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This story is No. 10 in the series "2009 Fic-a-day Challenge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Jack gets a look at another version of Suzie, a Suzie that never heard the name of Torchwood but seemed more dangerous to him than the one he had known.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralEffieFR711,758031,44215 Aug 0915 Aug 09Yes
Title: Doppleganger
Author: Effie
Rating: FR7
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood nor BTVS
Fandom: Torchwood
Summary: Jack gets a look at another version of Suzie, a Suzie that never heard the name of Torchwood but seemed more dangerous to him than the one he had known.
Word Count:1658

When the Rift alarm had sounded they had headed out not knowing what to expect. The readings were unlike anything they had seen before. Tosh had brought her portable scanner, Owen had brought more than human medicine, and Jack had packed the extra guns. When they had entered the warehouse there was nothing but a body in the center.

They slowly circled it. In the lighting they couldn’t make out many details from their distance but slowly details were starting to appear.

“Tosh?” Jack prompted as they neared.

“Human, alive, and female.” She read, pulling out her gun just in case. They paused as she read something on the scanner. “Rift energy's present but there’s nothing indicating she’s any more dangerous than we are.” With that they walked closer, with more confidence.

Slowly the details were becoming apparent. The woman was in her late twenties, an ancient formidable looking axe a few inches from her limp grasp. Her hair was dark and covering her face. Something about her was startling familiar but Jack couldn’t quite put his finger on it as he kicked the axe away. He nodded to Owen, who darted forward to make sure she wasn’t seriously injured.

Owen swept away her hair from her face the he pulled back in shock. Jack froze. Tosh dropped her scanner. At the clang the scanner produced, Jack had his hand to his ear.


“Sir?” There was wariness in his voice.

“Ianto, I need you to go to the morgue. Make sure Suzie is still in there. Now!” he yelled as he heard the younger man reply his affirmation as he ran off. Jack turned back to look at the body.

It was Suzie. Suzie in her youth and life, breathing and looking just like he remembered her.

“Jack?” Owen looked uncertain. “If it’s her I refuse to help.” He said. Tosh was silent and looking on to the body, face pale.

“I understand that Owen. Ianto is checking now in case it is her.” He said as he began frisking her; if she was Suzie he wasn’t about to let her pull out some disguised weapon. He removed two wooden stakes and three knives from various and rather ingenious hiding places.

Throwing them aside, he went back to the body. The look-a-like was still unconscious, her breathing labored. He found a wallet in one of the inner pockets of her coat. As he opened it he heard Ianto call to him.

“Jack, she’s still there. What’s going on?” Jack ignored him and opened the id. Inside was an id naming the woman as Suzie Costello. This was Suzie but their Suzie was still in the morgue. “Jack?”

“Ianto, prep one of the cells.” He said and turned to Owen. “It’s her and I’m thinking from another world because Suzie is still in the morgue.” Owen nodded, understanding what he meant. Tosh picked up her scanner and looked on to this version of Suzie. Something about the expression told Jack that something had happened between their Suzie and Tosh that he wasn’t privy to.

“Jack, she’s fine. Breathing’s a bit labored but she’s just unconscious. I’ll give her a sedative so she doesn’t wake up before we get to the Hub.” He said. Jack nodded.

They were oddly silent as the made their way back to the Hub. Suzie was breathing loudly but looked peaceful. He wondered if their Suzie had looked as peaceful in her sleep. Ianto was waiting nervously for them, cell prepped and with creature comforts that Jack wasn’t in the mood for.

“Jack?” He asked again. He looked onto the body as Owen and Tosh walked by with her on a gurney. “Is that-“ He couldn’t finish it.

“Yes. It’s Suzie. I’m going to the morgue to make sure she’s still really there.” He turned and stopped. Ianto looked uncomfortable, returning from the dead was going out of style in Torchwood it seemed. Jack gave his arm a comforting squeeze and Ianto composed himself.

“I’ll go meet Tosh and Owen.” Ianto said, not waiting for Jack to reply.

Jack walked to the morgue. He brought the body that was supposed to be Suzie out and unzipped the bag. Suzie’s cold face still looked back at him. She was paler and in that moment Jack noted the differences between this Suzie and the one currently in their cells. This Suzie had shorter hair; her face was harrowed with lines that he had failed to notice in life. There were few from laughter and even in death Suzie seemed hateful.

“Jack?” He heard over his earpiece.

“Yes?” He asked, concerned.

“She’s awake.” Owen said sounding unnerved. The sedative he had given her should have kept her unconscious for several more hours at the least.

“I’m on my way.” Jack rushed out of the morgue and made his way to the cells. Suzie was sitting down and she was looking at them, quite and dangerous. This Suzie might have been theirs as she was definitely still dangerous.

“I’m Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood, identify yourself.” He said. She glared, refusing to say anything. Jack noted that his name didn’t register any familiarity nor did the name Torchwood. “I repeat identify yourself.” Suzie studied him a moment longer before standing up and walking to the other side of the cell, inches from his face. He heard a gun cock behind him. Owen had pulled his gun out and was armed. He didn’t blame him.

“Suzie Costello, Watcher’s Council.” She said, surely and strongly. Something about his lack of recognition seemed to surprise her. It was barely perceptible but after hours of watching old CCTV footage Jack could read Suzie like a book. He had wanted to know where he had gone wrong with her. Her eyes turned to Owen; Owen just stared back. She turned back to Jack and he resisted the urge to step back.

This Suzie was definitely different.

“Do you know how you got here?” He asked her.

“No,” She said and looked like she realized something. “There was a fight, a portal. I fell through.” She looked around. “Where am I?” She gave his clothing a long look over. “WHEN am I?” Jack found it interesting that she was open to the possibility of time displacement.

“Cardiff,” He answered.

“Cardiff?” She replied, disbelieving. “You kidnapped me to Cardiff? Why not some lonely sheep shagger’s farm?”

“We didn’t kidnap you. We found you in a warehouse 12 kilometers outside of Cardiff.” She looked confused and curious. “Where were you? When were you?”

Suzie looked hesitant before answering. “Newport, 2006.” Jack motioned to Owen to lower his weapon. Owen did but did not put the safety back on.

“You fell through a tear in time and space,” Jack said waiting for a reaction.

“That’s impossible.”

“No more than looking at your face.” Owen said bitterly. “The energy from that rift spike should have killed you.” He glared at her. Suzie glared at him.

“Takes a lot to kill me,” Owen snorted, about to open his mouth with something Jack knew was going to put them back with this Suzie he broke in.

“Enough! Owen, my office after this.” Owen shot him a murderous expression. Suzie’s face was unreadable. “Suzie,” Jack began. Suzie looked at him, obviously expecting things to go south for her. “You…you aren’t from this reality. When you fell through that rift you must have crossed into our reality.”

Suzie looked incredulous. “How are you certain about this?” She glared at them again. “You could be lying. Lying in order to gain my trust,”

“You’re dead.” Owen said before Jack could speak.

“I’m obviously not dead.”

“Maybe not you, Suzie but this reality’s version is. Dead and in cold storage.”

Suzie studied both of them. “Show me.” Jack met her gaze and nodded.

When Suzie saw her double’s body she didn’t pale nor seemed shocked. She was curious and Jack wondered if it was that look that attributed to his Suzie’s downfall. Suzie touched his Suzie’s face and looked satisfied after some examination. She was at gunpoint but didn’t seem alarmed.

“Captain Harkness, what did she do?”

“Worked for Torchwood.”

“Doing what?”

“That’s classified.” Jack replied quickly. He was not about to ruin this Suzie.

“Interesting,” Suzie replied. “Does the word ‘Slayer’ mean anything to you?”

“It’s the name of a band?” Jack responded wondering what she meant. Suzie gave him an appraising look.

“What’s going to happen to me?”

“We’ll assess if you’re a danger, if you’re not we’ll help establish a new identity for you so you can live here.” Jack replied.

“If I’m a danger?”

“Then you’ll be in holding indefinitely.” He said coldly. Suzie nodded. “So what’s a slayer, exactly?”

“Nothing,” She said smiling coldly. Jack felt something in him twist. Suzie was dangerous he just didn't know how. “Just curious, captain.”

“Why?” he asked coldly.

“Like a said, just curious.” She said.

“So, Suzie, what were you doing with an axe?” Owen growled. He didn’t trust her. Jack didn’t blame him. Although this wasn’t their Suzie there was something off about her.

“It’s a funny story. Why don’t I tell you?” She said as she put up her hands in surrender. Jack cuffed her and nodded. As they led her to the office room, Jack gave Tosh and Ianto the look. They would set up some kind of surveillance for Suzie. They couldn’t keep her but there was no way they were letting her out of their sight.

“Suzie,” Ianto called over their shoulder. She turned around to him. There was no recognition in her glance. “How do you feel about your father?”

“Don’t know. Don’t remember him,” She said as Jack pulled her along. “I was raised by another man,” Jack made a note to get as much information about her as possible. This Suzie was different, extremely different, but Jack was certain that she could possibly be more of a threat than the one lying dead in the morgue.

“So Suzie,” Owen cut in. “what’s a slayer exactly.”

“Me,” She said smiling. “I’m in a band.” Jack knew she was lying but the twisted sense of humor led him to believe that maybe they wouldn’t need to keep her in a cell for very long.

The End

You have reached the end of "Doppleganger". This story is complete.

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