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5 Broken Hearts Dawn Never Had

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Summary: Small collection of Dawn's heart breaks. Warning- Not happy endings

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-CenterednamegoeshereFR1551,399053,64812 Aug 093 Sep 09Yes

Gated Love (Dawn/Ronon)

Disclaimer- I don't own either shows.
Pairings- Dawn/Ronon with mention of Buffy/Spike.

Broken Heart 5-

Dawn watched as Ronon and Buffy spared, moving across the gym floor like two dancers. Dawn closed her eyes and turned around her hair swirling around her as she held herself in comfort. She suddenly decided to walk around Atlantis instead of watching what was to come.

There was never room for Dawn once Buffy came in to the picture. But how could Dawn blame them, because what was she compared to her wondrous, beautiful, strong, witty sister. It didn't matter that Dawn was here first, that Riley had suggested that Dawn would be perfect for Atlantis. With her language skills, ability to adapt to unique situations and her extensive experience with kidnappings no one could argue.

She was fitting in rather well too. It wasn't long before she found herself attracted to the the silent and rugged Ronon Dex. She barely had any chances to speak to him until Daniel, of all people, suggested Ronon help her expand her hand to hand combat skills.

After that Ronon offered to teach her how to shot a gun, rather than a crossbow. He had started to smile at her, she had smiled back.

Then she came. Like she always does.

Dawn ran into someone, she looked up at Spike.

“I know, bit. I have to watch it too.” He said as he wrapped her in his arms letting, her cry for both of them.

The End

You have reached the end of "5 Broken Hearts Dawn Never Had". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking