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5 Broken Hearts Dawn Never Had

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Summary: Small collection of Dawn's heart breaks. Warning- Not happy endings

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-CenterednamegoeshereFR1551,399053,64812 Aug 093 Sep 09Yes

Love that Morphs (Dawn/Ax)

Heartbreak one- Dawn/ Ax (BTVS/ Animorphs)
Disclaimer- I do not own BTVS or Animorphs.

(I couldn't use normal thought-speak symbols,because it doesn't work. So I used something close to it. I think it kind of takes away from it... Darn!)

Love that Morphs-

'Come with me.' Why can't you say it?

Dawn looked at the blue, very centuar looking alien. The one she has gone into battle with, told her secrets to, and fallen in love with. If Buffy and Angel were Romeo and Juliet, then Dawn and Ax were Pepe La Pew and Penelope the Cat.

“You're leaving?” Dawn asked daring him to keep him main eyes on her.

Of course, he couldn't, ^What would I be? If I stayed.^

“Your brother.” Dawn muttered followed by a more loudly, “I am not asking you to stay and be human. Come on, how human am I to begin with?” She tried to joke, even if Ax didn't understand her humor.

'Come with me' it was all Dawn wanted to hear.

^Dawn.^ She would tell he was getting frustrated. Well good, how did he think she was going to react? That she was going to be fine with the man... Male... she was in in love with just get in a ship and leave her.

She felt the tears start again. “This isn't fair.”

She felt his hands on her face, an Andalite kiss. ^I am sorry.^

He droped his hands and walked up the ramp, leaving a broken hearted Key, and his own love behind.
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