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Amalgam's Journey

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This story is No. 2 in the series "An Amalgamation's Journey". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The first steps of Xander's journey, as he lives life in the Star Wars universe. Sequal to Amalgam's Birth

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ZulaqFR1812,252053,27019 Aug 0919 Aug 09No
Amalgam’s Journey: Chapter One: The Plans

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Wars or Marvel comics or almost anything recognizable mentioned in my writing.


-Freighter Earthdancer, crew quarters, Sullust System, 2 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin)

Xander sighed as he reviewed the information on the datapad. It had taken a lot of time and effort in order for Ryyk and himself to get this information, and he could barely make heads or tails of it, even though something at the back of him mind seemed to find it familiar. Supposedly the information on the datapad were the plans for a device that an imperial scientist known as Rendis Thorge was currently working on, and Xander and Ryyk had been assigned to get the plans, and then figure out exactly what Thorge was building on Ord Mantell. Ryyk and Xander had spent three weeks tracking down the information for the Rebel Alliance, and now Xander was trying to analyze the plans, but the problem was no one in Alliance Intelligence had any idea of exactly what Thorge was working on, for all they knew the plans could be for the Empire’s newest superweapon, or they could be for a new line of child toys. Alright, it probably wasn’t a children’s toy given that this was the Empire they were talking about, but that didn’t change the fact that Xander couldn’t figure out the plans.

Xander put down the datapad and yawned. Working for the Rebel Alliance’s intelligence division often mean long frustrating hours, but after finding himself in this universe Xander needed to do something to support himself, and the Rebellion didn’t ask too many questions. Of course he was still getting used to the fact that he was in the Star Wars universe, it had been a shock when he had woken up on Tatooine nearly three years ago.

Of course his problems weren’t only the shock of the new universe, but also the discovery of his new bodies. It had taken him months to get used to his new situation, both in mind and body. He’d sometimes joked with Ryyk that he suffered from both MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder, and MBD, Multiple Body Disorder. He had woken up on Tatooine in the body and memories of the fictional superhero known as Vision, it had been extremely disconcerting. Of course when about 24 hours later he had doubled over with nausea as he was covered with a bright white light, he had been even more confused, especially because when he had looked himself over, he had discovered that he was no longer in the Vision’s body, but was instead he was somehow in the body of Henry Pym aka Ant Man. That had been the point that he realized that something completely and utterly freaky was going on, and it might have had something to do with his Halloween costume.
Over the course of eight days he had transformed into perfect physical copies of each of the heroes that he had taken parts from to create his costume. He had become Steven Strange aka Doctor Strange, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, Tony Stark aka Iron Man, Donald Blake aka Thor, Steve Rodgers aka Captain America, and Ben Reilly aka Spider-Man. Over the course of a couple of months he discovered a pattern to his changes of bodies, first, each change of body occurred exactly 24 hours after the previous one, second, he went though all eight bodies in an eight day period. Unfortunately, while he could guarantee that he would go through each body in an eight day period, he had no clue as to which body would come next in line. Of course over each eight day period the number of bodies he could change into dwindled, until by the seventh day there was only one person left to transform into.

If only it had only been the bodies that he had gotten, Xander would have been somewhat happy, having been given any comic geeks deepest wish, but he had also gotten the memories to go along with the bodies. While it was good in that it gave him the experience to control his new bodies, some of the memories were deeply disturbing. Each of the heroes that he had dressed as had gone through hell and back multiple times, each of them had lost loved ones, but that was not the worst of it, he could even remember some of their own deaths. Another issue Xander had with his new memories was that not all of them ended at the same places.

For Ben Reilly, he could remember the entirety of the life of Peter Parker up to the point where the Jackal had made Ben, he could remember leaving New York after the original Peter had defeated the Jackal’s plan to make him and Ben kill each other. He could remember traveling for a few years, only to return to New York and became the hero known as the Scarlet Spider. He remembers Peter retiring from being Spider-Man in order to spend time with his pregnant wife MJ. He recalls replacing Peter for a few months, and he remembers that final battle with the Green Goblin where he had died to protect Peter’s life.

That was the earliest point where his memories cut off, it was also in territory firmly covered by the comics which Xander had read. Each of the seven others go several or more years beyond where the comics which Xander read were at. For Hawkeye and Vision, Xander could remember their lives all the way to the disbandment of the Avengers, an event which had definitely not been covered in the comics Xander figured that their memories ended there because they died, the Vision when his body turned on the Avengers and She-Hulk tore him apart, and Hawkeye died stopping an alien invasion. For Ant Man his memories end shortly after that, when Hank Pym moved to England with Janet Van Dyne in an attempt to reconcile. His Iron Man memories go all the way past the creation of the New Avengers, and stop at the point where Tony Stark replaced Nick Fury as head of SHEILD. Xander’s recollections of Doctor Strange’s life go to around the same point. For Captain America, Xander remembers all of the events that lead to the Metahuman Registration Act, and the fighting between the various superheroes that happened afterwards, he recalls forming the Secret Avengers, and the final battle in Manhattan, which devastated the city, recalled surrendering rather than risking hurting more innocent people, and how the day of his trial, he was shot, fatally. But his Thor memories go even further, he recalls ending the cycle of Ragnarok, and how in the void Thor and Donald Blake made a deal to share their body, and setting out on the quest to restore Asgard, and reawaken the Asgardians.

Xander startled out of his recollections as the door behind him opened and a black and brown furred Wookiee walked in behind him. The Wookiee was relatively short as Wookiees go, being only seven feet tall, but he was still taller than the vast majority of humans. He wore a small loin-cloth like piece of clothing around his waist, and had a small medallion around his neck. The wookiee, whose name was Ryyk, growled out a question to Xander.

“No, I haven’t figured out what the plans are for yet. It’s definitely not something large at all though.” Xander responded to the question, glad for his own medallion he wore around his neck.

When Xander had first come to this universe, he had found himself unable to communicate with the natives, which had caused him massive trouble, however, he had come up with an idea, and the second time he was in his Doctor Strange form, he had enchanted the medallion he now wore. The enchantments on the medallion weren’t exactly the best ones that Xander could recall Doctor Strange having done in his own universe, but he didn’t have access to the vast number of books in the Sanctum Sanctorum, nor did he have all the mystical materials necessary for some of Doctor Strange’s more complex magics. But, in the end Xander was able to enchant the medallion so it did two things, first, it translated speech for him so he could communicate with the people in this universe, and second it created the illusion of him having a constant form. The second enchantment was what had caused him the most trouble with, he would have liked to have been able to use his original body to use as a base form, but unfortunately the spell which he used could only work with a template to work with, which meant he was limited to the civilian identities of the bodies he currently had. In the end he had settled for using Ben Reilly’s body, as it was the youngest and closest to his own original body. So now, when Xander touched a certain part of the medallion, he could change, no matter which body he was currently in, into an illusion of being in Ben Reilly’s body. Unfortunately, the medallion did nothing about touch, so even if he looked like Ben, he wouldn’t feel like him unless he actually was in his body at the time. It was all very complicated, but then again, Xander’s life had been extremely complicated.

Xander knew that before Halloween, he would never had been able to even understand half of what went into the medallion, but with the memories he got from the people he dressed as, he also got their intelligence, unfortunately, his base intelligence varied from body to body, so it could be slightly disconcerting for him. As Tony Stark, Ben Reilly and Hank Pym, Xander was essentially, by the standards of his home universe, a supergenius, as Steven Strange and Vision, he was just a plain genius, and the others were each above average as well.

Xander reexamined the plans in his hand, he knew that something in them was familiar, but he just couldn’t figure out exactly what, or even from which set of memories that the sense of familiarity came from. ‘Ok, let’s take this one step at a time,’ Xander thought to himself, ‘the plans say that this thing is supposed to be fairly small, about the size of a large suitcase, so it’s probably not a new superweapon. It’s most likely some sort of upgrade or enhancement that can be attached to a computer, judging by the terminal access links on the plans. But what sort of computers uses that sort of link? More importantly, how could a computer link help the imperials, there has to be some sort of material benefit for the Empire to be devoting so many resources to completing this project.’ After a few minutes pondering that, Xander decided that line of questioning had petered out. So he looked at it from a new angle, on the datapad he called up the plans for the interior of the device. Alarm bells were going off in Xander’s head when he looked at the plans. But he just couldn’t seem to put all the pieces tog-. Xander froze while looking over the plans. He had suddenly remembered just where he had seen similar designs before, and while this device might use some more advanced and smaller components, the basic design was similar, if somewhat less efficient, it was extremely close to something which Reed Richard’s had once shown Iron Man, a device for traveling to another universe. Suddenly things just clicked into place for Xander, the computer hook up was for a ship’s navicomputer, the Imperials were creating a new device so that they can send ships instantaneously from one place to another, by traveling outside of the universe.

“Not good.” Xander said out loud, Ryyk, who had been looking at his own datapad, turned to Xander, “I just figured out what the Empire is building. They’re creating a new method of star travel. If they could get this device to work they could instantaneously send entire fleets from one place to another.”

Ryyk just looked at Xander like he was crazy, and growled out an incredulous response.

“I’ve seen plans for a universal jump machine before Ryyk. The imperials are trying to create a path to another universe so that they can jump there, and then jump back here in another place, for all intents and purposes they could travel from one place to another in the blink of an eye.” Xander explained, “And just imagine what the Empire would do with an advantage like that.”

Ryyk roared in response. It was clear that he did not like the images that came to mind of what the Empire could do with that sort of technology.

“We just have to find some way of stopping them from completing the prototype.” Xander said confidently, “We need to contact the Alliance, they need to know. And after that, can you set a course for Ord Mantell. We’re going to handle this personally.”


Author’s Note: This chapter is just supposed to introduce the story, and to start the plot, and explain exactly what effects Halloween had on Xander. While this doesn’t really go too far in depth as to exactly what’s going on, and what Xander has been doing for three years, things will be explained in later chapters. Expect the next chapter in about a week. On another note, I’m looking for a beta reader for my stories, if you’re interested please email me.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Amalgam's Journey" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Aug 09.

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