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Summary: Sometimes normal people need to stick together.

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DC Universe > BatmanpixelpusherFR15126,10803123,39421 Aug 0911 Feb 10No

Moon, Beginning

Batman and Buffy are not mine, and I promise to put them back when I'm done with them.

A/N: Using the TtH100 prompts to get me started, but I'm not an official member. 250 words and only a vague idea where I want to head with it.

Xander had never really been able to make out the man in the moon that everyone else always said they saw. Once during a very late night slaying, (or if he was honest, one night while acting as bait for Buffy to do the actual slaying) the steady stream of Willow babble had drifted onto the symbolism of the moon in some ancient cultures and its effects on their worship systems. Dawn had joined in with variations on what different cultures had seen in its pocked face over the centuries. It was when she got to the one with the rabbits that Anya had freaked out and it was late enough that they had all ended up just calling it a night. But he remembered that night because it was one of the rare ones where it all seemed easy, when it seemed like they were just friends out for a walk and not the only thing standing between oblivious humans and the things that got bumpy in the night.

Now Xander lay in the alley where the Korlath had left him, blood slowly seeping from what shouldn’t be too serious of a cut if it weren’t complicated by the paralyzing agent in the demon's claws. Which of course it was. Inch by dizzying inch his hand was moving towards his cell, towards help. As it finally dialed, he thought back to that night and wondered…

…why he had never noticed how very much the moon looked like a bat?
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking