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Mum's The Word

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Summary: Dawn wasn't the only one shocked by her pregnancy. Written for the Fic A Day challenge

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredgrundyFR1511,3291122,76417 Aug 0917 Aug 09Yes
Disclaimer: All things Buffy belong to Joss. All things Harry belong to JKR. I'm just borrowing a few of their characters for a bit.

Lucius Malfoy could be a patient man when the occasion required. When working on a potion, for example, or waiting for a carefully laid scheme to come to fruition. At the moment, though, he was extremely impatient. He’d had an earful from Narcissa this morning about the alteration she’d noticed on the family tapestry, and he fully intended to pass some of her choicer words on to their son. If only the boy would hurry up and arrive.

Draco had taken a flat in a wizarding neighborhood in London, as was common in his set. While many young wizards and witches took lodgings in Diagon Alley as their first step towards establishing an independent household, those of means tended to favor a more upscale address in Mayfair, just south of Grosvenor Square.

The Malfoy heir, like many of his fellow Slytherins, had not connected his residence to the Floo Network. Draco was far from the only one concerned about his personal safety in the wake of the Dark Lord’s defeat, and it was easier to secure his flat without that added point of entry. Since the Apparition Point of Malfoy Manor was at some distance from the house, that left Lucius stewing as he awaited his son’s response to his summons.

Draco was lucky his mother hadn’t gone in search of him herself. She had wanted to, once she finished telling her husband the good news. Fortunately for their hapless son, Lucius had managed to divert her. Narcissa hadn’t been expecting a grandbaby so soon. She was probably spending a small fortune at Wee Wizards and Witches.

At long last, Draco appeared in the doorway of the study. His emotions might be concealed from those who did not know him well, but to his father’s eye, he looked a little worried.

“Father? Is something wrong? Your owl made it sound quite urgent.”

Lucius settled into the chair behind his desk. It was a petty trick, but he knew Draco always felt ill at ease when called to the study to find his father at his desk. It usually preceded some well-deserved discipline. In the circumstances, he wasn’t above using such subtle pressure to find out the truth of the situation.

“It is rather urgent, Draco. You see, this morning, your mother decided to clean out the green parlor with a view to redecorating. In doing so, she noted a fascinating addition to the tapestry hanging there.”

“Tapestry, father?”

So far, Draco showed only polite confusion. Ah, he had forgotten which tapestry hung in that particular room.

“Yes, Draco. The family tree tapestry. You might not be aware that among the more interesting enchantments on it is one that causes it to reliably show when the family tree is in the process of expanding.”

He paused. Draco had gone from confusion to consideration.

“What does this have to do with me?”

“It seems the family is indeed undergoing an expansion. Your mother was startled to note a new branch descending from your name. As you are unmarried, the mother’s name is not shown on the tapestry. Your mother most strongly wishes to know who is carrying her first grandchild and when she may expect to meet her.”

The look on Draco’s face was priceless. Shock gave way to panic and to startled realization. Perhaps he should have let Narcissa do the honors. She would have enjoyed it so.

“Merlin, I must have been drunker than I thought.”

Draco dropped into one of the lounge chairs set off to one side.

“She must have been drunker than I thought. Or… oh, fuck, she couldn’t be a Muggle.”

Lucius raised his eyebrows. The Malfoy family had mended their ways, at least in public, after Voldemort’s demise. But in private they maintained their views on Muggles and the purity of blood. Draco might socialize with a select few halfbloods or Muggleborns, but as far as Lucius was aware, his son only rarely was in a position to cross paths with an actual Muggle. Even if he did, he certainly wouldn’t be inclined to strike up a relationship.

“You might start by telling me who she is, Draco.”

“Her name’s Dawn,” his son said, head in his hands as he contemplated the enormity of his mistake. “I didn’t catch her last name. I met her at a party, Flint’s twenty-fifth birthday. Now that he’s with Bell, there’s always a gang of Gryffs whenever he hosts. She came with a bunch of Weasleys and Loony Lovegood.”

“I doubt she was a Muggle. The Weasleys would hardly be foolish enough to openly flout the Statute of Secrecy. Nor would Marcus.”

“She could be a friend or cousin of Granger’s.”

Lucius dismissed that out of hand.

“Miss Granger wouldn’t have brought her to a social event were she only a friend. And if she were connected to Granger, she would have stayed close to her throughout the evening. She obviously did not, as I’m sure Granger would have rescued anyone she was close to from your attentions.”

Draco looked up. He plainly hadn’t considered that.

“I guess. Anyway, I noticed her after she gave Pansy’s idiot brother the telling off I’ve been dying to give him for years. Struck up a conversation, had a drink or two…”

His son trailed off. Given why they were having this discussion, he hardly needed to finish.

“More than a drink or two, I should think,” Lucius said severely. “You’re usually able to hold your liquor. Certainly well enough to remember to take precautions.”

He let that sink in before he continued.

“The question in my mind is whether or not this ‘Dawn’ intends to inform you of the pregnancy. It is far enough along that she must be aware of it, and presumably aware that you are the father.”

Draco shrugged.

“For all I know she’s with a different wizard every night. Either that or she’s heard about me from the Weasleys and St. Potter and isn’t in a hurry to tell the worst wizard of this generation that he’s about to be a father. I have no idea how to get in touch with her, and I’m not about to ask the Weasleys.”

“May I remind you, Draco, that you are speaking of the mother of your child? While what you say to me will go no further, now would be a good time to begin the habit of thinking before you speak on that subject- particularly if you wish to have any involvement in your child’s life.”

Draco flinched. Evidently he hadn’t considered that the child’s mother could try to bar him from seeing his son or daughter. Not permanently, of course, as the Malfoys would go to the Wizengamot if that was what it took to gain access to the child. But if Draco behaved diplomatically, legal measures might not become necessary.

“As for contacting her, I doubt the Weasleys would be inclined to give you the information even if you swallowed your pride and approached them. Not to mention, asking a family with five young men for the whereabouts of the girl you impregnated seems foolhardy.”

“Yes, father.”

Narcissa was going to have a good laugh when he told her how horrified Draco had looked when he realized what he’d be facing in the Weasleys.

“How do you suggest I find her, then?” Draco sounded more like a small boy hoping daddy could make it better than a man on the cusp of fatherhood himself.

“I would start by asking for a meeting with Miss Lovegood. Or possibly Marcus Flint, who presumably knows who was there to celebrate with him.”

Draco was out the door to send the owl in an instant. Lucius wondered who on earth the mystery witch could be. He knew of no Dawn in any of the British wizarding families, nor did he recall the name from the Hogwarts register. But whoever she was, she was carrying the youngest Malfoy.

The End

You have reached the end of "Mum's The Word". This story is complete.

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