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Summary: Sometimes normal people need to stick together.

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DC Universe > BatmanpixelpusherFR15126,10803123,39421 Aug 0911 Feb 10No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Sunlight, Gag

Disclaimer: Batman and Buffy are not mine, and I promise to put them back when I'm done with them.

Sources: Post-series Buffy, rebooted Batman after The Dark Knight.

A/N: Combining TtH100 prompts to start the chapters, but I'm not an official member. Sorry for the hiatus folks, life can be surprising.

It was noon when Xander returned to the alley he'd been attacked in, sun high in the sky minimizing inconvenient patches of shade. He had a backpack lumpy with assorted might-need-‘ems and what he knew was a very bad plan. It was fairly simple- only three parts to it really. One, retrace that night's footsteps; two, look for any reason why a Korlath would be hanging around a back alley in Gotham instead of the hot deserts the reptilian demons preferred; and three, try not to get eaten. Xander was particularly interested in seeing that the last part was followed through on.

In daylight it was like any other deserted alley- brick walls, dumpsters, and the smell of some poor dead creature nearby, a fate Xander was acutely aware he'd narrowly avoided. He scuffed his toe against a dark spot of dirt wondering if it was his blood. Surrounded by oil stains and rancid puddles, there was really no way to tell for sure. Nearby, one particularly worn and beaten door looked familiar- flat and metal with no handle, just a latch locked with a cheap padlock. Before he'd headed out to Africa Xander had decided a few extracurricular skills might come in handy at some point, and as he picked the lock he made a mental note to thank Faith again for her lessons. The tumbler gave and Xander pocketed it to replace later; from his backpack he retrieved a big heavy flashlight. "All the better to brain demons with!" he could hear his inner Willow say. He stood to the side of the doorway, took a deep breath and slowly nudged the door in with his work boot.

When nothing lept out of the dark entryway to rip his throat out, Xander stepped inside. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light streaming through windows covered haphazardly with cardboard and a thick layer of grime, he could make out the outlines of shelves stacked with filing boxes, but nothing waiting to tear into tiny Xander bits. It was a small room, across from him was a short hallway leading further into the building and to his right were two wooden staircases- one leading up and the other down. Everything was covered in dust so thick it hung in the air and caught in his throat, but on the floor was a worn trail leading predictably down into darkness. Although he had his flashlight ready, Xander didn't dare turn it on and alert anything in here to his presence that wasn't already on red alert from heightened supernatural senses. Shouldn't make it too easy for them, after all.

He reached into his inside jacket pocket, fingers brushing the handle of the Bowie knife he carried there, convincing himself he could get to it easily if he had to. He gripped his flashlight harder, took a deep breath, and headed downstairs.

From a rooftop across the alley, a caped figure watched him go.

=*=Thank you to DrDamage, Ghostrider, Eureka and eriktheviking for the reviews- you guys are awesome! Also thanks to TraceyC, who has uncanny timing.

Now that TtH has changed how they link categories, I'll clarify a few things really quick. This is post series Buffy, and since I haven't read the Buffy comics I'm largely ignoring them. I'm working with the rebooted Bat-verse and researching on the great amalgamation that is Wikipedia to help fill in any holes that haven't come into play yet. This Catwoman is mostly going to resemble the one from the animated series, and while she and Bruce run in the same social circles publicly, the Bat and the Cat have not yet crossed paths. But I'm sure you lovely people have already figured all of this out already.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Nightwatch" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Feb 10.

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