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It's a Toad!

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Summary: Rin has a fight on her first day at Hogwarts. ficlet.

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Anime > Inuyasha
Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Anime
namegoeshereFR71406151,36926 Aug 0926 Aug 09Yes
Disclaimer- I do not own Inuyasha or HP...
Pairing- Kind of a Rin/Draco

It was a lot for Rin to take in on her first day at Hogwarts. But she seemed to fit in rather well, even though she had a strong Japanese accent and sometimes the teachers tell her she is right only because they don't understand her. Maybe she could find a translation charm that would help her out. She liked charms, it was much funner than History of Magic, strangely she was the only one that was still awake by the end of class.

It was after lunch and Rin was trying to find her house's common room but she seemed to be lost, looking around she saw the green and silver of her house's colors on a school robe of a boy a year or two older than her.

“Wait!” She yelled as he he started to move away.

Cool grey eyes turned to look at her, “Lost first year?” He asked her.

“Hai,” Rin smiled, “I need to change my books,” She said holding up her bag.

The boy rolled his eyes, “Follow me.”

“I'm Taisho Rin. Oh Rin Taisho, right?” Remembering to switch the names.

“Draco Malfoy.” He said off hand before muttering the password to the common room.

As soon as the two of the entered Rin was attacked by Jakken who was telling her to hurry or she will be late to the next class.

“WHAT IS THAT?” Draco yelled pointing to the Youkai.

“He's my pet.” Rin told him patting Jakken on the head.

“Listen, you are only allowed to have a Owl, cat, or toad. Not...” He pointed at Jakken, “That thing.”

“But... Jakken is a toad.”

“No he's not.” Draco countered.

“Yes he is.”

“No, THAT is not a-”

“Eww, what is with the giant toad?” A sixth year girl exclaimed as she stepped out of the dorms.

“See? Toad.” Rin said to Draco sticking out her tongue before she ran out the door to get to Potions.

She liked Malfoy Draco, he reminder her of Sesshoumaru-sama.

AN- I have about 34 pages of a story in which this is taken from. It liked of Drabbles through the first five years at Hogwarts and why Rin, Sesshoumaru and Jakken are in the present. By I can't seem to get it to flow right. Maybe in time I'll get it right and post it.... IDK

The End

You have reached the end of "It's a Toad!". This story is complete.

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