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Congratulations, It's A Teenager

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This story is No. 12 in the series "Fic A Day 2009 Challenge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Someone get's a very shocking and unexpected phone call of sorts

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Xander's Real Family
Television > Diagnosis Murder
DennSedaiFR18513,40816949,15514 Aug 0925 Jun 10No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just borrowing them to play with *smirks* Their respective owners will have them returned with no harm done...mostly
Author Notes: Response to the challenge idea of Daniel being a father *smirks* Congrats Danny Boy, it's a son...a sarcastic pissed off teenager for a son...look out.

Note 1: Chapter Edited and Re-Uploaded 5/3/2010

Pausing outside the door to Daniel's office, Jack took a few slow breaths in order to steady his nerves and calm down. It wasn't like this was a huge thing, but then again, Danny was definitely going to freak when he heard the news. Of course, it would be much later once they'd left the base for the day, then he'd get his own turn to freak out and spend some time ranting and raving.

"So Daniel, I hope you're not in the middle of anything critical at the moment," Jack called out as he walked in, deliberately forcing himself to stay calm and casual.

Looking up from the inscription he was trying to translate, Daniel frowned. "Not really, why?"

"Well, over the many years as a commanding officer, I've had the fun and at times crappy duty of telling someone under my command about a bit of news that's come up. Especially as relates to family."

"Nick..." Daniel started to ask, only to stop as Jack shook his head.

"Nope, close but not quite on the money Danny. It's a rather 'closer' relative of yours, which apparently you didn't know about... or I hope you didn't know about."

"This is some kind of joke, right Jack? The only surviving relative that I know of was my grandfather Nick. Unless he had a kid or something."

Taking a deep breath Jack let it out slowly. "Not quite Daniel. I'm afraid it's yours, and you have a son. The blood work was run and your the one who popped up as a match. So congratulations, it's a teenager."

Staring at Jack, Daniel silently mouthed the words and promptly collapsed, as the shock of it all overwhelmed him.


"Ah, awake at last I see," Janet said as she spotted the increase in Daniel's vitals. "Between you and Jack, I have to wonder if you really enjoy my company all that much considering that you're both always here."

"No more that Jack enjoys pushing your buttons to get a reaction I think. Any chance I could get something for the headache I seem to have. Please."

"Give me a minute, I want to be sure you didn't get a concussion or any other damage when you hit your head after you collapsed," Janet said firmly. "If what I heard Jack muttering about is true, you might need to start changing how you do some things."

Wincing at that reminder of the conversation that had led to his collapse Daniel groaned.

"Please tell me the whole base hasn't heard about it...please Janet."

"As far as I know Daniel, it's just you, Jack, myself and General Hammond. Apparently Jack didn't get the option of passing the buck along further," Janet offered gently. "Now just stare straight ahead." Moving the penlight back and forth she quickly checked Daniel pupils, and was satisfied that they were reacting normally.

"Give me a minute and I'll have some Tylenol for you. Then you have a meeting with the General and Jack both," Janet offered with a hesitant smile. "I would suggest letting Carter and Teal'c know sooner, rather than later. That way everyone has time to process and deal with the situation. Though I am curious as to how it happened."

Rolling his eyes, Daniel just laid back down at that.


Looking at the pale form of the young man who lay in the hospital bed, with IV lines and other monitoring equipment attached to him, Daniel let out a soft sigh. This was definitely not how he had wanted to meet his son. "Hi Xander, you don't know me yet, but once you do finally wake up we will definitely get to know one another. I still can't believe your mother kept you as a secret from me. Still, now that I know, I'm definitely going to be there for you."

From the doorway, an older gentleman watched and frowned ever so slightly. This was rather unexpected and did not bode well, especially if Willow and Buffy found out. Willow would likely try and dig for answers that she didn't have a right to, and Buffy would be making threats that would get her into serious trouble.

"So care to tell me why you're watching my co-worker and his son so intently," a threatening, low pitched voice asked from behind Giles. "After all, he just found out about his son, and from what digging I've done there are a number of oddities, to be looked into."

Biting back the urge to sigh, Rupert Giles, took a slow, calming breath. "I'm the librarian at the High School, and I happen to be a mentor of sorts for the young man in question. Since his parents weren't the best, he's looked to me sometimes for guidance and answers to questions he's had."

"Uh huh, and you are? Just telling me where you claim to work, doesn't answer my question," Jack continued resisting, if barely, the urge to drag this 'person' off somewhere to get the answers to the questions that he had. "My name is Rupert Giles, and who exactly are you?"

"I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill, and I happen to be Dr. Jackson's supervisor, as well as a very good friend. So why don't we go in and talk with his father, instead of staring at him from out here," Jack said, in a tone that left little room for discussion.

"Daniel," Jack called out as the two of them walked into the room. "I ran into a 'visitor' while I was coming back with the coffee. This is Rupert Giles, says he works at the local high school as the librarian and that he's a 'friend and mentor' to Xander."

Rolling his eyes at the emphasis Jack put on certain words, Daniel forced himself to stay calm. "So Mr. Giles, what can you tell me about my son? Since this is the first that I've seen him and I only found out about him, when his parents passed on. I knew his mother briefly many years ago in college."

Rupert let out a small sigh at that. This definitely was going to be interesting. "I've known him the last several years, since he entered high school. He's a bit of a loner, but has several friends. I really can't say all that much, as some of what he's talked to me about was in confidence. I'd rather not betray that trust. Plus if you're going to build any sort of relationship with him, you'll need to prove your self to him, as he doesn't readily or easily trust."

Daniel just shot Jack a look at that, and received a nod in return. "I don't suppose you can clear up anything about why his grades are so at odds with his SAT scores? Or why there is apparently a rather large file with social services regarding issues with his 'parents'?"

"Xander has mentioned on occasion that there are issues at home, but he's not shared any details. I know I have reported that there were some concerns, but nothing happened, so I assumed, and probably wrongly, that there wasn't a problem. As for his grades, I really don't know. He does study, but not all that hard. Still he seems to be less of a lecture based learner, and more of a hands on type of student. That may explain part of it."

"So if you reported that there were concerns with his home life, why didn't social services do something about it," Jack asked bluntly, watching the older man like a hawk.

Giles was forced to shrug at that. "I"m afraid that I don't have an answer for that Colonel O'Neill. It's not an area that I have any control over, I merely am limited to reporting any suspicions if a student shows odd behavior or the like. Sunnydale tends to run things it's own way though. Why, I'm afraid I don't really know."

"I see," Jack said drawing the words out slowly, implying that he did see that there was something more to Giles words than just what had been said. "So how exactly did Xander get injured?"

"I'm afraid that there was a rather violent gas main explosion at the graduation. A number of people were injured. Xander was one of the one's who was more severely injured. Fortunately there were very few with major injuries. Unfortunately the town's mayor was killed. Rather a tragic event all in all. Then the fact that Xander's parents were killed when a thief or thieves broke into their house...truly a tragic shame for him."

"I see," Jack said, once again drawing the words out, even as he shot Daniel a look.

"Well I do appreciate what you've told," Daniel said gently, but pointedly. "But if you don't mind, I'd rather spend some time just talking to my son. I don't know if he can hear me, but at least it will offer me some level of relief to be here with him and talking to him."

"Of course, I do understand. I'll make sure to let his friends know, and they can check in with you as to when would be a good time to visit," Giles offered politely. "A pleasure meeting you Dr. Jackson, Colonel."

With that Giles made his way out, taking care to not hurry, but not wasting much time either.

"So," Jack said staring at Daniel, after Giles had left. "That was rather interesting."

"Yeah, I've got to agree with you Jack. There's something more than what he said going on. What about asking Sam to look into it?"

Jack just laughed at that. "Reading my mind again Danny boy? I've got a very bad feeling about this whole place and I don't like it one bit...not at all."

"Yeah, I've definitely got to agree with you on that. There's something a tad creepy about this whole place. Personally, I'd like to get Xander transferred back to Colorado Springs sooner, rather than later. I'll gladly apologize to him for the abrupt change later, if needed, but still...."

"Yeah, I'm fairly sure Janet would agree with you."

The End for now....yeah well short drabbles right, than can grow into something more
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