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C.S.Investigate What?

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Toy Soldiers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The IDC Agents are getting settled down with our CSI friends.

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CSI > Multiple SeriesSariLaneFR1835,81024419,73423 Aug 0931 May 10No

Meet Me, Know Me

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Neither Horatio nor Oz spoke as Stetler hurried from the room. Horatio looked at Oz with an almost amused look on his face. Oz didn’t break his gaze, but he didn’t show the same aggression he’d shown the IAB agent.

“What did Rick want?” Horatio asked the small man, moving back to lean against a desk gracefully.

Oz noted the relaxed stance of the Lieutenant, and followed his lead, leaning back in his chair. “The Sergeant decided that out of the group of IDC agents working here, I was the weak link. He thought he could intimidate me into telling him what the IDC is and what we’re doing here,” Oz surprised himself by speaking freely with Caine. Normally he found that he didn’t have much to say, and when he did… well, he was normally with people who got him, so he didn’t have to verbalize much. But with Horatio Caine… he found a need to speak.

Horatio smirked, “That was a stupid mistake on his part.”

Horatio Caine and his team along with the other teams in the pilot program knew that Oz was a werewolf, and Horatio and his team had welcomed Oz and his pack to Miami. Oz shared the smirk, and shrugged, “He just doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. He’s lucky I’m as strong and centered as I am.”

Horatio wanted to ask what he meant, but knew he couldn’t there at work. “I understand you need a ride home today?”

Oz nodded and began to shut down his system. It wasn’t long before he was ready and the two men were heading out the door and into Horatio’s vehicle. “What did you mean? About him being lucky?” Horatio asked curiously.

“I’m an alpha, in my pack Jordy and Brady will both defer to me. Alphas don’t like being challenged, and that’s what Stetler was essentially doing with me. If I didn’t have such control, it’s possible I could have turned and ripped him apart.” Oz looked lost in thought as he continued, “Seeing something like that… it isn’t something I want to ever do. It’s part of the reason why I learned my control.”

“So you’ve seen it before?”

Oz looked at Horatio in silence for a moment before responding. “I became a werewolf when Jordy accidentally bit me when he was a toddler. My first change I had no idea about anything. Luckily I didn’t kill anyone. The gang, Buffy, Xander and Willow, who I was dating at the time, tranqed me… they didn’t know it was me at the time… Giles told me that I would’ve been bitten. I called my Aunt, found out she’d been one for years and Jordy’d been born one. Pretty rare, that one. After that, every full moon, we would lock me in a cage. One year, I met another werewolf, Veruca. She reveled in her wolf. She let it control her. She wanted me to be with her, be her alpha and run with her… I made sure we were both locked in that cage come the full moon. It backfired. My wolf took control of me and I slept with Veruca… Willow found us the next day. Later that night Veruca changed and tried to kill Willow and I changed and killed Veruca.”

“So you saved Willow?”

“Sure, and then I turned and almost killed Willow, but Buffy tranqed me. I left Sunnydale the next day. I broke Willow’s heart. I can still see her face. So, yeah, I’ve seen wolves lose control. I’ve seen the aftermath. I’ve also seen human hunters and what they can do to wolves, wolves who follow the laws and wolves who don’t.”

“Like Gib Cain?”

Oz’s mouth twisted in remembered pain. “He was a sadist. Had a few run-ins with him in Sunnydale, and Buff sent him on his way. He found my Aunt and Uncle. He killed my Uncle, even though he was pure human. He waited for my Aunt to turn and then he skinned her,” Oz spoke, but his gaze was out of focus, lost in thought. “Werewolf skins are worth quite a bit. Jordy’s got scars from where Cain tried to force him to change… we got to him in time. I took him back to Tibet with me. I spent years working on my control, and my focus. Now I have pretty good control with or without my prayer beads.”

Horatio pulled up in front of the beach house Oz and his family lived in and set the vehicle in park. “Thank you. For sharing with me.”

Oz nodded. Then before he realized what he was doing he was talking again. “Listen, did you want to like, stay for dinner?”

Las Vegas:

“What in the Hell is going on, Grissom?” Ecklie hissed out, showing his intelligence by being quiet about it.

Grissom hadn’t taken his eyes off of the two slayers who had stood and were standing as guard over their table as Mr. Giles got to his feet. “Right now I have no idea, Conrad,” Gil said softly and pleasantly. “Why don’t we sit quietly and I’m sure we’ll find out?”

Giles looked down at Grissom for one moment, and when he spoke it was as if he was in lecture mode. “They are Qirthquartel hybrids, very rarely seen in this part of the world as they are normally cold-blooded. Las Vegas is far too warm for their kind, even with your cool evenings.”

The two men, clad in long trench coats and brown hats stopped several feet away from the slayers. Their faces were that of average human males, their eyes hidden behind sunglasses. One stood slightly in front of the other and he bowed his head slightly to the two women. “We ssssssseek audiencccce with the Great Director Gilessssss,” he told them, not able to hide the forked tongue causing the elongated S’s.

The second man also nodded towards the two girls. “We come in peaccccce, and no harm will come to you or any of yoursssssss from our kind, thisssssss I ssssssswear.”

“And who are you, seeking the attention of Rupert Giles?” Violet asked, her voice cold and hard, something the CSI team had never heard before.

The first man spoke for both men. “I am Krall, he is Kreen. We are of the Kee Family, in the Clan Slyde. We come on behalf of the Clan,” he elaborated. “We bring you our offering of peace and this gift to show our honor.” Krall held out a small bronze box.

Violet looked to Giles before nodding back to the men and then taking the box from the man, she then turned and handed it to Giles.

Giles stepped forward and bowed to the two men. “I am Rupert Giles. How may I assist you this day?”

“Our Clan Leader, the Great Ssssalu requesssssstsssss your aid in achieving peaccccce with another clan. He doesss not know how to approach thissss, and he wishessss for you to act as mediator between the clansssss.”

Kreen spoke next, “Long have our two clanssss been at war. We ssssee the decline of evil and rejoicccce… and they… wish for peacccce. But we are a people who have been too long in battle. We have too much pride, and not enough humility.”

Giles mind raced at the thought. If they were able to broker a truce between two major clans of these hybrid snake demons it would be a major coupe. It would also be the right thing to do. It helped that the charms they were wearing currently insured the two demons couldn’t lie to them. This was the real deal as Xander would say. It would also be a good experience for Grissom’s team to observe. Which made him think of Ecklie. That almost made Giles curse. Damn it the man couldn’t just mind his own business could he?

Knowing the two demons still looked at him, he responded, “We will help you with this treaty. We will be bringing our own group with us to observe these proceedings.”

“Anything,” Krall bowed his head.

“We thank you, and will leave you now,” Kreen said, also bowing his head. He handed a thick envelope to Giles before the two were backing up and then leaving the diner.

Giles and the girls took their seats, and Giles looked at Vi, “Well, let’s look at that box now, shall we?” Everyone looked as interested as he felt. Well, almost everyone.

“Would someone tell me what the hell is going on?” a pale Conrad Ecklie asked.

New York:

It hadn’t taken long to get Xixie and her blob… er, baby, transferred over to Stella’s house. Stella had bought the house just in the last few months, tired of apartments, and wanting something that actually had closets. Stella had installed the woman into her spare room, and the woman had put the blob in Stella’s office. That didn’t really bother Stella, it wasn’t like she was home a lot to use said office.

“I don’t understand why they were gonna evict her,” Danny muttered as he carried in another box. “Her apartment smelled good, and I seen things that are bigger problems than that orange blob-baby.”

“Remember that hoarder we got?” Stella reminded him. “They never evicted that guy. He died in that mess. Talk about a forensic nightmare.”

Danny gagged. “The smell was disgusting, and the place was a wreck, but they never did anything. But they were bugging our girl here… dicks.”

“Xixie’s landlord was Modin; they’re greedy. They don’t care about circumstances and they’re extremely misogynistic. Now he’s got the single woman out of his building and he can raise rent,” Rona explained as she carried in two large trunks by herself. “That’s it, there’s nothing else to bring in.”

“I’m just sayin’, it ain’t right,” Danny muttered.

“I hate Modin,” Connor sneered. “Talk about smelly demons. They smell worse than anything I can describe. There was this one in LA that beat up on a few of the new teen slayers right after Sunnydale fell… that one slayer, Amita, she destroyed that guy. She was hot!”

“I remember the Modin that Dean and Sam took down.”

“They’re hot too!” Connor grinned getting shocked looks from the CSI’s. “What? I’m all about equal opportunity hotness!”

“Oh geez,” Rona muttered, “here comes the ‘my parents are vamps’…”

“Hey, it’s true! My parents are vampires. It’s well known that vampires are quite free with the love; not worrying about sex or species. So I figure I’m just gonna go with what I find attractive.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "C.S.Investigate What?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 May 10.

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