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What Happens on Neo Vega, Stays on Neo Vega

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Summary: One Slayer from the past. One ship full of miscreants aimin' to misbehave. One planet founded on gambling, and gangs. One fool-proof heist. What could possibly go wrong? (*edited some content in Ch. 4*)

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Forgiving Faith

DISCLAIMER: I do not lay claims to anything pertaining to the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: The Series, Firefly or the movie Serenity. They are all glorious creations of Sir Joss Whedon. I am not making any money from this. It is strictly for entertainment purposes and to satisfy my own muse! Thank you, and Enjoy!

|| Forgiving Faith ||

Faith and Jayne had managed to work quietly side by side getting the debris and things cleared from the hangar as best they could. All the while with Kaylee rummaging through and taking anything she thought could be useful. With the proper chemicals and supplies they had even managed to make the hangar floor shiny just as Mal had requested. When they were finished and everything put back in its place, Jayne and Faith stood back, inspecting their work. It was one of those moments that had Faith really craving a cigarette, however Mal forbade it due to the delicacy of the air processors. Last thing they needed was the whole ship to smell like her nasty little habit.

Faith supposed there were other things she could do to distract herself, one of those things happened to be the 6'4" chunk of salty goodness standing not five feet from her. He was as good an outlet as any to get her tensions out on. Faith also happened to know from past experience that he would be a more than willing participant.

Faith flashed him one of her best sultry looks that promised carnal intent and Jayne returned it with a sly smirk of his own, but he stood his ground. They'd played this game before, though now with her being a part of his crew and all he was having the slightest of reservations about it. Crew meant family to him just as much as the rest of them. Jayne had already begun viewing Faith as someone he could respect and for sure as hell trust in a fight, but crew seemed more permanent to him. It meant she didn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon... Which also stirred up a whole bungle of things inside of him that he didn't rightly have the mind or matter to dwell on or care about much at the present time. Especially not when she was looking at him like that.

Jayne knew exactly what was going to come after a look like that, and his entire body was suddenly alive with the thought of it. His muscles tensed slightly, and the hairs at the back of his neck raised on end. That something inside of him that was more carnal and animal in nature, that Faith seemed to always be able to pull at, rose quickly to the surface. They'd danced this dance several times before.

When Faith moved her way close, Jayne was prepared for the kick she launched at him as he caught her leg and swiped out with his own foot, which she managed to jump over and kicked out with her other foot; effectively hitting him in the side but making her drop to the floor. Faith rolled sideways to avoid his dropping foot and she kicked her legs up to stand where she faced him with her fists raised. The two danced around each other for several moments before launching themselves into the fight.

The woman was stronger than any man Jayne had ever tussled with, which deep down turned him on something fierce. However, he was always left with the distinct impression that she was still holding back on his account; deliberately altering her style to accommodate him so they were on equal footing; which in turn only frustrated him just as much as it turned him on. It was always a mixture of emotions and frustrations for him when it came to Faith. She was strong, fearless, independent, reliable, trustworthy... All things any sane man, especially one of Jayne's caliber should want in a woman... All things that scared the mercenary shitless.

Jayne Cobb didn't deserve a woman like her. He'd only ruin her and complicate everything else. No. The best thing he could hope to have was this right here; these moments with her which he was sure very few others had the chance to be privy to; these rare moments where the real, unbridled Faith shined through. To Jayne, their sparring sessions were just as intimate as any moment of coital bliss.

The fight had begun to draw an audience as it usually did. Watching Jayne and Faith fight was almost like watching a dance; they moved with such fluidity that it was almost like it had been rehearsed. They were usually equal give and take, however today it seemed as though Faith were really pushing Jayne much harder than usual, and not considering the man's injury worth a darn. Needless to say, Faith was quickly gaining the upper ground and soon managed to get the up on him when her fist connect solidly with his jaw, sending him sprawling to the hangar bay floor.

"Take it easy!" Mal called out from the top walkway.

The command fell on deaf ears, and before Jayne could react any further, Faith was on him. She managed to pick him up where she pushed him hard into a wall, with his face pressed against the cold metal of Serenity. She had his arm twisted painfully behind his back. "Gorramit, girl!" Jayne muffled out. "What the hell's gotten into you?" Jayne tried to struggle free but the woman's inexplicably strong grip kept him pinned in place. This definitely didn't feel like one of their usual sparring matches that ended with them both taking separate but equally cold showers. Even Jayne as dense as he could be, could tell that she was pissed off, so much so that he could practically feel her anger; and he'd be lying if he said he didn't find it surprisingly arousing.

"Now that we're 'mates' an' all," Faith began, her tone reflecting her anger. "Lemme clue you in on a little boundary issue I may not have impressed upon you in the past." Perhaps mates wasn't the best word to use, because there was some part of her deep down that seemed to react to that concept. Ignoring it for now, she continued with the lesson her friendly neighborhood mercenary was in desperate need of learning. "Go into my bunk again and take my shit without my permission and I'll beat your ass to Kingdom Come, ya dig?"

Jayne knew immediately to what exactly she was referring. "Aw, hell, Faith. I weren't gonna keep 'er." Faith only twisted his arm harder, making him groan out in pain. Desperately wanting to relieve said pain, Jayne continued frantically. "Honestly! I noticed the slide stickin' so's I jus' cleaned it and gave 'er a couple new springs, is all." Faith's grip loosened, but only slightly. "I was gonna put 'er back in yer storage while y'was out; ye'd never known it was missing, but them Reavers kinda bungled up ever'one's plans today."

Faith, seeming to believe his story, released his arm. Jayne immediately started rubbing the feeling back into his shoulder as took several steps away from her; swinging and flexing his arm to make sure he could still use it proper. Mal watched on a moment longer to make sure he really didn't need to intervene, but it was obvious the fight was over. The others also seemed to lose interest now that the fighting seemed to be done and they all went about their respective duties and activities. Little River seemed to be the only one who still found interest in the scene between the two hired guns/muscles.

Faith stopped, looking after Jayne as she thought for a long moment. Jayne actually doing something nice for someone without asking? Was that even possible? Not likely. Not unless he expected something out of it. "So, what do you want?"

"Whatcher mean?" Jayne asked as he sat on a metal crate and continued working out the pain in his arm. Girl had a gorram titan's grip.

Faith crossed her arms and stuck out her hip. "What I mean is, what does Jayne Cobb hope to gain out of doing something like that?"

Jayne actually looked slightly stung after she said that. "Don' expect nothin', Faith. You weren' even s'posed to know I dun nothin'. It was s'posed to've been a suhprise."

Now Faith really felt bad for reacting the way she did. Jayne doing something nice without expecting anything was just so... weird. Could you blame her? With a sigh, Faith moved and sat down next to him where she began to massage Jayne's shoulder; the one she'd strained. "Look, not that I'm not grateful an' all, it's just your history doesn't exactly reflect the actions of a selfless person. So I'm just confused as to why you would do something like that; especially considering that until this afternoon I wasn't even part of your crew?"

Jayne's eyes drifted closed as Faith's very skillful hands began working at undoing the pain she'd been the cause of. "Weren't nothin'." He responded with a shrug. When Faith's hands moved from his shoulder to continue working her magic on his neck and upper back, Jayne relaxed even further; becoming pliant in her hands. "Last time ya had 'er out I could tell she ain't been fired for a spell. We ain' exac'ly notorious fer stayin' outta trouble and I's afraid if'n ya ever had ta use 'er she'd'a blown back in yer face." Jayne starte dto shrug but stopped when her fingers reached a particularly knotted bundle of nerves, making him inhale sharply between clenched teeth. His face contorted slightly in pain, but this time of the good kind, and he continued though his voice was slightly strained. "Considerin' how much I like lookin' at yer face, I thought that've been a damn shame."

Faith's hands stilled. Intended or not, that had to be one of the nicest and quite possibly most 'romantic' things anyone had ever said to her. Then, considering the source such words had come from... Well, it gave her pause and forced her to rethink her whole philosophy on the 'ape man' as Simon so endearingly called him. Also, if what he was saying was true, it was very possible he saved her life today. Which meant she owed him... She owed him big... But what did Faith Lehane have to offer someone like Jayne Cobb? Well, she knew of one thing that they'd both wanted for a long time just hadn't ever acted on; which she never really understood why. Anyone who knew her could tell you that Faith didn't have any reservations about sex. Maybe it was the fact that it wasn't strictly a physical urge with her. There was something about Jayne Cobb that intrigued almost every part of her; the woman and the slayer. That, if she really thought about it, was probably what kept her from acting on her urges and made certain her daily shower was icy cold.

Aw, fuck it... Faith suddenly stood, where she took Jayne's hand and pulled him up with her. "Come on," she urged.

Jayne let her lead him towards the stairs. "Where we goin'?" He asked.

"My room," Faith supplied as she hit the stairs. "To finish this massage properly."

Jayne paused, pulling on her hand to make her stop. "Aw, hell. Don' tease me like that, Faith! That ain't right!"

"Who's teasing?" Faith asked as she stepped back down to his level and pressed her body flush against his side.

"I ain't playin' with you, baobei, so you best be knockin' it off." Jayne spoke, but the firmness in his voice was gone as Faith's actions began to affect his brain.

"Well, it just so happens to be my intention to do just that, baobei." Faith repeated the Chinese endearment as she let her fingers and hands trail up his sides and over his chest; ending at the back of his neck where she fisted her hands in his short hair and tugged softly. Jayne was helpless in his reaction to her; though he remained stoic, his muscles tensed for an entirely different reason that had nothing to do with preparing for some sort of surprise attack that wasn't forthcoming.

When Faith's mouth found his ear, Jayne's eyes fluttered closed. "Besides," Faith whispered against his ear making the hairs rise all over his body from the sensation. "Playing and teasing are supposed to be part of the fun." Faith took the lobe of his ear between her teeth, to nibble it softly before she stood back away from him. After flashing him a crooked smirk and a wink, she turned on her heel and continued up the stairs with an only-slightly exaggerated sashay to her hips.

Jayne gazed after her a long moment; unable to move through the lusty haze her words and actions had sent his mind into. When he came back down to his senses, his focus caught on her leather clad posterior and a wicked grin spread on his lips. Then, with what sounded like a cross between a growl and a chuckle, he stomped up the stairs after her, bum leg be damned. The woman was positively asking for it, and Jayne wasn't the kind of man who would deny such a request... Even if he wasn't sure exactly how he felt about it...

(A/N: Short chapter is short... Sorry... Hopefully more to come soon! Cheers! and Thanks!)

The End?

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