known.

When the blonde turned to face her and their eyes met, she momentarily faltered. All she could think to say was, "Who are you?"

Buffy looked the brunette over slowly, sizing her up and determining that she was definitely human. She frowned as she was questioned. “Isn’t that what I should be asking you?” Buffy scoffed and said, “Really, does everyone come into this town thinking I owe them an explanation?”

All Buffy could determine about the woman so far was that she looked to be about the same age and that she was fairly attractive. The leather suit threw her a bit, as well as the woman’s presence in the graveyard. Her brows scrunched together and she folded her arms, not willing to be the first one to fold.

Roxanne raised a brow, slightly taken aback by the spitfire blonde. "I'm Roxanne. I’ve been tracking Dracula for about a month and this is where he stopped. What's your reason for being here?"

Buffy’s eyes widened slightly when Roxanne admitted to tracking Dracula. She felt like the air was leaving her lungs as she thought, ‘Wow… I really just fought Dracula. Un-fucking-believable.’ She cleared her throat and said, “I’m the Slayer.”

Roxanne stepped toward her with a small smile. "The Slayer... I've heard about you. Got a name?" She looked the blonde over slowly to measure her up. Gorgeous didn’t begin to cover it, but she was fairly certain the blonde only swung one way.

Buffy looked at her and felt slightly nervous. “Of course I’ve got a name,” she said indignantly. She looked at Roxanne for a second longer then gave in with a sigh. “Buffy Summers.”

Roxanne grinned slightly. "Odd. It suits you." She extended her hand slowly. "Nice to meet you. I didn’t know you were real."

Buffy felt slightly miffed that her name had been referred to as ‘odd’, but she got that from a lot of people. “I’m as real as they come.” Buffy shook Roxanne’s hand, deciding to be a little friendlier, and asked, “So what are you? Witch? Civilian? Something else entirely?” Buffy was curious to know more about this girl.

Roxanne sensed the blonde’s initial irritation and held her hands up in mock surrender. "Hey, didn’t mean to offend you. And I'm human. I just kind of stumbled upon the supernatural by way of my ex. I've been hunting vampires for about a year now." She tilted her head a little and asked curiously, "So how long have you been the slayer?"

“It’s been about six years since I was called. So far that’s a record for longest living slayer.” She looked at Roxanne and felt something strange. It wasn’t anything she could pin point, but it was just a funny feeling in her gut. She frowned and asked, “How can I be sure you’re not a demon with a really good cloaking spell?” She was only being half-serious with her question, but she still couldn’t shake the weirdness away.

Roxanne’s lips quirked up in a smirk. She stepped up really close to Buffy and grabbed her hand. She raised it and pressed two of Buffy's fingers against her pulse point, causing the blonde's forearm to rest snugly against her cleavage. She whispered teasingly in Buffy's ear, "Do I feel like a demon to you?"

Buffy’s heartbeat skyrocketed and she suddenly felt very nervous. “Uhh…” Buffy felt increasingly awkward as the situation progressed and she even blushed a little when Roxanne whispered into her ear. She gulped at the air. “No… you don’t,” she said, trying to keep up her calm façade.

Roxanne could feel the nervousness rolling off Buffy in waves. She smirked and asked in the same sultry whisper, "Anything wrong?" She hadn’t let go of Buffy’s hand yet and she honestly didn’t mind where it was.

Buffy saw the smirk and suddenly became aware that Roxanne was enjoying herself. Buffy looked at her oddly and realized where her arm still was. She slowly removed it and quietly answered, “No…nothing at all.”

Roxanne stepped back a little and said with a wink, "Good. Wouldn’t want the slayer off her game." She put her hands on her hips casually and asked, "Maybe we could meet here tomorrow to talk more about Dracula?”

Buffy tried to shake off the residual tingles as she looked Roxanne squarely in the eyes, but her stomach had decided to start doing somersaults on her. Something about this woman’s presence was throwing her nerves out of whack.

“It takes a lot to throw me off my game,” she said, with her usual confidence returning. “Yeah that sounds good. I’m sure I’ll be hunt-- patrolling tomorrow night,” she smiled forcibly then turned to leave the cemetery, to return to her own bed where her sleeping boyfriend lay. She had a lot to mull over before she would get any sleeping done.

She hadn’t made it two steps when Roxanne grabbed her in a surprise move. The brunette pulled her close and whispered, "Until tomorrow." She kissed Buffy's cheek then let go of her and watched her leave. She turned and went in the opposite direction to her hotel room.

Buffy was in a daze as she walked home and she couldn’t sleep for hours, the memory of Roxanne’s lips still burning on her cheek. Confusion was her new best friend.

End note: I hope you like it so far and that you'll continue reading. I'm finishing up the editing on chapter 2 and it should be posted shortly. Please review!
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