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The Shape Of Things To Come

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Summary: Hera wasn't the only human/cylon child with a destiny. Written for the Fic A Day challenge.

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Television > Battlestar GalacticagrundyFR72972043,21619 Aug 0921 Aug 09Yes

Disclaimer: All things Buffy belong to Joss, BSG is Ron Moore's. I'm just borrowing other people's toys.

Gaius Baltar didn’t believe his eyes. He didn’t want to believe his eyes. His beloved daughter, his oldest girl- the one who had Caprica’s very eyes- had just killed…well, he didn’t know what she’d just killed, actually. But whatever it had been, it had definitely not been human. Or Cylon, for that matter.

Caprica looked as stunned as he felt. What had it been? After fifteen years of peace, of human and cylon living side by side, as friends, as neighbors, as families, becoming one people, what was this new calamity?

Staring at the dust it had become, the entire village seemed to hold their collective breath. Maybe it had been an illusion. A mass hallucination. A daydream. Anything but a very real enemy with the face of a monster. A monster that had overpowered any of the humans in their small village who had gone up against it. Only the Cylons had been able to hold their own- and the eldest Baltar child, who had dispatched the creature with, of all things, a sharp stick.


Their son tugged urgently at Caprica’s sleeve.

“Mama, what was that? And where did it go?”

Caprica pulled herself together and put a comforting arm around her youngest child.

“I don’t know, baby.”

All eyes turned, out of lifelong habit, to Baltar. He was still a genius, he was still the one everyone looked to for answers to tricky problems. But this time he had none.

“We need to contact the other settlements in the area. See if any of them have had similar attacks, and how they dealt with them if they did. If this phenomenon is not confined only to us, we shall need to send messengers to the other settlement sites, to warn them.”

A shocked silence descended as people absorbed this. Messengers to the other settlements would be facing a long journey using primitive means. All Raptors had long ago gone to scrap, not that this area had retained any, being closest to the original landing site.

“Could this be some new form of Bad Cylon attack?” yelled someone from the back of the crowd.

Caprica shook her head.

“The Colony was destroyed. Cavil and his followers are dead. The Centurions had no wish to return here, nor need to resort to parlor tricks like this if they did. If they had chosen to attack us, they would destroy us from orbit, not pick us off one by one.”

“So what is it?” Layne Ishay demanded, arms crossed over her chest. “We’ve been here for years and no one’s seen anything like this.”

Everyone was startled when it wasn’t Baltar, but his daughter who replied.

“I don’t know,” Artemis Baltar said, her voice quiet yet firm. “But I think I’m meant to kill them.”
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