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Congratulations, It's A Teenager

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This story is No. 12 in the series "Fic A Day 2009 Challenge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Someone get's a very shocking and unexpected phone call of sorts

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real Family
Television > Diagnosis Murder
DennSedaiFR18513,40816949,18214 Aug 0925 Jun 10No

Chapter Two

Pairing: Possibly Jack/Daniel
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just borrowing them to play with *smirks* Their respective owners will have them returned with no harm done...mostly
Author Notes: Response to the challenge idea of Daniel being a father *smirks* Congrats Danny Boy, it's a son...a sarcastic pissed off teenager for a son...look out.

Note 1: Updated and Edited, thanks to my evil beta reader, Ms. Wolfe. 5/3/2010

Sitting down on the bed, Jack pulled his cell phone out and dialed a familiar number, listening as it rang, he ran down a quick mental check list. "Sam, good it's me....well it's been interesting so far. I'll let Daniel fill you in on part of it later, but I need you to do me a favor or three....yeah, I need a full and as complete as you can get it background run on one Rupert Giles, he's supposedly the librarian at the High School here and says he's been a mentor to Daniel's son....yeah well something is off about him, even if I can't put my finger on it. Also I need as in depth of a report as you can get on a supposed 'gas explosion' that occurred at the Graduation...yep that's supposedly how he got injured. The 'mayor' was also 'killed' during said explosion as well." Nodding at her reply to that Jack just grinned. "Yeah well, you can see why I'm feeling just a tad bit paranoid here."

"All right, take care of that, but it's unofficial unless something turns up that we would need to deal with, I've still got to call the general and also get a hold of Janet to work out details with her and Daniel to get the kid transferred back to a local hospital ASAP. I'm telling you Carter, I don't know what it is, but even Daniel is considering this whole town to be freaky and putting out a dangerous feel. Nothing obvious, but just a huge sense of dread."

"Yep, call me any time, and thanks Carter."

Hanging up the phone Jack let out a sigh of frustration. There was definitely something not right about this whole damned town, and what had gone on, but no matter how he poked he couldn't find any information.

"Hey," Daniel called out as he walked in to their room, shoving the door shut with his heel, as he carefully balanced the boxes of pizza in one hand and a six pack of beer in the other. "Any news?"

"Just talked to Carter, she's going to do some 'unofficial' digging to see what can be found out, and I figured we'd better both be here for the discussion with Hammond and you'll be the one who has to handle the talk with Janet. Not that I expect she'll complain much."

"You think Hammond's going to blow over this?"

Jack shrugged and sighed again. "Not a clue. He is a family man, so he should understand where you're coming from. But with the secrecy involved in our assignment..."

"What if I step back, not out of the program entirely, but back to a less active role. I can still handle the translations and such, but not go on off world missions unless it's a major necessity. Would Hammond be all right with that do you think?"

"Maybe...just keep in mind, you'd have to get a bigger place to live Daniel. Your apartment is just a tiny bit small and overcrowded with things. Add a teenager into that and it doesn't make a very pretty picture."

Daniel let out a sigh of his own at that. "Yeah, that's going to be an issue in and of it's self. What if I got a house...I mean with all the hazard pay and all the rest I've got saved up. Plus non-existent utility bills as I'm almost always on base...still that would change wouldn't it," Daniel said as he slowly considered all the implications having a son would bring about. "Oh hell....what about us Jack. Is it going to be an issue for me getting or keeping custody if that gets heard about...or what about your career..."

"Calm down Danny, we'll take it as it comes. If, and that's a huge if, that were to come out somehow they'd have to prove it. Hammond, would stick with the rules and not ask, and I obviously am not about to we should be good there. Besides which, they dragged me kicking and screaming into the program. So it's not like they'll get rid of me, unless it's something huge."

"And that wouldn't count," Daniel snorted in disagreement. "All right, lets eat, then we can call Hammond, and Janet after that. I'm sure he's wanting answers and has questions as well."


"So what's going on Giles," Buffy asked as she and Willow waited in his living room for him, while he finished brewing a much needed cup of tea. With a tiny addition to it, after the day he'd had today.

"Please sit down girls, I'm afraid it's been a rather busy and informative day today," Giles said, taking a seat he sipped at his tea. "While I was over at the hospital earlier today to check up on Xander, I ran into two most unusual visitors. Apparently the one gentleman is a Colonel with the US Air Force, and the other one is supposed to be Xander's biological father."

The silence which greeted this bomb shell lasted all of a minute before Willow and Buffy's strident tones were in contention arguing over what this meant.

"Girls," Giles said at last, raising his voice to cut over their racket. "Arguing about this, will do us no good at the moment. For now, I would suggest that we most need to find out about these two gentlemen and verify whether or not the one is indeed Xander's father."

"Well I can do that easily enough, I'll start with the hospital records and see how they figured out who his 'real' father is. From there, we can check out the background of these two guys."

"And if they aren't who they appear to be...well I can handle that," Buffy said with a grin. "I'm sure I can even get Angel to help me with that issue."

Dragging out her lap top, Willow booted it up and plugged it into the phone jack. "All right so what are their names Giles?"

Pulling up several search engines she started it running flipping from window to window as the results came back. "Hmmmm interesting. Seems that they both work out of Cheyenne Mountain, and the official job listing references a deep space telemetry monitoring of some sort. What's odd is that Dr. Jackson is listed as an Egyptologist and extremely skilled linguist. He apparently was unofficially 'expelled' from the archaeological field over some scandalous claims that he was insufficiently able to prove about the Pyramids and aliens."

Buffy snickered at that one. "Aliens, huh...well no one said big brains and sanity went together."

"Hmmmm very interesting, he disappeared off any sort of record for a while and then reappeared working with the Air Force. Colonel O'Neill is listed as being highly decorated, survived issues no details provided during the Gulf War, but with the medals listed it had to be something major."

"What exactly were his claims about the pyramids, Willow," Giles asked as some vague memory nibbled at him. "There's something about them that I can't readily recall, but they do stand out as being important."

"Something about pseudo-deities, aliens of some sort building the pyramids, a few references to Atlantis...nothing detailed though. It appears he was considered more than a little flakey with his theories."

"I see. I'll have to do some research of my own, but I would suggest that if you girls do visit, that you keep things very low key and non-confrontational for now. With the former mayor being dead, the state is going to have a fair bit more influence then when he was running things."

"So you think that this Dr. Jackson might really be Xander's father?"

"I believe it's certainly possible, or a relative of one sort or another at the very least. I don't understand the DNA science well enough to say for sure."

"Fine Giles, I'm going to head home and see what else I can find," Willow said frowning. "Something about this just sounds off though."


"All right General, that sounds workable for now," Daniel said in a neutral voice, his expression a tiny bit more expressive. "So we'll be calling Dr. Frasier after this to arrange the details to get her out here to review his case and get him transferred somewhere closer."

"That should be fine in this case Dr. Jackson. Colonel O'Neill, I do expect you to keep an eye on Dr. Frasier. If there is a threat, I definitely want her out of there ASAP. I don't want anything exposed about the project that we are all involved with, understood?"

"Yes sir," both Daniel and Jack answered in near unison.

"That will be all gentleman," General Hammond said. With that he hung up.

Daniel let out a sigh as he looked at Jack. "This is going to go to hell in a hand basket, isn't it?"

Moving over, so that he could sit beside Daniel, Jack just pulled him close and held him tight. "We'll make it work somehow Danny Boy, I promise you that. Even if I have to burn up any number of favors and such that I'm owed, I promise we'll make it work somehow."

"I just don't want to loose him Jack, or even worse to screw this up. I may not have been there for him before, but now that I know about him, I refuse to loose him."

Gently kissing Danny on the top of his head, Jack just held him close and let him ramble, knowing how much this was tearing his lover apart.

"All right Danny, let's call Janet and get this show on the road Danny. Nothing is going to be gained by waiting," Jack said at last.

"Your right Jack, but that doesn't mean I'm ready. Still sooner begun, sooner done," Daniel said softly. Picking up the phone he dialed Janet's number and waited while it rang. "Hi Janet, it's Daniel...yeah we've got a slight issue here."

"Yeah well, the problem is that he's in the hospital and in a coma state. Both Jack and I are picking up some weird and disturbing vibes about this whole town...yeah that's what I was thinking of. Is there any way I can get you out here, that way we can be sure of what exactly is going on and safely move him."

Daniel nodded at her reply. "Yeah, we already talked with Hammond, and he cleared it."

Nodding at her reply, he started to smile a bit. "Yeah well, I know Jack talked to Sam and asked her to do some discreet 'checking' unofficially of course, unless what turned up was something big....yeah I don't have a definite answer but there is something off."

"Thanks Janet, I definitely owe you a major one for this," Daniel said before hanging up. "She'll catch a flight first thing in the morning. She'll call in the morning with the details."

"Well in that case it's going to be a very early morning Danny, so do you want to grab a quick shower before bed, or grab one in the morning?"

Daniel just shook his head slightly at the loaded meaning. "Sorry Jack, but I'm not really in the mood tonight. Much as I'd enjoy the offer normally, I'm afraid I'm too distracted and worried."

"I understand Danny, so you grab a shower in the morning, I'll grab mine now, and we can just cuddle, that way it won't bother you quite as much."

"Thanks Jack, I'm glad you can understand."

"Danny, I've been there as well at times. It's perfectly normal."


Reading over the chart, Janet suppressed a frown purely by force of will. Whatever else was going on, it was obvious that the hospital staff were barely competent. Something definitely needed to be done about that. For the moment, it was rather obvious that he was in too delicate of a shape to be transported all that far, but anywhere would be better than here.

"Daniel," Janet said finally closing the chart. "We need to talk privately."

Shooting her a look Jack shook his head ever so slightly.

"Well I was going to go out and get a cup of coffee, care to join me Janet? I know I don't even have to ask about Jack, he never turns down coffee."

"Yeah, yeah...whatever Daniel," Jack shot back with a mock glare.

"I suppose that would help, I'm guessing here, but I assume you found a good coffee shop, I know how you are about your coffee."

With that the three friends headed out to the coffee shop that Daniel had found the other day.


Once they were seated in a corner booth, that offered relative privacy, Janet started the conversation off. "Daniel, I'm guessing here, but it's ok to talk around Jack?"

Daniel nodded his agreement with that.

"Ok then. First off, he's not stable enough to move back to Colorado at the moment," Janet offered holding up her hand at the objections she could see forming. "Personally I am going to contact the state board to get an investigation started on the standards at the hospital here. I would like to see him transferred up to Los Angeles and keep him there till he's a bit more stable. The fact that he's still alive, is nearly a miracle, given the level of incompetency that I've seen so far."

"That bad," Daniel asked giving Janet a piercing look.

"Daniel, I'll be blunt, I don't know how the hell they are still open," Janet said simply. "Their level of competence is non-existent."

"How long, just a guesstimate, before he'd be able to be moved back to Colorado?"

"I honestly don't know. He could with proper care be reasonably stabilized and safe for transport as soon as a week or two from now, or it could be months. They haven't even done half of what they should have done to determine the extent of his injuries and all the rest.... Well let's just say it's extremely pitiful with what they've done so far."
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