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Plan B

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Noniherant Heritage". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: If life gives you lemons, you throw them at demons. Especially if they are strange powers emanating from your key-ness.

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Smallville > Dawn-CenteredDenaeFR711,2010112,56417 Aug 0917 Aug 09Yes
Summary: When life gives you lemons, you throw them at demons.

Disclaimer: Nope, there is no way I could possibly own Buffy or Smallville seeing as I was still a preteen when Buffy came out and probably 15 when Smallville did. I’m not making any money (at all, I’m working at an internship doing press releases).

A/N: This part is more of a crossover in concept, but I’m pretty sure this is going to snowball into a series for me. Please just let me know what you think. I’m not as well versed in Smallville as I used to be.


“When life gives you lemons, you throw them at demons,” Xander told Dawn just a week ago.

In this case though, the lemons were powers, which she used to either run or flambé the demons. No lemonade here on the new Cleveland Hellmouth. Nope, just lots and lots of demons who wanted to taste of Dawnie goodness.

At first, the Scoobies thought it had something to do with Dawn’s key-ness, and the fact that the Monks made her from Buffy.

So when Dawn cut herself with sharp scissors and it went away in a couple minutes, they thought it was some strange manifestation of slaying powers.

Dawn loved her sister, but she had never wanted the whole gig with the powers and the duty and all. Okay, so maybe there’d been a couple of months when she was wicked jealous, but she’d learned a hard lesson after the fight with Glory. She’d seen the devastation all three times her sister had died, along with the deaths of Tara and Anya, which meant that kind of power was dangerous and Dawn didn’t want it.

Soon her increasing speed came as she began to outrun demons and would stop, finding herself in another state and causing much concern among the group after patrolling.

After that, there was the moment that made them realize something was seriously wrong. She had a crush on this boy in her class, Michael, who asked her out for pizza. Seconds later as her eyes flickered down to his luscious lips, their teacher’s desk bursts into flames.

She stood in front of her family at the ‘Magic Box’ they’d opened in Cleveland next to the building of operations. “That was so not a slayer power.”

“Well, I have heard of a breed of children who developed a power called flame throwing, but the last known sighting, with the exception of a speculative sighting in Kansas a few years ago, was in the nineteenth century,” Giles had his glasses off, polishing them in his anxiety, knowing the consequences of such powers in the past.

He wisely chose not to inform Buffy that most flamethrowers were the most notorious cases of spontaneous combustion. The only thing that seemed to be working out in his eighteen year old surrogate daughter’s favor was the other powers weren’t known to manifest themselves in most young flamethrowers. “I will consult my books.”

“Of course you will,” Buffy shot back at her watcher, before turning sharply to her younger sister.

“Meanwhile, no dating Dawnie.”

Dawn’s pout was trained on her sister, and Buffy wondered how many times that look worked when she used it on her mom.

“But he’s really cute.”

Dawn's answer came in the form of a question from the one-eyed carpenter, “…and highly flammable. This may be of the good for slay-age purposes, but until we know what’s going on it could turn on you.”

“Like Amy’s love spell did for Xander,” Willow said, her voice light with teasing.

“Yes, let’s bring up Xander’s known disasters at every possible opportunity Wills,” the red-headed witch smiled at her friend. She’d gotten over that, mostly, plus with the whole into-girls-now thing, it wasn’t such a big deal anymore.

Faith leaned forward in the chair, “Oh come on B, let the girl have some fun. We don’t want Little D to turn into…”

Buffy whirled on the other slayer; predatory instincts marred both of their faces, before Buffy slowly backed down.

“I guess you’re right. You can date Dawn, but only once we figure out what this is and how to deal with it.”

They researched to the best of their ability over the next few weeks as the powers began to grow and new ones began to become apparent.

It was Willow who decided to test her blood to see if something had changed, and it had. Every time she tried to insert a needle to get some more blood, it simply broke off and didn’t even leave a poke-mark.

One night, Buffy even walked into her sister floating a couple of feet over the bed.

“Okay that’s it. Willow, get someone here who could explain what’s happening. There has to be at least one of those little Monk guys running around somewhere."

Dawn stood opposite her sister and Willow. Xander held one of her hands, while Faith wielded her weapons, in case something with the magic went wonky and needed her Slaying skills. Giles was opposite her, inputting his insistence that this was a bad idea.

Dawn could smell Andrew baking cookies in the kitchen, and was thankful that he was staying out of this, knowing that agitated witches and delicate magic didn’t mesh well.

In the middle of the circle of Scoobies, wind whirled to drop a single monk.

“Ok, monk guy. Make with the explain-y. What is happening to my sister? Why is she developing these powers,” the blonde Slayer asked.

Buffy’s intimidation face and Willow’s resolve-face combined to produce one very nervous Monk. It was well known that the people in this room were extremely powerful.

“We had a back up plan,” the monk answered quietly.

"Plan B," Willow supplied.

“What kind of back-up plan? Am I going to self-destruct or something because I’d really like to know before that appens,” Dawn asked, voice verging on panic.

The Monk’s answer was cut off by an angry sister, “There’s no way in hell I’d let that happen Dawnie, or anyone else in this room.”

The others knew to stay out of this, that they were here for support now.

“Have you ever wondered why she doesn’t look exactly like you,” the Monk asked.

A simple nod prodded him to continue. “We couldn’t let Glory hurt or find the key so we used you as a protector, but we also mixed in the blood of the boy-Kryptonian.”

“Is that a demon,” Faith asked, being the first to bounce back from her confusion.

“No, there is a boy who was originally from a planet called Krypton. His father sent him to Earth, just before their planet exploded, making him the sole survivor. We used his blood, so you could protect yourself if necessary,” Monk-guy supplied.

Buffy just stared at the Monk. Demons, werewolves, hell-goddesses, snake-Mayors. Why not add aliens to the list?

“So now I’m not just the key or the Slayer’s kid sister. Now, I’m an alien,” Dawn asked.

Xander not-so-helpfully chimed in, “…and the sister to the sole survivor of a planet that exploded. Tell me, is Spiderman real too?”

Buffy turned to glare at her patch-eyed friend, before turning to the Monk, “Why did no one tell us this before?”

“We have…”

“You know what, I don’t care. Send him back Wills,” Dawn interrupted, before running out the door at just under the speed of light.

She tried to ignore the buried insecurities. The voices told her she wasn’t real, and she was just a burden.

Dawn looked around to see she was in New York now, in all of three seconds.

Well, there goes any slight chance I ever had at normal.

The End

You have reached the end of "Plan B". This story is complete.

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