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What Happens on Neo Vega, Stays on Neo Vega

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Summary: One Slayer from the past. One ship full of miscreants aimin' to misbehave. One planet founded on gambling, and gangs. One fool-proof heist. What could possibly go wrong? (*edited some content in Ch. 4*)

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Firefly > Faith-CenteredBlackBettieFR18410,8021185,63621 Aug 0915 Jul 12No

Following One's Faith

Story Note:Though I'm using parts of the movie "Serenity" I will not be connecting this story to the Miranda plot. I have treated the heist from the beginning of the movie as if it were just another plot from an episode of Firefly. There will be no visit to Miranda, no discovery of Miranda, no "Operative" nor River spazzing out from subliminal triggers. Thank you!

DISCLAIMER: I do not lay claims to anything pertaining to the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: The Series, Firefly or the movie Serenity. They are all glorious creations of Sir Joss Whedon. I am not making any money from this. It is strictly for entertainment purposes and to satisfy my own muse! Thank you, and Enjoy!

|| Following One's Faith ||

"MAL!" A man's voice shouted down from the floor above the vault. Mal huffed and clenched his jaw, turning away from the vault guard whom Mal had been trying to convince to let him shoot in the leg.

"Every heist he's gotta start yellin' my name," Mal muttered between clenched teeth, clearly annoyed.

"Mal!" Jayne's large frame filled the stairwell as he raced down into the vault. "Mal," Jayne continued. "Reavers! The girl's pitchin' a fit. They're here or they're comin' soon!"

Mal sprung into action. "Get on the mule," he shouted at Jayne, who turned and headed back up the stairs. Mal then turned back around to face the Vault guard. He spared a glance to Zoe, who sped up her efforts in stuffing the bags full of their spoils. "Does that door lock from the inside?" At the Guard's nod, Mal continued, the Captain and former Sergeant surging inside of him as he asserted his orders, "Everyone upstairs, you get them down here and you seal it! As long as you got air, you don't open up, understand?"

The guard only looked at Mal in confusion. Mel clenched his teeth, literally getting in the smaller man's face, "Get them-inside-the Vault!" He spat when he said it. This whole situation angered him to no extent. Why can't a heist ever go to plan?

Moments later all three comrades rushed out the front door, cash filled sacks and Raven-haired psychic in tow. Jayne was near frantic in his surveillance of the area, aiming his rifle every which way he could, "Ya see 'em? Anybody see 'em?"

"Zoe, start 'er up," Mal ordered as they boarded the mule, securing the duffel bags at their feet. The engine of the mule purred to life, but was overwhelmed by the roar of a motor-speeder which was rounding the corner. The rider wore a long black duster that trailed in the wind behind her. Yes "her." Even from a distance, the bulky coat, heavy combat boots, large riding goggles and helmet failed to mask such obvious feminine wiles.

The bike stopped next to the mule, it's idled engine rumbling like a purring panther. "You heard it too then, I take it!" It was a statement more than a question. She knew why they looked so frantic. They all knew. "Quick, gimme a bag," the brunette continued. "It'll lighten your load!"

Without hesitation, Mal hauled a full duffel her way and she secured the strap over her head and shoulder so it hung at her back. After a nod from the captain, she revved the engine and sped off. The mule followed suit, though because of its bulkier size it had more difficulty maneuvering through the small market streets; as was evident when they plowed through a vegetable cart.

Barely had Zoe begun accelerating when a man came rushing from the bar, shouting. "Wait! Take me with you," he pleaded, trying to grab for the mule.

"Get back inside," Mal ordered the man.

"Please, I can't stay here!" The desperate man latched himself onto the side of the mule like a leach.

"It's too many!" He glared at the man as the mule slowed with the added weight. "Move ahead," Mal whispered to Zoe, who eyed him and the leach with concern on her face.

The Biker had taken several glances back at them, catching most of the scene as it played out. Fucking prairie-dogs. If he had just stayed inside, he'd be sittin' pretty with his life secure for still some time to come. The mule could barely run with four. The weight of the payload slowed them down some, but not enough to prevent a speedy getaway. Add another passenger, however, and no way would they be outrunning anything, let alone a Reaver raiding ship. The thought of swinging back to pick up the bastard never even entered the Biker's mind. The answer was an immediate "Hell no." Her bike barely fit her ass.

When Mal pushed the man off, Faith felt a brief pang of sorrow for the poor prairie sod, but it was very, very brief. She couldn't bring herself to care for stupid people who had no sense of self preservation. Like she said before, if he had just stayed inside with the others, he wouldn't be in this mess. It's his own damn fault.

A group of Reavers were on the bastard in moments. Then, just as quickly to respond, Mal had stood, gun in hand, and put a bullet right through the man's heart. The Biker could only think to herself, Bully for him! That was undoubtedly a hard choice to make, but also the noblest under the circumstances. The guilt of such an act could eat away at some people. Mal, however, wasn't "Some People." He never questioned himself, and he never backed down from the hard decisions. That was part of what made him such a great Captain, and why she found it so easy to trust and respect him. Mal had a very, very low tolerance for bull shit.

The Biker had known someone else like that, once upon a time. A General of her world. A woman who had made the hard decisions no one else could live with. Sacrificed everything, even her life on more than one occasion, to protect what was hers. A woman the Biker had always looked up to, even during their brief stint as mortal enemies. There was a whip of brown locks as the Biker shook her head free of such thoughts. She refocused on the road ahead of her, well dirt actually. Now was not the time for reminiscing on a past life.

The speeder ate up the ground underneath her, putting quite a great distance between her and the mule. Serenity was only a few more miles out. Feeling the tinglies rage at the back of her neck, however, the biker whipped her head around, looking over her shoulder just as a large black shape rounded the mountain the mule had just passed.


(Cue Opening Sequence!

"Take my love. Take my land. Take me where I cannot stand. I don't care, I'm still free. You can't take the sky from me!"

Lol jay kay!
Well there it is, ya'll! It's really just a teaser, not a chapter! An introduction! More to come soon! That just was the best place to end it! If you were watching this on TV, it'd now go tothe opening credits, leaving ya hanging!

Btw, I really love this challenge! Thanks so much to fluffymuskateer for posting it! Stay tuned!
=^.^= )
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