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Gunning for Convictions

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Summary: My take on post "Not Fade Away" for our some of our heroes, one in particular. Spoilers for NFA, Season 2 of Torchwood, no spoilers for Bones or Raising the Bar if you are already familiar with them. One-Shot, Complete.

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Television > Raising the BarapolloFR1514380143519 Aug 0919 Aug 09Yes
A/N: Standard disclaimer applies; I only own my DVD collection and my imagination, but not the characters or original universes. Many thanks to the brilliant minds who came up with such wonderful stories and characters to play with. No profit, or compensation of any kind, will ever be earned from this story, with the exception of whatever reviews you wish to leave.


Angel: 5x22 – Not Fade Away

General Season 2 for Torchwood

General for Bones

General for Raising the Bar

He had never expected to survive, especially with the injuries that he began the fight with. He knew that Illyria would, of course, as she was damn-near indestructible. But everything else had gone a bit wonky. Yes, the odds looked hopeless at the beginning, but some help had showed up partway through, in time to save all of them. Sort of. Both Angel and Spike had come over all glowy and disappeared within minutes of the end of the battle. Willow had tried scrying for them afterwards, but the results were… confusing. Angel kept showing up in DC or the surrounding area, and the one time he had been approached, he had shown no signs of recognizing anyone from his former life. He had also been wearing an FBI windbreaker in broad daylight. Spike’s results were even weirder. Most of the time, he couldn’t be found, period, but he did show up in Cardiff a few times. No one was able to get to his location, though, before he disappeared off the face of the Earth. Willow cast a temporal locator spell, something that she said would find all of the times he had ever or would ever be in. What she found hadn’t made any sense. She said she saw a continuous line from his mortal birth over a century before to the alleyway, then a jump to the 51st century of all places, along with several dozen other times that he did not appear to have stayed long in. One of these was a couple of millennia ago too. Near as anyone could figure, they had both shanshu-ed and been given new lives with no memories of their previous existence.

He didn’t know where Illyria was anymore, nor did he want to. He had just wanted to get as far away as possible from his former life. He had lost way too much. The new Watchers Council had helped him fabricate a new identity for himself, one where he could still do good while retiring from the day to day fighting. He even got to continue making use of his brain boost. He had agreed to be on standby, if he was ever desperately needed, of course. And he still carried a stake and a cross on him at all times, he wasn’t stupid and didn’t have a death wish. But his life now consisted of bringing justice to much more mundane criminals.

From now on, he was Marcus McGrath, Assistant District Attorney for New York City.

The End

You have reached the end of "Gunning for Convictions". This story is complete.

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