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Draco's Toy

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This story is No. 16 in the series "Fic A Day 2009 Challenge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Set Post Deathly Hallows, and a bit AU. Draco picks up a 'toy' in South America

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Harry Potter > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersDennSedaiFR1836,240053,72821 Aug 0931 Aug 09No

Chapter Three

Rating: FRAO
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Graham Miller
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. The characters from Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowlings, etc
Warning: Dark Fic, semi-con, non-con, semi-graphic to graphic sex scenes, etc Fairly graphic sex scene(s) ahead, Smut at last. Voyuerism and masturbation ahead. What can I say, the bunny bit, and the muses screamed, so I wrote and begged for relief of my own by the end.

Staring at the closed door, Graham swore softly under his breath. "This is not happening. I don't care if he's cute, not that I'm saying he is, I refuse to be manipulated and used. I'm a Marine...." he said slowly trailing off in frustration.

Throwing himself on the bed with a frustrated groan, he considered what was going on. Without realizing it, he found himself licking at his lips, enjoying the taste of Draco that he found there, letting out a soft groan as the gentle caresses and feeling of lips and tongue upon even the most intimate portions of his body went on.

"Damn it, I'm stronger than this...I will not break," he swore softly, even as his aching cock, said far differently.


Watching the mirror in his study just up the hall Draco smirked as he heard his boy's words. "Oh you can fight me all you like, but we both know that in the end you're going to be mine of your own will. You've already accepted it, even if you don't realize it yet Graham Miller. Mine to use or abuse, mine to keep or throw away. You want what I'm offering, even while you are trying to deny it...foolish. Better to just indulge and accept what is going to happen. Then you can learn to master your own reactions."

Smiling he watched as his boy stripped down, unable to continue fighting the pleasurable sensations that were washing over him any longer.

"Oh my yes, you'll definitely be a very enjoyable toy, and I'll be your first, cementing the bond between us even further," Draco said softly as he enjoyed the sight of Graham's naked body.


Groaning in frustration as the sensations would not quit, Graham got up and paced back and forth, before finally giving in. Stripping down, he neatly folded his clothes and set them off to one side. His training wouldn't let him just toss clothes anywhere.

Laying back down on the bed, he closed his eyes and tried to ignore the increasing ache that he was feeling, the need for relief growing greater the longer that he ignored it.

"Damn it," he swore softly in frustration. "I hope you're enjoying driving me mad like this'll never get to enjoy me as fully as you want. I swear you won't."

Giving in to the mounting need for release, he let himself take his time, gently he let his fingers roam over his chest, tracing the outline of his pecs, one hand gliding down floating lightly over his six pack abs, as the other teased gently at his own nipples, making him groan even louder as that combined with the ghostly touches he was feeling.

Gently he let the fingers of his other hand tease at his balls, before letting one finger trail up the length of his cock, circling the head several times, and pulling away at last coated with pre-come.


Draco let out a groan of his own, as he watched his toy play with himself. He wanted it to be his fingers teasing at those swollen nubs, his lips and tongue licking and sucking at them, nibbling and making his boy writhe under him in pleasure,

He wanted it to be his hands caressing those balls, teasing at that cock, and making him beg for more. His lips and tongues teasing at the aching head, that was leaking away, as sensation ran over reason.

Swearing softly, as he watched what happened next, Draco knew that his boy was doing this to taunt him. He couldn't know about the scrying spell, but had to be assuming that he was watching.


Lifting his head up, Graham licked and sucked at the finger that was coated in his juices, groaning at the salty taste, just like he'd heard it would be, with just the tiniest hint of sweetness under it all.


Licking at the finger some more, soon he was sucking on a second one, knowing that Draco had to be watching him, wanting to torment him the only way he could, he let go of the two fingers at last, and let them trail slowly down his chest and flat, defined stomach, to circle at his own cock, before sliding lower, to tease at the space between his balls and ass, knowing how wonderful it felt, he let them slip a tiny bit further, to circle around his tight hole.


"Sweet Goddess," Draco swore softly as he watched his boy's actions, reaching down, he released his own aching cock from his bries. and began to stroke it, while he imagined what he'd like to be doing to his boy. His fingers, teeth, tongue and lips teasing and making his boy groan and moan like that.

Tasting the salty-sweetness of his boy upon his tongue, before spreading those legs wide and taking him, making him squeal, beg and plead for mercy. Riding him harder still, as he stroked him in time to his own thrusts, taking him, possessing him...


Pinching at his nipples, Graham threw his head back and let out an even louder groan of pleasure. "Oh yeah...."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Graham moaned, as he slipped the tip of his finger in breaching his own tight hole, having not done that before.

Letting that finger slide a bit further in, he began to play with his tight hole, groaning as the sensations swiftly nudged him closer to the edge, letting his other hand drift down, he began to stroke himself off in counter point to the gentle teasing thrusts to his hole.


Draco whimpered as he saw Graham teasing at his virgin hole, wanting it to be him teasing it, before taking it at last. "Bastard..."he groaned as he could feel his own release drawing nearer.

"Oh just wait till, I take you my precious boy, you'll be begging for release, and you won't get it till I say."

Letting out another groan as he saw his boy speed up his pace, he swore softly. Recognizing how close his boy was to his own release.


Picking up the pace of his thrusts and his stroking, Graham was nearly constantly moaning and groaning, feeling how close he was to the edge, in his mind seeing Draco riding him. Then him riding Draco in turn.

Arching his back, he let out a deep throated scream, as his own release overwhelmed it, shot after shot exploding out.

Keeping up his stroking, he finally fell back, spent and exhausted.

Idly he let his fingers trail through his own seed, he licked it off his fingers, imagining doing the same to Draco and vice versa.


Swearing as he exploded in his own release, Draco let out a soft moan, as he saw Graham licking and sucking at his fingers that he'd trailed through his spent seed.

"Mine pretty boy, I'll make you beg and plead for release when I finally take you, I'll make you mine in every possible way."

Muttering a quick cleaning spell, Draco quickly straightened up, before heading off to his potions lab, eager to see what the results of the family tree potion were.

Glancing at the chart, the first thing he saw made him swear softly. The entry for Graham had caught his eye immediately. The markings clearly indicating that he was no squib or ungifted muggle. It shone with the colors indicating a truly great potential for how much power he could wield.

How he could have not been seen and taught, was truly insane. The second and fuller blossoming of his power had been survived untrained as well, which was it's self a miracle.

Glancing back from there, his eyes traced a linage of power that shone brilliantly but only every several generations. A rather corrupt bloodline, but then again it only showed up every few generations for one who wielded true powers, the rest showed as squibs or ungifted entirely.

Frowning as he saw the family tree was barely a third done, he wondered what else would be revealed when it was completed. It was obvious that he was from a line of power, probably a distaff side line from a long time ago. The only question for him was what line did his powers originate from originally.


Hopping in the shower Graham made quick work of getting cleaned up and dried off, before getting dressed once more. Though he was fully healed, he still needed time to slowly work back up to his full strength again, he'd noticed that earlier when he'd been doing his exercises.

Taking a relaxed seat on the ground, he began running through the meditation exercises that his Great-Grandmother had taught him while he was still little. He hadn't really used them in years, but he could still recall them as clear as if it had just been the other day.

Closing his eyes, he began closing off the distractions around him, slowing his breathing till it was even and smooth, leaving him in a perfectly relaxed state as he slowly began running through the meditations that she had taught him.

Taking one final calming breath, Graham got up and slowly began to flow through the forms for Tai Chi that he'd learned as a teenager. His mother had vetoed his original desire to learn martial arts and instead had nudged him in that direction. Smiling he recalled the other lessons that he'd gotten on the side from the teacher, who had agreed that it would be a good idea to at least know some basics, just in case.

Flowing from one form to the next he let his mind and body both relax and felt the calming flow of the movements help him let go of his emotions for the moment.


Watching as several more names appeared on the family tree, Draco swore softly as he recognized one of the names. Snapping his fingers twice he waited impatiently as the house elf finally appeared.

"Get me both the current and historical genealogical record books both for Britain and for America," he ordered, grabbing some sheets of parchment and his quill to start jotting down some initial notes.

The one name that had just appeared definitely was familiar and if his boy was of that bloodline it definitely explained a lot more about him. Including how he'd survived everything so far.

Glancing over as the house elf reappeared with the requested books, Draco began to track down the listings that had appeared so far, making notes as he tracked back down his boy's familial lineage, smiling at the picture that it presented to him.

The End for Now...not a huge cliff hanger...well a partial one but it's mild. *shrugs* The muses really didn't want to cooperate once they had the opportunity to enjoy their voyeuristic fun. Can you blame them? *evil smirk* I know, I'll have to keep going with this one later on, but that all depends on the muses and bunnies cooperating.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Draco's Toy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Aug 09.

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