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Xander Unleashed

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Summary: YAHF-Ethan Rayne got a lot of Star Wars costumes for cheap and Xander finds himself with a costume marked "Ceremonial Jedi Robes".

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The Force Unleashed, Part Two


Chapter Two

The Force Unleashed, Part Two

Thor worked diligently in his attempt to repair the human female he had transported up to his ship. Her injuries had been easy enough to fix but now he was making certain there was no neurological damage. Scans of her nervous system revealed no such damage and he began to awaken her. She rose up and brought a hand to her throat to rub it. Her eyes lit up with alarm as she saw Thor.

“What de hell are you?” She demanded.

“I am Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet.” Thor said introducing himself.

“You’re an alien?” She said questioningly.

“Yes.” Thor replied. He had to admit that this human was handling it a lot better than most would have in the same situation.

“I am Kendra de Vampire Slayer.” Kendra said introducing herself.

“What is a Vampire Slayer?” Thor asked intrigued.

“I am de one girl in all de world with de strength and speed to fight de forces of darkness.” Kendra explained to the alien.

“I see.” Thor said as he pressed a button on his console. A metallic hammer was transported into the room and Kendra got up and walked over to it. “It is the same hammer I used when I was a bit more imposing. It comes equipped with an inertial enhancement device and shielding technology. The inertial enhancement device will magnify the force applied by the user and the shield the hammer can generate will protect you from harm.”

“You need me to return there.” Kendra said. “Why?”

“I am working with a human team in an investigation of what is occurring in the town that I transported you from but I’ve lost contact with them.” Thor explained. “As you are of this world, you are able to go around a bit more unnoticed.”

“Okay, I’ll help.” Kendra replied picking up the hammer before walking over to Thor.

Thor handed her a white stone and she noticed a red rune and a blue rune engraved on the rock.

“The red rune acts as a transmitter. The blue rune will send a signal back to my ship if you need emergency transport.” Thor explained. “Are you ready?”

“Yes.” Kendra replied.

Drusilla saw a brown robed figure begin to run away from her. She didn’t like how this person didn’t seem to want to play so she used the Force to trip the person. The person fell over but picked himself up and ignited a green-bladed lightsaber. Drusilla held up a hand to signal to the stormtroopers to hold their positions and brought her other hand to her hip where a lightsaber floated from under her dress to the hand. She switched to a combat ready stance that she wasn’t sure how she knew it but she knew it regardless. The stars had told her to get a lightsaber from the mean mage’s shop and she was rather gleeful when she ignited the lightsaber and she watched as the crimson blade extended from the hilt.

Makashi, that’s what this stance is. Drusilla reminded herself. Form Two, Makashi.

She twirled her lightsaber in front of herself and the Jedi took the initiative by launching his attack. The Dark Lady of the Sith was able to easily parry the older Jedi’s attacks. Every attack the Jedi made through the Force was blocked and sent back.

Apprentice, what is keeping you? Darth Vader asked her through the Master/Padawan bond.

My apologies, Lord Vader. Drusilla responded. I’ve encountered a Jedi.

Dispose of the Jedi and bring me the Jedi’s lightsaber. Vader ordered her.

At once, my Master. She replied.

Deciding to finish this battle, she ducked a swing of the Jedi’s lightsaber and cut right through both of his wrists. His lightsaber fell away and deactivated itself as he fell to his knees staring at the nubs where his hands use to be.

“This was fun, Master Jedi.” She said to the Jedi.

“Glad I could amuse you.” The Jedi said with sarcasm dripping from his tone of voice.

“But, there is one thing you can do now.” Drusilla replied before shifting into her game face. “You can be my dinner now.”

She grabbed him and sank her teeth into his neck. The power she felt from drinking his blood was orgasmic. Something she didn’t expect occurred as she felt new knowledge being added to her own. Stepping away from the now dead and drained Jedi, Drusilla began to rub her temples as she sorted the new information out in her head. The stars didn’t tell her that this would happen but she couldn’t be happier.

“Come now, Lord Vader is waiting.” She ordered the stormtroopers before summoning the fallen Jedi’s lightsaber to her hand.

Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose. He had expected this to be one of the few quiet nights he might have in a long while but of course, the Hellmouth had to provide excitement. The librarian had been reading one of the Watcher’s Diaries when he’d seen Willow walk through the library doors as if she was a ghost. Willow had been followed by a hysterical Buffy dressed in an eighteenth-century gown, Xander dressed as if he was a Jedi Knight, Dawn dressed as what he thought was Princess Leia, Cordelia in some sort of skimpy cat costume, and four individuals who were dressed as if they were soldiers.

“So, where did you get your costume?” Giles asked Cordelia. “You don’t seem to be acting like a cat.”

“No, I got my costume from Party Town and not that one place the poor kids got their costumes from.” Cordelia replied.

“We got our costumes at Ethan’s.” Willow stated. “It’s a shop that recently opened up.”

Giles got up and grabbed his coat. Willow seemed a bit alarmed.

“All of you should stay here and wait out the spell.” Giles told them. “I’ll head for Ethan’s shop.”

“Are you brain damaged or something?” O’Neill asked snapping at the British librarian. “First, you start acting like magic exists. That’s just crazy and now, you’re failing to take into account the fact that this town is under siege by Imperial Stormtroopers from a damned movie. Second, we’re lucky Darth Vader isn’t in town also.”

“He’s here.” Galen informed Colonel O’Neill to notice the colonel stiffen at the new information.

“Great.” O’Neill said before turning to look at Carter. “Hey Carter, remind me to ask Hammond for a raise. I am no paid enough to fight Darth Vader.”

The glow of an Asgard transport beam appeared in the library. When the glow faded, a dark skinned teenage girl wielding a large metallic war hammer was revealed. She looked over the group as if she was looking for someone in particular.

“Which one of you are Mr. Giles?” She asked.

Giles stepped forward. “I am Rupert Giles.” He said. “Who might you be?”

“I am Kendra de Vampire Slayer.” Kendra replied. “My watcher sent me here because a dark power was rising. I came here and was killed by a man wearing a black helmet.”

“You see rather alive to me.” Cordelia remarked.

“An alien named Thor was able to revive me and asked me to find the human team he was working with.” Kendra informed her as she walked over to Carter handing the blonde woman the communication stone. “Pressing de red rune will let you contact Thor. Pressing de blue rune will tell Thor to transport you up.”

“Thanks.” Carter replied taking the stone from her and pressing the red rune. “SG-1 to Thor, we’re all right.”

“That is good to hear, Major Carter.” Thor said. “I should warn you. I am detecting a few armored units heading towards your location.

“How in the hell could there be Imperial armor here?” O’Neill asked.

Willow raised her hand. “Um, I saw a few geeks making their cars look like those two-legged walker things.” Willow informed the colonel.

“Great, do we have anything that can take out an AT-ST?” O’Neill asked everyone.

“Not that I’m aware of, O’Neill.” Teal’c replied.

Leia held a few thermal detonators in her hands. “I’ve got these.” She said.

Galen held up his lightsaber. “I’ve taken down a few AT-ST walkers before.” He said.

“Wow.” O’Neill replied. “Luke Skywalker, eat your heart out.”

R2-D2 began to beep and warble and Leia seemed to be listening to the astromech droid’s warbling intently. Her eyes lit up with surprise and she turned to look at Galen.

“Galen, you’re not going to believe this.” She said. “R2 says he found Juno but...”

“But what?” Galen asked.

“The AT-ST walkers are closing in on her position.” Leia said before R2 displayed a hologram that showed Juno’s location.

Galen jumped through the nearest window and disappeared into the night. O’Neill stared at Leia.

“Why did you have to tell him that for?” O’Neill asked.

“Wouldn’t you want to know if the one you loved was in danger?” Leia asked the colonel.

“Sir, local organized resistance has been destroyed.” A stormtrooper reported to Darth Vader. “The police station has been destroyed as well as the local armory.”

“And the resistance forces?” Vader asked.

“Executed, sir.” The stormtrooper reported.

“Very well.” Vader said.

Drusilla entered the town hall and kneeled in front of Vader. Raising her hands upward, a lightsaber hilt could be seen. Vader used his telekinesis to bring the hilt to him and he activated the lightsaber. He seemed to stare at the green blade of the lightsaber intently before deactivating it and handed it back to his apprentice.

“Very good, my apprentice.” Vader said to her beckoning her to raise to her feet.

“Thank you, my Master.” She replied. “I’ve brought the mean mage and the artifact that he used to cause all of this.”

Joyce watched all of this and was surprised to see a man that she recognized as the owner of a costume shop that she had went to with Dawn be dragged into the room. The stormtroopers forced the man to his feet as Darth Vader approached him. Strangely enough, the man seemed to have a slight grin on his face.

“You are responsible for this.” Vader said to the man.

“Yes.” The man replied. “Ethan Rayne, at your service.”

Ethan grabbed at his own throat as he felt an invisible hand begin to choke the life out of him. He stared at the Dark Lord of the Sith with a horrified look on his face. Joyce could only speculate as to what Darth Vader was thinking but it seemed as though he regarded Ethan the same way one might regard a bug that they had stepped on while walking.

“Do not think I am amused.” Vader said before killing the mage.

Vader let Ethan’s body drop to the floor and walked over to Drusilla who had set up the statue behind a podium. It was a rather odd statue to him but he was never one to critique art.

“While you may have defeated the Jedi you encountered, my apprentice, you are not yet ready to face my former apprentice.” Vader told her. “Guard the bust. I will face my former apprentice myself.”

“Of course, my Lord.” She said giving him a curtsey.

Juno had thought her luck wasn’t this bad but then again, she had been proven wrong in the past. After the man that she loved had sacrificed himself to save the fledgling Rebel Alliance, she had been allowed a chance to sleep leaving Bail Organa at the helm of the Rogue Shadow. She knew this had to be a dream because she could not remember being brought to a primitive settlement such as the one she was at now. Juno also noticed she was wearing a similar uniform to what she wore when she was an obedient officer in the service of the Galactic Empire. She pulled out her blaster pistol defensively and regarded her surroundings. The loud blast of a blaster cannon erupted from a distance behind her and she turned to see an AT-ST amble towards her.

“Oh, Sithspit!” She exclaimed running away from the AT-ST.

She ran down the street only to encounter a second AT-ST coming towards her. Despair gripped at her as she realized there wasn’t any escape from her predicament. Juno fell to her knees, closed her eyes, and began to cry. For a nightmare, this wasn’t a bad one. She heard the snap-hiss of a lightsaber, something she had grown accustomed to in her time with Galen, and an AT-ST firing it’s blaster cannon. Juno tensed up anticipating the intense heat that was to come but was surprised when the heat didn’t come. She opened her eyes to see a white and brown robed individual armed with a blue lightsaber on the AT-ST. The figure jumped behind the AT-ST slicing the back of the transport walker with his lightsaber. With a scream of rage, the figure used his telekinesis to crush the AT-ST which caused the transport walker to explode when fuel cells and ammunition where detonated by the pressure exerted. Juno turned to check the status of the other walker only to see a dark-skinned human girl whack the right leg of the walker with what looked like a large hammer. The force of the impact tore the leg away from its foot and toppled the walker onto its side. Juno couldn’t believe that the girl was able to do that with just a hammer but her attention was somewhere else. The hooded figure walked towards her and her heart skipped a beat. She knew it couldn’t be him but still...

“Juno, is that you?” He asked.

“Galen?” She asked questioningly.

“It’s me; I just look a bit different.” Galen replied pulling down his hood.

He did look different to her but she didn’t care because she knew from catching her reflection on a mirror attached to one of the primitive transports had shown her this. She pulled him into an embrace and soon into a passionate kiss. The moment was interrupted by a teenage girl in a cat costume.

“Yuck!” Cordelia exclaimed. “Harmony, why in the hell are you kissing dweeb-boy?”

“Friend of yours?” Galen asked Juno.

“Never seen her before in my life.” Juno replied with a smile as she gave Galen another kiss.

An explosion occurred and everyone turned to see Leia walking away from the other walker. The Alderannian Princess shrugged her shoulders.

“What?” She asked.

“We have to get to the town hall.” Galen said. “Vader will have brought what is responsible for all of this there.”

“The last time you faced him...” Juno said to Galen with anxiety in her voice.

“I know but there are innocent people being effected by what is happening now.” Galen said to her.

“Let’s go.” Leia said.

It didn’t take long for the motley crew that O’Neill was jokingly calling the Rebel Alliance to reach the town hall. Any resistance that they had ran into was cut down. They approached the town hall when a figure in black exited the building. Except to one young woman in a certain eighteenth-century gown, everyone recognized the figure. Darth Vader ignited his lightsaber.

“Once again, we meet on opposite sides.” Darth Vader said.

“We’ll find another way around.” Leia said.

“It would not be wise for us to try to engage Darth Vader, O’Neill.” Teal’c told his friend.

“Yah think.” O’Neill replied. “Com’n, let’s follow the princess.”

Once the ‘Rebel Alliance’ had gotten a good distance away, Galen charged Vader and their lightsabers clashed against one another. They constantly parried each other’s moves and Galen noticed that something was amiss about Vader. Darth Vader was trying to fight as he normally did but the body he was in didn’t seem suited for it. Galen didn’t notice himself having the same problem as the body he was borrowing was as fit as he was normally. Vader noticed this and fired a telekinetic blast at Galen hurtling him into the street. He landed next to a car which he picked up with the Force and threw it at Vader. The Dark Lord deflected the projectile and seemed to laugh at Galen.

“You will have to do better than that.” He informed him.

“I intend to.” Galen replied.

They managed to find their way into the town hall and settled outside the main door. O’Neill looked over at Carter.

“Okay, we need to come up with a plan.” O’Neill said.

“I do not believe a plan will work in this case, O’Neill.” Teal’c said.

O’Neill looked over at his friend. “And why not?” He asked the Jaffa.

“Since we saw Darth Vader engage Jedi Galen in combat, we must assume that Darth Vader’s apprentice is in this room.” Teal’c replied. “The apprentice would therefore know exactly where we were so a surprise attack would not be possible.”

Leia smirked at Teal’c. “I like how you think.” She said. “Got anything to blow the door?”

Carter pulled out a small block of C4 with a detonator attached to it and handed it to O’Neill who set up the explosive. Everyone backed away from the door before the detonator triggered the explosion.

“No wonder Father thinks you Colonials will win your independence.” Buffy said. “With weapons like these, His Majesty’s Army doesn’t stand a chance.”

“Could she have chosen a more useless costume?” O’Neill asked Willow.

“She picked it to impress her boyfriend.” Willow explained.

“Who in the hell would be impressed by that costume, Connor or Duncan?” He asked.

A stormtrooper came out of the hole they had made and Teal’c immediately blasted the soldier. Everyone noticed the strange smile on the Jaffa’s face.

“You’re enjoying this too much, aren’t you?” Daniel asked.

“Indeed.” Teal’c replied.

Using the sides of the opening as cover, they fired at the stormtroopers in the room. None of them could see the bust but they did see Drusilla deflecting their shots away from her using her red-bladed lightsaber. If he wasn’t blasting at stormtroopers, he would have been cleaning his glasses relentlessly.

“Good Lord, Drusilla is his bloody apprentice.” Giles said. “Heaven help us.”

Every available object was used by Galen and Vader as missiles against one another. They attacked each other in every way they knew how. Telepathy, telekinesis, and lightsabers were used against each other. Galen smiled.

“You were weak when I found you.” Vader said.

“You are weak, old man.” Galen replied. “You can not keep this up for long.”

“Long enough to deal with you.” Vader stated picking up a motorcycle using the Force and hurled it at Galen.

Instead of trying to deflect the projectile, Galen hurled himself towards the flying motorcycle and sliced through it with his lightsaber. The pieces flew away from him before detonating from the sliced area on each half of the motorcycle. Galen landed on the street and stared at the Dark Lord of the Sith. He then began to charge up a powerful telekinetic attack.

Drusilla was lazily batting away the blaster bolts. Her real focus wasn’t on the battle that she was participating in but the one that her Master was in with his former apprentice. She needed to time her move just right.

Always two there are, a master and an apprentice. Drusilla thought to herself. I must kill my master if I’m ever to truly become the master. It is the Rule of Two as set forth by Darth Bane.

She felt her Master’s former apprentice charge up his telekinetic attack and that was when she chose to strike. A swift reversal of her position and she brought her lightsaber to strike against the bust of Janus.

Angel shook his head trying to clear the cobwebs out. He didn’t know how he’d gotten here or why his body hurt like hell but he didn’t have long to think as he was hit with a massive telekinetic blast which hurled him away.

Xander found the memories flowing into his mind overwhelming. He knew that he had attacked Angel but right now, unconsciousness was calling. Falling to the ground, Xander passed out on the street.

They stopped firing when the stormtroopers began to remove their helmets. O’Neill breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t like having to harm anyone who was being possessed by anything but he knew that there were certain times when you had to do what you had to do. His relief faded when he heard Drusilla’s lightsaber ignite once again.

“I see the party’s over.” She said with a grin on her face. “But let me leave you with a parting gift.”

Before any of them could react, the Dark Lady of the Sith stabbed the closet person wearing a stormtrooper costume through the stomach. Pulling her lightsaber out, she cut off another person’s left arm and slashed another person across the chest. The wall she was headed towards suddenly exploded outward as if she’d attacked it with telekinesis and she headed out of the opening she’d created.

“I will not let you leave here.” A strong voice from behind her said.

Drusilla turned to see Teal’c aiming a blaster at her and she smiled. He actually thought that he could stop her. She grabbed his throat using the Force.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you.” She told him. “You have a creature that radiates in the Dark Side of the Force. I wouldn’t want to do anything that might harm it.”

Drusilla hurled him hard into the wall and made her escape. She had to see her Sire who also happened to be her Master. The Dark Lady of the Sith wasn’t sure if this counted but it would be best to not take the chance.

“Giles!” Buffy exclaimed tearing off the brunette wig she had wore with her costume. “I may be the Slayer but how in the hell am I suppose to fight Darth Drusilla?”

“I am de Slayer.” Kendra said to Buffy.

“No, I am the Slayer.” Buffy replied. “Who’s she anyway?”

Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose. He knew this was going to take a while to explain to both Slayers. O’Neill walked over to Giles.

“She escaped.” O’Neill told the librarian. “Now, will anyone tell me what in the hell is going on?”

Dawn ran over to her mother and wrapped her arms around her. Her eyes were gushing with tears at the realization of what she’d done that night settled in. Joyce tried to soothe her youngest daughter the best she could.

“Mom, I killed people tonight.” Dawn said crying. “Am I a bad person?”

Joyce didn’t know what to say but it seemed that R2-D2 did. The astromech droid came over to Dawn and warbled at her. From the tone of the noises that R2 was making, the droid seemed sad but Dawn let go of her mother and wrapped her arms around the droid.

“Thank you, R2.” Dawn said to the droid.

Joyce began to catch the conversation Buffy was having with Giles and her eyes lit up with alarm. She walked over towards her oldest daughter.

“What is this about you being the Slayer?” Joyce asked.

“Oh, boy.” The soldier standing near them said. “Colonel Jack O’Neill and you are?”

“Joyce Summers and I’m not impressed.” Joyce said. “Now, what is this about you being the Slayer?”

Angel yanked off the Darth Vader mask and tossed it aside. He hurt like hell but his main concern was making certain that Buffy was alright. Suddenly, a sharp pain pierced his chest and he noticed what looked like a red lightsaber blade had pierced his heart.

“And now, I am the Master.” Drusilla said to him.

“Dru?” Angel asked not certain if it was truly her.

“No, Drusilla was a weak and insane vampire because of you.” Drusilla said. “Call me, Darth Lividous.”

Angel broke apart into dust and Lividous noticed someone was clapping behind her. She turned to see Spike standing there smiling at her.

“I never thought you had it in you, Dru.” Spike said to her. “I hated the sodding poof but you were always Daddy’s little girl to him. So, what do you say about having some fun tonight?”

Lividous shook her head. “No, I don’t think so.” She said. “I’ve come to realize something tonight, Spike. Would you like to know what that is?”

“Sure, Princess.” Spike replied trying to figure out why the woman that he loved wasn’t acting crazy. “What is it?”

“I’ve been set on a different path and unfortunately for you, you can walk the path with me.” Lividous said.

Spike was confused and Lividous activated her lightsaber. She closed the distance between the two of them and beheaded Spike. The last look on his face was filled with surprise which made her smile.

“I must find more of those Dark Side creatures like the dark man I met tonight.” She told herself.

Author’s End Notes: Well since TAO’s mobster plot bunnies made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, here’s the next chapter. Please leave a review to let me know what you think.
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