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Xander and Drusilla Trip for Treaties

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Summary: Xander and Dru are on a mission to seek out new allies and make sure they know the new Council isn't like the old. OPEN TO ANYONE

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Multiple Crossings > Drusilla-Centered
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Road Trip
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First Contact

Title: First Contact
Author: CaliaDragon
Fandom: Buffy/Kindred the Embrace
Summary: Xander makes the first stop on his mission to show different groups that the new Council can be trusted. Along the way he picks up an old friend.
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me, honestly this makes me pout. I don't own Buffy or KtE.

Xander Harris walked into the nightclub and looked around him in interest. Giles had sent him to San Francisco to deliver a package to Julian Luna, the head vampire in the area. Giles had explained the Masquerade and the different vampire breeds. There was another breed in Vancouver that Xander was supposed to go see after he gave Julian Luna the package. Xander wasn’t certain what was in it, but it was supposed to show the new council’s promise not to go after Masquerade vampires and cement their treaty. True be told Xander didn’t care one way or the other, this was the first of several stops for Xander and he knew that most of the groups that they dealt with would be hostile, the old council had a reputation after all.

Xander had been chosen because of his lack of powers and superhuman strength, that and Giles knew that Xander’s ‘so what attitude’ would hold well with most of the groups that he would be meeting up with. It was also Giles’ way of getting Xander out of Africa.

Every supernatural creature in the club felt Xander as he walked in the door. Only Julian was expecting this reaction, warned by Giles that Xander had been born on the hellmouth, and that they would feel him when he arrived. Cash walked up to the young man and watched as wary tired eye looked back at him. “Mr. Luna is this way, Mr. Harris.” Cash said as politely as he could. Xander gave him a nod and followed Cash to Julian’s table. As they walked past Cash noticed the way that the vampires sniffed the air, their eyes closed in near bliss. The boy ignored the reactions to him and merely followed quietly.

When they reached Julian, the elder vampire raised an eyebrow in greeting. “Mr. Harris, I am Julian Luna.”

Xander pulled the package out of his pocket and lightly tossed it on the table. “From Giles, it is supposed to be a sign of our peaceful intentions.”

“Supposed to be? Don’t you believe in the treaty?” Lillie asked amused.

“Try to end the world and enslave innocents and I’ll end you. Treaty or not, otherwise I don’t care.” Xander said honestly, not the least bit affected by Lillie’s beauty. Something that surprised many, most mortals, even Frank were not immune to Lillie’s looks or power.

“It seems you’ve lost your touch.” A man said from nearby looking at Lillie in haughty humor.

Xander raised an eyebrow. “Her power is her beauty,” Julian said, though was surprised by having said it.

“All women are powerful and beautiful.” Xander said shrugging again.

“You don’t think lowly of me for this?” Lillie asked intrigued.

Xander chuckled and shrugged, “I work in an organization of super powered females, by the way you feel I’d say you were born in a time where women were property and expected to do as they were told. The fact that you are beautiful would have been a strike against you in those times. The fact that you are still alive, so to speak, proves that your powers come from your will and your ability to survive. If you used your beauty to do that more power to you. Anyone who doesn’t like it is either stupid or male and has never had to prove they were stronger because they were born as a woman instead of a man.”

Lillie smiled in amusement at the looks the boy received from the men around him. The arrogant man from earlier sneered, “You think women are stronger?”

“Yes and you should show them respect.” Xander said with a sneer in response. “Only someone without a brain disrespects women. All women are to be honored and respected until they do something to break that respect and even then it shouldn’t be anything less than killing innocent people for shits and giggles.”

“Such a good kitten,” a dark voice purred from behind him.

“Of course there always exceptions to that rule,” Xander said with a smile, turning to face the dark haired vampire. “Hello Dru.” Dru giggled and lifted Cash up and out of her way. Dru hugged him gently and sighed happily and his wrapped his arms around her and hugged her gently. He kissed her temple and pulled back gently. “How are you?” he asked worried. “I heard about what the Powers did to you.”

Spike had gotten extremely drunk and ranted how the powers had decided that since there were two of the Aurelius line with souls that all vampires tied to the line would be given souls. From the lowest fledge to the highest master all Aurelian vampires now had souls. They were actually a new breed of vampire. They could now go in daylight and they fed only once a month on blood, the rest of the time they lived on human food. They had the strengths of the vampire and very few of the weaknesses, staking still worked, but the only other thing that would kill them was decapitation. Angel embraced the change because it meant that he could finally be with Buffy, Spike hadn’t cared one way or another. However, both vampires had worried about Dru, as they could not find her anywhere. With her being insane they had no idea how she would take the change.

“I am good kitten, I have been having much fun here, but it is time to move on. May I go with you Kitten?” Dru asked humming in contentment.

“Of course,” Xander said kissing her temple again. The vampires shared a look, the Aurelian vampires were dangerously powerful when they were demonic vampires, but now their powers had increased to the point that no one dared cross an Aurelian.

“Thank you for the gift Mr. Harris.” Julian said bring Xander’s attention back to him. Xander nodded and then with a polite good night he and Dru left. Julian sat back in his chair relieved that the meeting had gone well. He was also relieved that Drusilla would be leaving the area.

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