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The Lost Boys

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Summary: Fic-A-Day Challenge; Wolverine is going to get him back, no matter what. Logan/Xander slash

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredSilkenSkyFR151622154,73721 Aug 0921 Aug 09Yes
Title: The Lost Boys
Author: Sky
Rating: PG-15
Crossover: X-Men/Buffy
Pairing: Wolverine/Xander
Characters: Scott, Remy, Logan, Xander
Word Count: 582
Disclaimer: The characters and stories of X-Men and Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to their respective creators and owners
Summary: Wolverine will do anything to get him back, no matter what
Warning: No spoilers; mention of violence
Author's notes: nothing really; Title from Stargate: Atlantis episode

“Okay, this is going to be a simple in-and-out. Nothing fancy, no heroics,” Scott said sternly, looking pointedly at Wolverine, who didn’t even bother acknowledging him, just continued to stare out the window of the Blackbird as if he could already see where they were going. “When we touch down, Gambit, you’re on recon. I want to know how many guards, how many exits, and as much about the inside of the building as you can tell us.” Gambit nodded once in response.

“Storm, I want you to keep aerial surveillance the whole time we’re there. I don’t want them moving him without us knowing. When Gambit gets back, he and Wolverine will pair up, and I’ll go in with Nightcrawler. Beast and Colossus, you stay back and guard the Blackbird.” Everyone nodded their understanding of the plan.

They landed, and Gambit was out of the stealth plane before the ramp had descended even halfway, Storm close behind him to watch from the sky. This didn’t stop Wolverine from glaring at the entrance with barely contained rage and impatience. In less than three minutes, Remy was back, only slightly winded from what must have been a lightning-fast sprint around the building.

“Abandoned warehouse, prob’ly one big room on th’ inside, maybe two.” Remy paused, frowning. “No sign of anyone outside at all, an’ I couldn’t hear anyt’ing inside.” He looked back at Wolverine before turning back to Scott. “We sure Sinister got him in there?”
Scott sighed, his face pinched. “It’s our best lead. Anything else?”

Gambit nodded. “Big loading entrance on the south side, an’ a worker entrance at the nort’-east corner, both wit’ big locks.”
Scott nodded. “Wolverine, you and Gambit take the loading dock, Nightcrawler and I will take the door at the north-east.”

Scott had barely finished talking before Wolverine was down the ramp. Gambit loped after him, easily keeping stride. Logan didn’t slow down at the padlocked entrance, just sliced the lock off with one pass and heaved the door open. Inside was in fact one big room, strewn with rubbish and old machinery and boxes. At the other end of the factory Gambit could see what looked like cages and gurneys and medical equipment. He winced and sped up to keep pace with Logan.

He saw the young man the same time Logan did, huddled in a cage in the corner. He swept the rest of the warehouse for enemies while Logan opened the cage.

He opened the cage with no regard to finesse and carefully lifted the curled form from within. He pulled him into his lap and checked for serious injuries. When he decided that other than a serious gash on his head, extensive bruising, and a few burns, the boy had no life-threatening injuries, he tried to wake him up.

“Xan?” he whispered gently. “Come on baby, open those pretty eyes for me.” He softly petted the dark, matted hair, carefully avoiding any painful spots. “I’m here for you darlin’, all you gotta do is wake up.” He shook Xander gently once more, until he finally opened bleary eyes.

“Logan?” he asked hoarsely. “that you?”

Wolverine bit back the sob of relief that threatened to escape. “Yeah baby, it’s me. I told you I’d find you Xan.”

Xander began to slip back into unconsciousness. “…home?” he asked softly.

Wolverine heard the others approach and let his tears fall, knowing that his teammates would take care of them both. “Yeah darlin’," he said hoarsely. "We’re goin’ home."


The End

You have reached the end of "The Lost Boys". This story is complete.

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