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McSteamy versus the Rogue Slayer.

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Summary: Faith and Dawn meet the Seattle Grace Crew when they're pulled into a murder investigation by the BAU. The story has taken a life of it's own, so the twists just keep on coming!

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ShulikFR132132,34615137,26920 Aug 093 Feb 10No

The forcefulness of older siblings

Dawn sat near the window of Seattle House watching Faith and Caridad work the ‘magic’ squad in the early morning greyness. Ever since the FBI agents’ departure, Faith had become more dedicated, more focused on getting the supernatural situation in Seattle stabilized. She had taken Caridad as a second-in command and the two of them were now bringing their own very special brand of discipline, every day, three times a day.

Kennedy and her brother John were bound by the Council coven working in tandem with the Devon coven. His magics were slowly siphoned off his body, every day he became a little more normal.

Dawn sighed, they never should have promoted Kennedy to Head of House- her psychopathic tendencies really blossomed away from the influence of Council Leaders. It seemed that her brother was just as messed up as her, they had been sharing their life magics for the last six months- and now that the warlock twin was losing his powers, so was Kennedy.

Faith had almost killed her during their fight and it was only her self-control that kept her from making the killing blow. As it was though, the slayer that had betrayed her sisterhood was now awaiting the disciplinary decision of the Council. Dawn was confident that whatever punishment they metted out would still be too little, but she was proud of her best friend for not giving into her well deserved rage and murdering the psycho responsible for so many slayer deaths.

Dawn thought back to the week immediately following Kennedy’s takedown. It had been a frenzied teleportation spell performed by the ‘Magics’ that got them to Scotland, Faith had dropped off a bloodied Kennedy at Giles’s feet and told him to take care of the bitch or she would.

Then, she had asked to be sent back to Seattle House as she was most needed there. Slowly but surely, they were rebuilding the slayer stronghold in the large metropolitan.

Dawn was sure that one of these days, Faith would make the official request for a demotion to Head of House.

The mini-slayers, or as the Sunnydalers began calling them- the Magic Squad, were flourishing in an environment where demons were rampant and humans disappeared every day. The first month of their patrols had been especially violent, they came home with reports of killing more demons than most slayer squads put together.

Dawn’s end of week reports to Giles had never been so bountifully full of new demonic species sightings and killings. They now knew that Seattle was surprisingly host to a hundred and thirteen different kinds of demons. Ninety of them were dangerous to humans and the rest co-existed peacefully with society. Those were left alone.

Her cellphone beeped and she smiled as she read an email from Spencer.

He was especially concerned about their situation, experience having taught him that the unsub would be back trying to finish off the actually intended victim.

Kennedy’s final goal all along had been Faith, she was consumed with the thought that if the Alpha Slayer was dead- then it would be her that would automatically take her place.

From his initial frantic phone call, to their daily emails- Dawn and Spencer had continuously kept in touch. She respected the hell out of him for everything that he had overcome with his mother’s background, and he was fascinated by her endless enthusiasm for life.

A week ago, Dawn had finally cracked and sent official job offers to Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid of the FBI. She knew that they would probably reject the chance to come work for the ISWC, but she also knew that she *had* to do something to cheer up her best friend.

She hadn’t told Faith about what she did, Dawn figured that if Derek accepted- then it would be a wonderful surprise. But if he just rejected their offer, she would never tell Faith and that would be the end of Derek Morgan. Maybe literally.

Caridad was still fuming about his breakdown in their living room and him pulling a gun on Lily, and Rona had taken to writing in a black notebook with a skull and bones motif which she kept private from both Dawn and Faith.

Plans of annihilation maybe?

Dawn opened the window and shouted down, “I’ve got coffee and pancakes ready.”

Faith and Caridad acknowledged that they heard her, and she saw the Magics visibly brighten up at the prospect of food. She laughed, slayer eating habits were legendary.

She headed downstairs and poured herself another cup of coffee, Dawn hummed to herself while slowly going through the new mail.

A sound of a car in the driveway was heard and Dawn cocked her head listening. Everyone who was supposed to be here was already present in the backyard, except for Vi and Rona who had taken the day to go shopping in town.

She grinned and skipped to the hallway just as the bell began trilling.

Dawn flung the door open, “you guys done shopping already? You’re such lightwe--…”

Her jibe died down as she saw that it wasn’t the two Sunnydale slayers standing at the open doorway, but Spencer Reid.

He was still just as skinny as she remembered him, lanky frame slightly hunched in an absolutely adorable way. At least to Dawn.

His hair needed a cut, he was wearing an oversized light blue cardigan over a pair of khakis and he looked a little rumpled in the early morning light.

Dawn stared speechless at him, his last email had said that he was in Oklahoma- but here he was. Standing on her doorstep in Seattle.

Spencer took the opportunity to start babbling, “I’ve been reading Redfield’s Demon Compendium and then I realized that I still didn’t have all the information that I needed to have, so I went on Amazon- and did you know that they had a special section on the Occult? I’ve read seventy two books in the last two weeks, but I *still* don’t know whether any of them have any basis in reality. Though they do have some pretty scary drawings of demons…”

Dawn tuned him out, smiling at his slightly frenzied manner and sparkling hazel eyes.

She tilted her head sideways and examined the driveway behind him. Two oversize suitcases, battered with age and wear stood next two each other.

Dawn grinned and lifted two fingers to gently shush him, “are you *sure* about this?”

Spencer stopped his rant on the differences between Kozlov’s Demony and the different translations of the Sumerian tracts on vampires. He took a deep breath and tucked back his unruly curling hair behind one ear.

Dawn smiled in encouragement.

Spencer cleared his throat and said “If you’ll have me.”

This was the perfect moment for a celebratory, reintroductory kiss. So they gave in to it.

After all, life was so short on moments like that- Dawn figured, what the hell? She could afford to be cheesy and romantic sometimes.

“You two make me sick,” Faith commented jokingly to Dawn and Spencer.

The former FBI agent’s head popped up startled from where he was debating the different ways they could melt down silver into needed weapons for the slayers with an enthusiastic Caridad.

Dawn was half sitting next to him with her feet propped in his lap and a huge, leather bound text on her knees.

They were never gushy, they were never overly enthusiastic- but they were very sweet with each other. Both were hoarders of knowledge, they devoured books together at an alarming pace- ordering new texts from HQ every day.

Spencer was famous for little romantic gestures like knowing whenever Dawn’s favorite museum exhibits were opening nearby, or ordering her favorite daffodils to cheer her up during a stressful week.

Dawn took care of him in her more practical way, she made sure that Spencer ate regularly and didn’t fall out of windows when engrossed in a particularly fascinating codex. She brought him coffee in the library, she helped him prepare for his watcher exam.

Faith grinned, they were like two mushy nerds in love. It was sweet.

The doorbell rang and nobody moved to get it, the three people sitting on the couch studiously acted like nothing out of the ordinary was happening so the oldest slayer in the room sighed and got up.

“You guys suck,” she nodded at them.

Dawn chuckled, burying her face in Spencer’s shoulder while Caridad just gave her a jaunty wave.

Faith flipped her second-in command the bird and went to greet the visitors.

Her sister stood there. Wearing a pink dress with her blonde hair pulled back in a prim bun, Izzy looked extremely nervous.

Faith gaped at her.

Izzy had a covered tray in her hands, “I’ve been trying to get you to meet me in Seattle for the last couple of weeks, but you’re not answering your calls,” Faith was about to retort when Izzy raised her hand “which I *totally* get.”

She squared her shoulders, “but as your sister, your *older* sister- it is my responsibility to make sure that you’re alright.”

Faith raised a bitter eyebrow, “really? Where was this responsibility previously?”

Izzy’s eyes glistened suspiciously, “I *know*. I am a horrible human being and an awful sister,” she moved past Faith into the house, “but I intend to make it better.”

Faith’s much taller, blonder older sister took a deep breath, “I want us to have a relationship,” she raised her hand to stem off the protest about to escape from Faith’s lip, “and as a show of good faith, I brought your friend.”

She leaned closer and whispered, “he hasn’t shut up about you since you checked yourself out, nobody’s been able to stand him. So when I asked Bailey to give me a day off for visiting family, he practically tagged along.”

Faith stood at the doorway, still holding on to the knob, completely blindsided by her sister’s forcefulness and enthusiasm. Stuff like this just *did not* happen to her.

“Umm…” she tried to figure out her next thought.

“He’s in the car,” Izzy volunteered. She took a couple of steps out the front door and gave a mighty yell, “get in here!”

The black jeep’s door opened and Mark Sloane ventured out. Wearing his ridiculously cocky smirk he strolled up to the doorway, he paused by Faith.

“Nice place you’ve got here.”

“Thanks,” Faith swallowed, “why are you here exactly?”

“Well, since you’ve decided to hole up in here,” Izzie beamed blindingly at her younger sibling, “I thought that I should bring the party to you.”

Mark raised a previously unseen bag, “I’ve got margarita mix and beer,” he smirked.

Izzie cleared her throat and when she had everyone’s attention, she uncovered her tray with a flair “and I’ve got homebaked brownies!”

Faith narrowed her gaze at the two blinding smiles in front of her, “I don’t want you two here. Leave. Now.”

Izzie frowned, “no. I’ve finally found you, do you think it’ll be this easy to get rid of me?”

She moved past Faith and shut the front door.

Turning back around she was surprised to see a widely smirking Dawn standing near the entrance to the living room.

“Hi! I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Izzie,” she introduced herself.

“Dawn,” waves of amusement were practically rolling off the younger woman.

“Great, I’m so glad to meet one of my sister’s friends,” she motioned to Mark. “Come on!”

Izzie turned back to Dawn, “where’s your kitchen? We’ve got refreshments,” she smiled.

Dawn laughed and turned to show her best friend’s extremely unlikely but very likeable older sister the way to the House kitchen.

Mark was still standing, smiling at Faith who just looked lost in the foyer.

“You’ll get used to her,” he murmured slipping an arm around the dark haired woman’s shoulders.

“But what if I don’t want to?” Faith whined.

“Sometimes you don’t have a choice,” Mark shrugged. He leaned closer “this is one of those times, roll with it.”

“Can you guys order three pizzas? Dawn said that the girls have big appetites, and Mark- there’s a Princess Bride dvd in the back of my car. Can you get it? Thanks!” Izzy’s voice called out from the deep of the house.

Faith just whimpered.

The End?

You have reached the end of "McSteamy versus the Rogue Slayer." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Feb 10.

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