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The Lost One

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Summary: Fic-A-Day Challenge; This one's not for eating...

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Television > LostSilkenSkyFR1514350187621 Aug 0921 Aug 09Yes
Title: The Lost One
Author: Sky
Rating: PG-15
Crossover: Lost/Buffy
Pairing: None
Characters: Spike, Drusilla, Jack
Word Count: 402
Disclaimer: The characters and stories of Lost and Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to their respective creators and owners
Summary: This one’s not for eating.
Warning: Spoilers for pretty much all of Lost, if you can decode Drusilla-speak.
Author's notes: First Lost fic.


Spike watched indulgently as Drusilla danced barefoot in the park, singing to the flowers. She looked beautiful tonight in a black lace dress that floated around her ankles and with blue flowers twisted into her shining black hair.

His princess had been sick, and barely able to get out of bed for weeks, so when she said she wanted to talk to the trees, Spike had immediately sent a minion to find the nearest park. In fact, he’d been so focused on getting Dru what she wanted that he hadn’t had anything to eat. He frowned and looked around before spotting a man walking down the sidewalk that encircled the park.

He was dressed in casual clothes, but expensive ones, and the astringent smell of medical alcohol and sickness lay over his own natural earth and peppermint smell like a veil. A doctor, then. Probably a very successful one.

He tilted his head in consideration. Not his usual type, no, but he wasn’t feeling especially picky tonight. This one would do fine. A quick look to Dru showed her a couple yards away, bent at the waist and peering down at something in the grass. He moved towards his chosen prey, but just as he came close enough to pounce, delicate fingers wrapped around his wrist with an iron grip.

“Not this one darling,” Drusilla purred through sharp fangs. “This one is a shooting star that will fall from the sky. The world will get lost and he will find it and change everything.”

Spike looked back at her, playfully snapping at her mouth. “That so, pet?” He pouted at her, making her giggle girlishly. “No eating this one then.”

“Oh no my Spikey,” she sang, twirling away to dance on her toes. “He must meet the cursed, and bring him home. He will leave the voice behind, but not for long. He will fight with the traitor, back and forth, biting and scratching like little pups.” She grinned and gestured for him to come closer. “We must leave him to his fate, my love, but I will tell you a secret.” She leaned closer. “The stars say that he will fail his destiny and lose the girl forever.” She laughed maniacally and began skipping down the street, back towards their lair for the evening.

He sighed a completely fake put-upon sigh before running after his goddess. By the devil, he loved her.


The End

You have reached the end of "The Lost One". This story is complete.

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