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The Shape Of Things To Come

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Summary: Hera wasn't the only human/cylon child with a destiny. Written for the Fic A Day challenge.

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Television > Battlestar GalacticagrundyFR72972043,21619 Aug 0921 Aug 09Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Full Circle

Dawn had known. Now that he’d had some time to think it over, that much was clear. Combine what had happened yesterday with a few odd remarks over the course of her years in the fleet, and it all made sense. She’d damned well known something like this was going to happen. And that bloody disappearing act she’d pulled meant Gaius couldn’t even have the satisfaction of yelling at her about it. Instead, he was stuck railing at the incorporeal version of Six he hadn’t seen in years.

She looked at him with naked amusement.

“We did warn you that God’s plan was never complete.”

“Yes, you also said our lives were going to be less eventful!”

“And they have been, Gaius. You married the woman you love, started a successful settlement, and have four fine children.”

“One of whom is expected to kill monsters!”

Gaius could barely restrain himself from yelling. He was angry, and it would have been very satisfying to be loud, but he didn’t want the rest of the settlement to witness this.

“We didn’t say your children’s lives would be uneventful.”

Now the incorporeal version of himself had made an appearance as well.

“Great. This is just great. So I’m supposed to just sit here and watch while my daughter spends her life chasing down monsters and fighting them in the hopes of killing them?”

“Yes, actually.” Having a conversation with himself was so strange. “As you protected Hera, your children will protect hers.”

Caprica had come out of the house when she’d heard the voices. She’d understood then. If this was the task God had set, she would not shirk it. But oh, how she hoped the answer to her question would be yes.

“Does it stop with Artemis?”

Her virtual double shook her head.


“Your line will not fail in its duty, Caprica,” the Gaius who was not her husband told her.

“You did not falter, nor will your daughters.”

Her answer was a whisper.

“But they’re so young…”

The other Six looked at her with pity.

“Yes, they are. And they will be, always.”

“What I should like to know,” Baltar cut in, sounding every bit the furious father he was, “is how Dawn Thrace knew. And where she went!”

“She knew because all this had happened before, just as it is all happening again. She finished what she was sent to Caprica to do, so she returned to where she began,” Six replied. “Her sister was waiting for her.”

“Kara is still alive?” Baltar asked, startled. He belatedly glanced nervously at Caprica, before realizing that it had been Six who had been so jealous of his ill-advised interest in the elder Thrace.

His doppelganger laughed.

“No, not Kara. Dawn had another sister. You’ll never meet her, but we can tell you she does you proud.”

Caprica’s jaw dropped as she understood what it was the two angels were saying.

“You mean Dawn…”

“Also does not fail in any task God sets before her,” Six said.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Shape Of Things To Come". This story is complete.

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