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Family Reunion

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Summary: Faith couldn't resist following up on Jack's tip. Written for the Fic A Day challenge.

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Faith - CenteredgrundyFR1311,371081,76427 Aug 0927 Aug 09Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon. Pirates of the Caribbean belongs to Disney. I'm just playing with their toys for a bit.

Faith felt slightly stupid sitting on the deserted beach at sunset. Maybe Jack had been having her on after all. If she'd come all this way for nothing, she was going to hunt him down and beat him senseless.

It had taken some serious research on her part, aided and abetted by Willow after two desperate weeks of searching on her own had turned up nothing.

Willow had walked into the research room to find a highly frustrated Faith trying not to hurl a book across the room for being a useless waste of her time.

“Faith? What are you doing?”

The surprise in Red’s tone could have been irritating, but Faith was perfectly willing to acknowledge that she usually left the research part of the Slayer gig to others. That was what the tweed brigade was for, after all. So finding her in anything like a library was unexpected.

“Trying to find a location I got a tip about.”

Willow got a look of concern.

“Is something about to happen? Do we need to alert the network?”

“Yes. I mean, no. Um…” Faith stopped, chewing her lip before she could say anything stupid. Then she made a split second decision. She sucked at research, mostly because she’d never done it. So trying to find this on her own when there was a deadline was stupid. She could trust Willow not to tell the others if she asked her not to.

“It might be nothing,” Faith said. “But you remember that guy I lost my lighter to a while back?”

“The one you described as ‘a younger, sexier Keith Richards before all the drugs took their toll’?” Willow asked with a grin.

“Yeah, that one,” Faith muttered. “Well, he showed up at the bar last week. Claimed to know something about my family, and said if I wanted to see them, to be at Dutch Cove around sunset on the fifth.”

Willow frowned.

“That’s…strange. How would he know anything about your family? I mean…” she trailed off, looking slightly embarrassed.

“When I don’t?” Faith asked wryly. “No clue. Thing is, he seemed surprised I didn’t know. He wasn’t trying to be a jerk.”

“So you want to go,” Willow said thoughtfully.

“Yeah. But I don’t know where Dutch Cove is, and the shifty bastard didn’t give me any more than that to go on.”

Willow considered the problem.

“No, that’s really not much to go on. I mean, there could be any number of Dutch Coves in the world, and presumably he means a specific one. I wonder why it has to be the fifth?”

“No clue,” Faith said, feeling slightly more hopeful now that it seemed like Red was going to get involved.

“And he didn’t say anything else?”

“Said to give his regards to the pirate king,” Faith said. “Guess I’ll meet this pirate king there.”

“Pirate king?” Willow asked sharply.

“Yeah…is that bad?”

“No, that could actually help us narrow it down,” Willow said excitedly. Striding over to one of the research terminals, she started typing in commands. “What did you say this guy’s name was again?”

“Jack Sparrow,” Faith said wryly, finding it difficult to keep from adding his title.

“Captain Jack Sparrow?” Willow said.

“I know that tone. Whaddaya got?” Faith asked.

Willow pointed to the screen.

“Jack Sparrow is one of the nine pirate lords,” she explained. “Lord of the Caribbean. He’s the longest standing of the known lords. Chances are if he’s telling you to be someplace, it’s somewhere in his own realm.”

“How long has he been a pirate lord?” Faith asked curiously.

“We’re not exactly sure. Sometime in the 1700s, we think,” Willow said distractedly.

“But he’s not that old!” Faith protested.

Willow raised an eyebrow and Faith shut up. Both of them knew perfectly well that it was possible to be a lot older than one looked. Anya had been 1100something when she died.

“Ok, he’s well preserved. And Dutch Cove is somewhere in the Caribbean. Who’s this pirate king? And why would Jack say to give him his regards?”

Willow giggled.

“Unless there’s been a meeting we don’t know about, the Pirate King isn’t a he.”

Faith gaped at the screen as Willow pulled up the relevant file. Elizabeth Swann, daughter of Governor Weatherby Swann, had somehow become Lord of the South China Sea and then King of the Brethren Court.

“But how can they both still be alive?” Faith demanded. “There was nothing demonic about him! He’s a pain in the ass, but he’s not using dark magic, I’d have felt it!”

Willow shrugged.

“Ask the Pirate King when you meet her. Anyway, I think with this and the Caribbean, it shouldn’t take too long to figure out where Dutch Cove is. Let me call Carissa, she should know the people to ask.”

Carissa was the Slayer stationed in Jamaica. Originally from Barbados, she rotated through the various island nations of the Caribbean as needed.

They’d only had to wait a few days before Carissa called back. She’d managed to get someone to talk, and she could show Faith where the cove she wanted was.

“But she can’t go with you,” Willow said as she dropped Faith off at the airport. “Only you can be at the cove this night, although no one was willing to explain why. And the only reason they’d talk at all is because Jack Sparrow told you to be there.”

The witch sounded slightly nettled that she couldn’t find out what was going on. Faith didn’t blame her. Usually they could get all the information they needed.

“Don’t worry, Red,” Faith told her. “I’m not stupid. I’ll have weapons with me. And I’ll check in with you in the morning.”

Willow nodded.

“Good luck.”

Now that the sun was actually sinking below the horizon, though, Faith felt stupid. It had all been a wild goose chase after all. In a few minutes, it would be completely dark. Nothing was happening-

That’s when she saw a flash on the horizon that definitely wasn’t natural. Supernatural, maybe, but not natural. She stared at it. It was…a wooden ship? And it was sailing closer. Not fast, though, so Faith had time to make up her mind. Hell, in for a penny, in for a pound.

She stood up when the small boat detached itself from the ship and rowed to shore. A tall man and a surprisingly delicate looking woman stepped out. They looked faintly surprised to find themselves not alone. Faith wondered if maybe she was intruding.

“Hi,” she said awkwardly. “Are you Elizabeth Swann?”

“Elizabeth Turner,” the woman corrected her gently. “This is my husband Will, the captain of the Flying Dutchman.”

Faith raised an eyebrow. The Flying Dutchman? There were even a few Watchers who doubted the existence of that legendary ghost ship. She couldn’t wait to tell them about this.

“It’s been fifty years since anyone came,” the man said excitedly. “Who are you? Who were your parents?”

Faith tried not to feel out of place.

“I’m Faith. I never knew my father, and my mom’s not anyone you’d care to meet.”

The man nodded, looking only slightly disappointed that her parents weren’t something she wanted to go into.

“How did you know to come then?” Elizabeth asked. “It’s only our descendants who know, the secret is passed from parent to child.”

“Guess I owe someone an apology,” Faith said with a grin. “I thought he was having me on about me having family. Oh, he said to tell the Pirate King Jack Sparrow sends his regards.”

“Jack-“ Will made a strangled sound. “I’m going to kill him.”

“Go ahead,” Faith said sweetly. “He probably deserves it.”

Elizabeth laughed.

“It sounds like you know Jack, all right. But enough of him. Ten years at sea, one day ashore is the bargain the captain of the Dutchman must keep. So right now it’s you we want to talk of.”

As the two Turners led Faith toward a cabin that she was sure had not been there before they came ashore, she decided that she owed Jack. He’d given her a family worth having, even if it was only for a day.

The End

You have reached the end of "Family Reunion". This story is complete.

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