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No true company

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This story is No. 9 in the series "2009 Fic-a-day Challenge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The blonde he came across could not truly accept him, as she could not understand, but he was willing to take what company he was granted. (Frankenstein's Monster and the Buffybot)

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Literature > ClassicsEffieFR711,0101891614 Aug 0914 Aug 09Yes
Title: No true company
Author: Effie
Rating: FR7
Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS nor do I own Frankenstein.
Fandom: Frankenstein
Characters: Frankenstein's Monster and the Buffybot
Summary: The blonde he came across could not truly accept him, as she could not understand, but he was willing to take what company he was granted.
Word count: 969

He had thought that she had been dead when he had come across the body. She was still, no rhythmic rise or fall of the chest indicating life. Her face still had the vivid hue of life but when he touched her she felt off. She was not warm but she wasn’t the cold a body produced after cooling.

The body of the woman presented many mysteries. She was looking at him with vacant eyes and the smallest of smiles was still on her unmoving lips. When he was about to close her eyes out of respect she did something that had startled him. She blinked and smiled at him. He had moved back, unsure of what to make of this new and uncertain occurrence.

The blonde stood up and smiled at him still. “Hello, my name is Buffy. Are you a demon? I’m supposed to slay evil demons but not good demons. I can’t say what you are. Are you a good or evil demon?” She asked brightly. “You are not in any of my databases.”

“Data-bases?” He asked confused as to why this woman was so odd and not frightened of him. Although he hadn’t been in contact with the human world for years because of his isolation he knew they still feared him. Not even the advances in costume design could convince humans he was one of them in an intricate costume.

“Yes, my databases do not recognize.” She smiled at him. “Can I ask what you are? Are you also evil? Because if you are I must slay you. It’s my destiny.” She replied smiling.

“I am not a man but nor am I a demon. I am a monster made by a man who wished to control life and death itself.” He wondered if the poor woman was mentally deranged. That would have explained her lack of fear for him, her odd phrases and words. Modern humans did not speak like her.

“So you’re not a demon?” She asked sounding confused.

“No,” he was beginning to anger.

“And you’re not evil?”


“Thank you!” She replied perkily. “I can now update my databases.” She paused as if realizing something. “Do you have a name?”

“No.” The woman looked at him.

“You need a name or my update will be incomplete. I’m Buffy except when the other Buffy is around then I’m the Bot. My full name is Buffybot.” She said happily. “You need a name.” She looked at him.

“I have no name. I need no name.” He said but looked at her curiously. “Why is your full name Buffybot?”

“I’m a robot of the real Buffy, the other Buffy.” She said.

“So you were made to serve the humans as they saw fit?”

“Yes, except I haven’t seen them in a while. Willow does not update my programming any more and I can’t connect to the databases.” She said.

“You were abandoned?” He asked angry that they built a false creature in the image of life who could calculate, respond, and think without a concern.

“No,” She said. “I just don’t know where they are.”

“How long has it been since you last spoke to them?”

“3 years, 4 months, 22 days, 13 minutes and 42…43 seconds.” She said.

“And they have not reached you?” He asked knowing that humans could communicate without wires now, since the satellites flew into the heavens.

“No.” She replied matter of fact.

“They have abandoned you then. You have no use for them nor do they love you enough to search for you.” He said knowing the truth but this machine could not comprehend it.

“I will find them but I was told to protect Dawn and I can’t find her so I have switched to my back up programming. I will protect humanity.” She said. He stared at her.

“Were I like you I may not have hated my creator.” He said wondering what this being could comprehend and if it could understand his sentiment. “I may not be longing for the death that has eluded me for over a century.”

Buffybot neared him. “You should not to die. That is bad.” She said. “I can try to make you happy. I made Spike happy and although that programming is deleted I can try to make you happy.” She said cheerfully.

“No, I am to live alone. It is my punishment for my existence. My curse of this wretched life brought upon me.” The robot looked at him confused.

“No, I will work to make you happy.” She said. “I have not encountered any new demons. I will revert to learning mode in order to learn about you and update my databases.” She said smiling. “But you still need a name.” A name for a thing that should not exist.

“I have none.”

“You need one. Give me a name.” She said more insistently. He assumed she could not function without a name for him beyond conversation.

“I do not have one.” The machine stared at him and did not move for a while. He thought that she had slipped into another state of inactivity when she moved and spoke.

“What was the name of your creator?” How he loathed that name but spoke it for the first time in over a century to this machine who was not a living creature and could not sense his hatred and overwhelming sorrow that his father had rejected him.

“Frankenstein.” She paused and he waited for her to move again. When she moved she looked at him, smiling and the very mimicry of excitement.

“You will be Frakenstein’s Monster.” She said as if pleased with herself. “The information gathered is satisfactory.” She smiled at him. “I will continue to study you.” And with that the monster knew he would not get rid of the machine easily. Although it was not true humanity, he took comfort in the small company, another parody of man’s image

The End

You have reached the end of "No true company". This story is complete.

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