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The Knight Ranger

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Summary: A couple of years after Chosen, Xander get a call that will change his life forever. Xander/Cassie xover BtVS/PRiS

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Television > Power RangersSilverLadyKnightFR1543,1151138,30313 Aug 092 Nov 09No

The Talk

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers in Space or BtVS.

AN: Thanks for the Reviews.

Chapter 2

Xander’s hand fell from the phone as he headed to the door. First thing first, talk to Faith and I guess I go from there. In the gym teaching the mini slayers, TaiChi is where she is around this time of day. He watched from the gym door has Faith corrected each girls stance before moving to the next. Knowing the class would continue for another hour, Xander decide to join in. He found TaiChi very relaxing and nothing was on his mind but the next move. The hour passed quickly and before Xander knew it the gym was empty but for Faith and him.

“So Boytoy, what’s the what?” with a tilt of her head, Faith continued. “Did you just come and join in to see the young pretty girls?” she asked with a leer.

“What no never…” spluttered Xander.

“Relax I’m just yanking your chain, but seriously Xander what’s up?” Faith asked as she moved in to the living room and sat on the couch.

Taking a seat on the couch beside her Xander tried to think of where to start. Duh, he thought start at the beginning.

“So you know a few months ago how I told you that my parents had died in a car crash?” at Faith’s nod he continued. “Well just before I join in for TaiChi I got a call from a law firm in Angel Grove about my parents wills. They want me to come down for the reading of the Wills.”

“Huh I thought your parents died three months ago why are they just now getting in contact with you?” Faith said with a puzzled frown.

Xander stared at her with a look that just screamed ‘Duh’.

“Because Faith I was in Africa and the only people who could contact me were my friends. Anyway, I learned that they grew up in Angel Grove and that they moved back there after Sunnydale collapse. Faith I did not even know that my parents lived anywhere else. They still owned their old house I just cannot see how that is possible. My parents were drunks who could barely rent the house they lived in Sunnydale. Why keep a house you do not live in when the house you live in you can not pay for?”

“Sorry Xander I don’t have the answers for you. Maybe you can find the answer to those questions in the town were your parents grew up at. Did the law firm tell you when you need to be there?” asked a sympathetic Faith.

“No, but I told them I could be there by Saturday. I just need to buy a plane ticket to LA and rent a car to drive the rest of the way. You know that I sat for the reading of Anya’s will and that she left everything to me and I know I wouldn’t give anything she left me up, but I don’t think I want anything from my parents Faith.” Xander told her as he ran his hand through his hair.

“Xander I know you didn’t like your parents, but I seems to me that it’s not about what they left for you. It is about the questions you have no answers to and I do not think you can get on with your life when those questions are unanswered. Go to Angel Grove learn who your parents were and maybe you can find out why they were the way they were.” said Faith as she snuggled in to his arms.

Wrapping his arms around her, Xander give her forehead a kiss as he muttered “Thanks you.” into her hair.

A few days later on, a Saturday morning a rental car drove by the ‘Welcome to Angel Grove’ sign.

AN: Review and tell me what you think. I just thought I would let you people know that I only write when I feel like it. So do not expect regular updates.
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