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The Knight Ranger

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Summary: A couple of years after Chosen, Xander get a call that will change his life forever. Xander/Cassie xover BtVS/PRiS

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Television > Power RangersSilverLadyKnightFR1543,1151138,30213 Aug 092 Nov 09No

Chapter One

AN: Revised Chapter

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers in Space or BtVS.

Title: The Knight Ranger

Author: SilverLadyKnight

Crossover: Power Ranger in Space with BtVS

Rating: FR15

Summary: A couple of years after chosen, Xander gets a call that will change his life forever.

Pairings: Xander/Cassie, the Phantom and Cassie are just friends.

Chapter 1

On the outskirts of Cleveland Ohio stood a beautiful mansion surrounded by trees. After being empty for the last two years, a room on the eastside was, being lived in again. Having spent those two years in Africa it was no wonder that Xander stood staring at his reflection from across the room. Walking up to, the mirror he slowly turns this way and that way taking in the changes to his body. His skin had darkened and his muscles had toned but the most important change was his two brown eyes.

Yes that is right the last time Xander looked in a mirror he had only had one eye. It happened just over a week ago that a group of vampires had almost killed a 13-year-old slayer. Xander being the white knight rushed in to save her. As a thank you the shaman of the village the slayer’s grandfather, re-grew his left eye. It was the most painful thing he had ever felt and that includes having his eye gouged out.

His time spent in Africa had been good for him he mused. It had allowed him to come to terms with Anya’s death and the loss of Sunnydale. Through the phone, he had become close to Willow and Buffy again but not as close as they used to be. They all had there on lives now what with Buffy in Rome with her sister Dawn living as close to normal as she could get. Willow was running the Jenny Calendar School for Gifted Girls (JCSFGG for short) in China and was teaching new witches. Giles had returned to England to head up the New Watcher’s Headquarters and to recruit new watchers. Here in Cleveland Faith and Robin ran the JCSFGG.

After about two months in Africa Faith had come out with a group of mini slayers to help him deal with an Apocalypse. Having stopped the Apocalypse the group stayed for a week. In that week Faith had apologized to him for having tried to kill him back in high school and for the way she had treated him. They had become close friends after that and are now the best of friends. That was the reason he had decided to move to Cleveland when he handed the running of JCSFGG in Africa to one of the new watchers Giles had trained. He would have continued to muse and admire his new body had it not been for the ringing of a phone.


“Hi, my name is Becky Footmen from a law firm in Angel Grove. May, I speak with an Alexander Harris, please?”

“That‘s me! So what can I do for you Ms. Footmen?”

“Mr. Harris was you aware of the deaths of your parents Anthony and Jessica just over 3 months ago?”

“Yes I got word of their deaths about a month after the car crash.”

“You have my condolences.”

“Thank you.”

“Now I’m calling on the account of your parents Last Will and Testaments. I am sorry we are late in contacting you. You are a hard person to get in touch with.”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that I’ve been living in Africa for the last two years. I just moved back to the states. I didn’t even know that my parents had a Will.”

“Well when they moved back in to their house in Angel Grove two years ago they came in to update their Will’s.”

“Whoa, wait a minuet; did you say ‘moved back’?”

“Yes you did know didn’t you that they grew up in Angel Grove?”

“No I didn’t know they lived anywhere but Sunnydale.”

“Oh well you’re in for a lot of surprises. Anyway the law firm needs you to come to Angel Grove for the reading of the Will.”

“Huh ok today’s Tuesday so I should be there on Saturday. Could you give me the directions of how to get from the airport to the law firm?”

As Xander wrote down the directions, he thought about his parents. He tried to remember if they had ever said anything about Angel Grove or just about living somewhere else but nothing can to mind not that that was surprising. For as far back as he could remember his parents were always yelling at each other or at him so he tried to avoid them. They had not talk about their lives before they had me. Why I wonder? Looks like I will found some answers in Angel Grove.

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