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Super Potter

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Summary: Harry is about to realize what being the hero of the Wizarding world really means. Spoilers for DH

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SithicusFR721,974085,11023 Aug 0915 Sep 09Yes

Unforgiveable Means Unforgiveable

Author's Notes: I had this wierd dream in the middle of the night, which led to this story. The dream wasn't exactly like this, but this has the same basic theme of what I dreamt.

Disclaimer: Harry and the rest belong to J.K.Rowling, All things Mario belongs to Shigeru Myamoto and Nintendo and Giles belongs to Joss. I make no claims otherwise, and I can't remember what else I said here. Oh well.

The room was filled with faces, both familiar and unfamiliar to him, but the ones he was most concerned about weren’t there. Which made sense, considering he’d been brought here straight from the battle three days ago, and questioned ceaselessly. He could not understand why they were treating him with such fear, and in some cases animosity, but today he expected to get all his answers. He half expected not to like them. The whispered murmurs died down as everyone settled in.

“Is the accused present?”


“Mister Harry Potter, you stand accused of the most heinous of crimes, the use of the unforgivable curse on another human being. How do you plead?”

Harry stood thunder struck at this strange new development; he couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. “I’m accused of what? We were fighting a war,” he blurted, beginning to feel rising fury.

“Then am I to understand the accused is pleading guilty?” the judge asked.

Harry blinked once and shook his head. “I don’t believe this, have you all gone mad? It was Voldemort.” Many of those present still cringed as he said the name of their feared enemy, despite the certainty that he was dead this time.

“That is beside the question, you used the killing curse with obvious intent and as it stands, in light of recent events, it has been decided that any and all wizards accused of this crime shall be immediately sentenced to life in Azkaban to prevent a repeat of this so called war against dark wizards.”

Harry’s heart began to sink, when he’d first heard about the Wizarding world he was thrilled. He had thought it was the best thing ever, now, well after a stunt like this he was beginning to feel he should have let Riddle have the bloody thing.
Now he knew why none of his friends were here, they must have been placed under arrest as well, and he couldn’t do a thing about it because his wand had been taken from him.

“His silence obviously speaks for him, carry on with the sentencing,” Cornelius Fudge ordered from his seat nearby.

“Very well. Since you have chosen not to defend your actions you are considered guilty and are hereby sentenced to life in Azkaban prison. Furthermore it is the decision of this court that you will be.”

Angry beyond all reason, Harry glared at both the judge and Fudge, this was an obvious political ploy to keep the publics trust in the current bureaucracy. He just didn’t know why they would choose to make this move, rather than any number of others they could have chosen. But he did wish that somehow, someone could teach these fools a lesson. Which is when the room shook loudly and explosions started going off, screams rang out in fear as everyone was on instant alert, wands at the ready. The roof suddenly shattered under some kind of assault, Harry dove for cover, just barely missing being hit by a large chunk of falling debris.

“Gwah hah, hah, hah,” a deep voiced person laughed. Harry had trouble finding the source at first, but when the dust finally cleared enough, his eyes widened in complete surprise. He’d seen many strange and wondrous things since becoming a wizard, but this put all of that to shame. “Which one of you is Harry Potter?” the large turtle like creature demanded.

Standing up Harry drew his attention. “I am, who are you?” he asked curiously.

“Harry, come on,” Hermione urged from the deck of the floating airship, startling Harry by her presence there.

“Ok. Bring him up here,” the turtle thing ordered a pair of smaller winged turtles with red and blue shells. The creatures rushed forward and snatched Harry up in front of a thoroughly stunned everybody else, it was the only reason why the Aurors hadn’t tried to attack the airship yet.

“Stop them!” Fudge bellowed to the dumbstruck Aurors tasked with guarding Potter.

“Don’t even try,” the large creature threatened, and to illustrate his point several cannons on his ship fired. Cartoonish looking bullets with eyes flew out of the barrels, and detonated amongst the wizards, killing a few of them.

“Hermione, what’s going on?” Harry wondered, mystified, as the two flying turtles put him down on the deck next to his friend.

“I’ll explain later, right now we need to get out of here.” She turned to the large creature. “Mister Bowser, that’s all of us, get us out of here,” she insisted.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t be so pushy, girly, and that’s King Bowser,” Bowser returned with a snarl. Unknown to the Wizards he didn’t like being ‘nice’ if he could help it, but the opportunity far outweighed the cost of coming to the aid of these children. “Alright you slacker, get going, Boom Boom,” he ordered, speaking into a large pipe sitting in the center of the bow.

Harry was utterly confused by this strange turn of events, but as the airship took off, while firing more bullets at the ‘so called’ politicians, he couldn’t help but break out into a wide grin. “Uh, Hermione, where exactly are we going?” he asked.

“First stop Sunnydale in America, after that, well I believe it’s called the Mushroom Kingdom. I found a reference to it while we were researching Horcruxes and thought we might need some help so I sent an owl to find one of the local rulers. I had a feeling that the politicians might try something like this, they never did approve of Dumbledore’s ideas.”

Bowser grumbled slightly from right next to Harry startling him. Glancing up he suddenly realized just how big the man, person, creature was. “What’s in Sunnydale?”

“Not what, who, Rupert Giles. He’s my uncle and I think he’ll be able to help us figure everything out so we can return home someday.”

“Yeah, well after we get back to my place you promise you’ll take that curse off-a-my kids?” Bowser demanded, crossing his arms. He rarely showed affection for the little brats, but that didn’t mean he wanted them to remain trapped in stone for all eternity, because of their latest defeat at the hands of those blasted Mario brothers, and his band of Magikoopas weren’t of much use for this particular curse.

“We’ll do our best,” Hermione agreed. Bowser seemed to accept this and he marched over to where a steering wheel sat moving by itself.

Harry eyed him curiously. “Hermione, do you know what he is?” he asked softly so as not to be overheard.

“A variation of the Kappa demon called Koopa; they were thought to have been wiped out by an ancient group of demon hunters in the eighteenth century. Italian I believe,” she replied.

“Who’s Italian, the Koopa?”

“No the demon hunters, now no more questions, Harry Ginny’s waiting for you below.” His heart suddenly soaring as though it were flying as high as this airship, Harry rushed off to find Ginny, feeling a little guilty about neglecting to ask over her health. Hermione eyed Bowser nervously, trusting a demon, even one as seemingly harmless as the Koopa King was always tricky business. Hopefully her uncle Rupert would know how to help them out of this mess, after all she hadn’t exactly seen him since after finding out she was a Wizard. Her mum hadn’t exactly seen eye to eye with the Giles’s, especially her grandfather, who had belonged to some ancient society or other called the Watchers. But he’d died years ago, before she was even born. So she didn’t know much about what happened, and her mother had forbidden her to dig into it, it was the only time she ever stayed away from the books to learn and research.

Still who knew what could happen? If her uncle didn’t even know about the Wizarding world, which was more than likely, what would he say and how would he react when confronted by a magical airship, piloted by a demon thought to have died out years ago? Only time would tell.

The End
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