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Freakshow just like me

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Summary: After Buffy's sacrifice in The Gift Dawn learned that she was a witch, a year later she has been expelled from two wizarding schools and starts at Hogwarts where she meets someone who's a freakshow just like her. Set during The Order of the Phoenix.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterInSmithereensFR1856,313025,24820 Aug 0920 Aug 09No

A Train Journey, Scars and Sorting

A/N I'm giving up on this story, I just feel that I made Dawn far too sue-ish and I no longer like the pairing. If you want to adopt it, just message me. In other news, I've started another Dawn-At-Hogwarts story called "Turn the bad in me into good", if you want to give it a read.
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter were created by Joss Whedon and JK Rowling, this fic is not for profit and, despite a hell of alot of merchandise I own nothing.

Dawn sat down in the empty train compartment and put on her headphones, sliding down in her seat. The moment she pressed play a boy with messy black hair and glasses poked his head around the door.

“Are these seats free?” He asked, motioning towards the empty seats around her. She nodded and he stepped in, a red-haired girl following him.

“Are you new?” The girl asked. Dawn turned off her MP3 player and took out her headphones.

“I’ve transferred into the fifth year.” She replied.

“From where? Beauxbatons?” The boy asked, his eyes fixed on the scar that cut across her lips. She looked down, self- conscious.

“I went there for a while, but my last school was New Salem. In the US.” She thought about explaining her scar. He must have noticed her noticing him because his eyes shot up to hers and he smiled.

“Sorry, I know what it’s like to have people staring.”

“Really?” He pushed his hair off his forehead, revealing a lightning-bolt shaped scar.

“I’m Harry Potter.” She smiled with recognition.

“Dawn Summers.”

“I’m Ginny,” the redhead smiled and started to talk, but was interrupted by Harry.

“We don’t get a lot of new students…” Harry trailed off, trying to get her to explain about the fact that she was on her third school. Dawn smiled again.

“I’m used to being the new girl, I swear, I was the new girl in Sunnydale and at both the magic schools.”

“Sunnydale?” Ginny asked.

“Up until last year I went to muggle schools. I found out that I was a witch a little over a year ago, I started at my first school of magic last year.”

“And you’ve already been to two?” Harry asked.

“Yup, I went to Beauxbatons for a semester, from September to December, and was ‘asked to leave’ and the same happened with New Salem. As it is now, I go to and stay at Hogwarts or I have to live with my dad in San Diego and go to a regular high school.”

“Impressive,” he smiled.

They continued to question Dawn for the next twenty minutes until they were interrupted by two other students entering the carriage.

“Guess who’s Slytherin’s prefect?” One of them, a red-haired boy, asked Harry.

“I’m going to go out on a limb and say Malfoy.” Harry replied, looking glum.

“Who else?” The other student said, a girl with thick brown hair. “And that cow Pansy Parkinson.” She continued with venom. They went to sit down and noticed Dawn.

“Are you new?” The girl asked. “I’m Hermione Granger and this is Ron Weasley.”

“Um yeah, I’m Dawn Summers.”

“What year are you in?” The girl looked her up and down.

“Fifth, like Harry.” The girl turned to the red-haired boy who was staring at Dawn’s mouth.

“Just ask her, Ronald.” She said wearily. “He won’t stop staring until he knows.”

“What happened to your face?” He asked, bluntly.

“I got on the wrong side of a sword.” Dawn smiled, letting them know that she didn’t mind being asked.

“But how did you get scarred?” Hermione’s forehead creased as she asked the question. “Any spell would be able to heal it. Unless whatever attacked you jinxed the sword…” She trailed off.

“They coated the sword in a potion… To make it easier.”

“Easier to what?” Ron asked.

“To kill me.”

For a few moments there was silence in the carriage.

“Well who here hasn’t had an attempt on their life?” Harry asked, cutting through the silence cheerfully.

“You’ll fit right in here.” Ginny laughed.

“We have to change into our robes,” Hermione said, looking out of the window at the countryside roaring past them. Ginny stood up and pulled down her bag, Dawn followed suit and followed her and Hermione into the bathrooms at the end of the train. Quickly Dawn changed into her new school uniform. When she came out of the cubicle Hermione smiled at her feet.

“We match,” she said looking from Dawn’s purple converse to the blue ones she was wearing.

“I was scared that the dress code would be stricter but I decided to risk it.” Hermione looked her up and down, taking in her subtly striped grey knee socks and skirt that barely reached her mid-thigh.

“You’ll get away with that.” She smiled. “The only thing the teachers care about is that you wear your robes for feasts.”

Dawn looked at Hermione and frowned at her striped tie.

“Don’t worry; you’ll get one of those after the sorting.”

Dawn smiled and looked into the mirror. She took her make-up bag out and began to re-apply the black eyeliner that ringed her eyes. She dabbed on some lip balm and rolled her eyes at her reflection.

“Ready to go?” She asked as the train stopped.

When they reached Hogwarts Dawn split up with the others to follow the first years into the Great Hall. As she walked up the aisle, a few feet behind the last of the first years, she noticed that all eyes were fixed on her rather than the other new students. She breathed in and straightened her hair before sitting on the stool and having the moth-eaten Sorting Hat placed on her head.

“A Slayer!” The Hat crowed inside her head.

“Sorta,” she replied silently.

“You’ve embraced it, you fight, I can see that. But you don’t know the root of your power… Slytherin would teach you how to use your gifts. You would be a great asset to them, and to their side.”

Dawn screamed inwardly. She wasn’t going to be anyone’s ‘asset’. Buffy wouldn’t have done that. She’d quit the council, severed ties with anyone that thought that way.

“No? It would be easier.” The Hat tried to coax. “Well then, better be GRYFFINDOOR!”

The hat was taken off her head and she walked towards the table where Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron were sitting. The table were clapping for her and she smiled, sliding into a seat next to Harry. Perhaps this school would be different.
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