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Summary: Buffy is dead and Willow wants answers.

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Charmed > Willow-CenteredStoryTellerFR151769021,32425 Aug 0925 Aug 09No
I do not own any of the Buffy or Charmed characters etc. and am not making any money off of it
A/N:Takes place after the events of The Gift and before Charmed Again. Pairings include Willow/Tara, Piper/Leo, and Phoebe/Cole

The Slayer. In every generation there is a chosen one... she alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness, but she meant more to me then just "The Slayer" she was my best friend, is...was...the strongest person I have ever met. She died once before but Xander saved her, had to kill her first love Angel, sure he came back but then he left her again, in college we drifted apart a little but we found each other again, then Riley left her, and the icing on the cake, her mother died. It seemed like long ago I was sitting next to her and Dawnie at Joyce's funeral. That never stopped Buffy though she, kept on going, until now. Now she is dead, it sounded so final.

"Willow, do you want to go up now?" Tara asked me. I nodded a yes. Xander had just gotten done telling everyone how he first met Buffy and couldn't believe that no matter how annoying he was they stayed friends for so long, all the while tears ran down his face. When I got up to the podium I noticed how Dawn was sobbing into Spike's chest, I was glad he was there for her, sh needed someone cause I haven't been the pinnacle of comfort lately, and Giles, Xander, and Tara were busy making the arrangements. I saw Cordy and Angel sitting close to each other, remembering how they had both come up and give their speeches.

Cordy had started with how if it hadn't been for Buffy she wouldn't be the person she was now and how she wished they had been better friends. Then Angel went on about how she inspired him to fight evil, and that he loves her so much and he always will. I felt a flash of anger and a urge to yell "If you loved her so much why didn't you stay with her instead of leaving her!?" I am pretty confident a few choice others wanted to say the same thing.

At first I couldn't think of anything to say, then the words started to pour out:

"Buffy Summers, what can I say, she was my best friend, my hero, I loved her like a sister. I've known her for five years, but it feels like more. It seems like just yesterday we were in high school complaining about the stake stuck up Snyder's butt, and planning our next shopping spree. I wake up every morning prepared to here about the annoying things Dawn does, or justing seeing her smiling and laughing with Xander at the Magic Box. Then I realize I won't. I alway thought she'd live forever, I think we all did.

Looking at the small group of people I noticed everyone was crying, even me. Going back to my seat I felt Tara take my hand and tell me Buffy would be proud of me for going up there and saying those things. Everything seemed to blur by until I was in front of a tombstone with the inscription saying:

"Buffy Anne Summers 1981-2001 Devoted Sister, Beloved Friend. She saved the world. A lot."

The last thread of control I had broke. I sobbed into Tara's chest blubbering "She can't be dead! She just can't!" All Tara could do was hold me there saying it would be alright. I keep asking her and myself how can it be alright? How?
(Meanwhile in the Halliwell Manor)

I have to bring her back, I have to bring her back, I have to bring her back

Piper Halliwell kept repeating the mantra in her head, she had just performed the Blood To Blood spell without any results. Hearing foot steps behind her she immediately knew it was her younger sister Phoebe.
"How comes it won't work Phoebe, we brought her back before why is this different?"
"I don't know, I wish I did, I wish I understood." Replied Phoebe.
Piper started to sob, all Phoebe could do was hold her. Part of her kept telling her how wrong and unfair it was, and was mad at Prue for leaving them like this. The other part just wanted to be there for her other sister who was taking this so hard. For once wished she wasn't a witch because then maybe Prue would still be here.

A/N:I hope you like it so far, this is my first story and I am a little unsure about a few things.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Knowing" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Aug 09.

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