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A Little Vacation Never Hurt Anyone

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Summary: After Bella takes that untimely cliff dive, she realizes that she needs to get away. And what better place to go then L.A.? But once she gets there, mischief finds her once again.

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Twilight > Multiple PairingsbuffyandspikeFR181543,02946817,51228 Aug 097 Feb 10No

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own Bella or any of the other characters from Twilight. I also own none of the characters from Buffy or Angel. Stephenie Meyer and Joss Whedon own them.

A/N: I didn't think that I would be writing another Twilight fanfiction, but this idea just came to me, and I had to write it. So I thought I would share it with you all. So don't leave me hanging review and tell me what you think.

I giggled with slight insanity as I looked all around me. The room I was in was small; one bed, one bathroom, a little TV, a little refrigerator and freezer, and that was about it. But it had everything that I would need to live, well not food. There was no food in the room, but right down the hall there was a vending machine. And across the street was a little dinner. Cathy’s Diner seemed like a nice little place. When I had walked by earlier I had looked in the window. It had looked homey and nice. I needed to get a job, but that could wait.

Tonight was my first night away from Forks, and I was going to eat the small tub of ice-cream I had bought. Then I was going to cry myself to sleep. Right now I had enough money to stay here in this hotel for about a month, but I didn’t really want to. I wanted to get a job, and find a little apartment. There were apartments right next door….but I didn’t want to think about that now.

I turned from the bed, and walked slowly to the bathroom. I stripped on my way there, and turned the knob in the shower. I stood looking at myself in the mirror. I was paler than I realized, and my body was skinnier then it had been before. I could see my ribs poking through my skin in a way they had never done before.

I sighed, turning away from the mirror that showed me the person I didn’t want to be anymore. Tomorrow I would work on that, not tonight.

I let the water soothe my muscles, and then washed my hair and body.

When I had finished doing everything I could do in the shower, I exited, and grabbed my tub of ice-cream from the little freezer. I set it on the bed and pulled on one a Jacob’s too big shirts that I had stolen and a pair of undies. For a moment I stared at the underwear.

They were red and black and lacy. I had bought them for Edward, before he had left me. When I thought that we would be together forever. But now that the dream was crushed, I realized just how dumb it was to buy these underwear. Sighing, I slipped them on, and scooted onto the bed.

I chomped on my ice-cream as I recalled the last few weeks.

Jacob had saved me from drowning when I took a fall of the cliff. I had realized that day that Edward had been right. He was killing me, he wasn’t good for me. He had nearly killed me without even being around. Though this didn’t stop me from loving him, but it did make me realize that I needed to get away.

I couldn’t wait for him, or the memory of him to kill me. And that’s what it had been doing, killing me. Slowly, inch my inch, I had been dying.

So I left. I knew that perhaps it had not been the best idea, but at the time it seemed a good one. Now that I was away, I was scared, but felt freer than I had in a long time.

I fell asleep that night, and though I had cried myself to sleep, the bad dreams didn’t come.

The next morning I woke suddenly. I looked around to see what it was that had woken me, and another thump come from the room above me. A child’s laugh came from the room next to me, and the TV turned on in the room on the other side of me. Sighing, I turned to look at the alarm clock next to the bed. 9:34. Time to start my day.

I stretched and tried to get myself in the best mood possible; I was starting a new life today. Though I did have to call Charlie as promised. I tripped over the corner of the bed and landed face first on the carpet.

Shit! I grabbed my head, holding it in my hand. It felt raw, but there was no blood. So there would be no trip to the hospital. Gingerly I fingered my forehead, as I made my way, more slowly this time, to the bathroom. I stopped and stood in front of the mirror as I had done the night before, and as I lightly poked my stomach I knew food was in order. Next I checked out my head. There was a nice rub burn on my forehead. It was high on my head, where my skin met my hair. But there was no way I could cover it up, and it stung. Bad.

I sighed, and turned away from the mirror, away from my old self and turn on the water.

After I had showered and changed into some of my nicer clothing, I grabbed my room key and purse. Out I headed in look for something, though I wasn’t sure what. It was amazing how much a difference there was between my little town of Forks and L.A…

I contemplated that for a moment. Why had I chosen to come to L.A.? The answer came to me swifter then I would have thought. It was sunny, and it was warm. It was exactly where I wanted to be. A place where I was not reminded of the Cullen family. Not at all.

A slow, small smile started on my lips as I started to walk. Breakfast was first on my agenda, so I crossed the street and headed for Cathy’s.

Pushing the door open, I knew immediately that I had been right. It was a homey feeling place, with all kinds of different people, but all seemed to be happy. There was a plump waitress walking around talking to everyone. And there was a large man in the kitchen. There was a skinny little girl, about my height standing behind the drink fountain, pulling some kind of juice in to clear cups.

Just as I was about to turn around, as I found the cheerfulness a little bit too much for me to handle, the plump lady approached me.

“Hello, dear, take a seat, where ever you would like. I’ll be right with you,” she said, a motherly smile on her face. I attempted a smile back, but I’m sure it was not real looking.

I found now that I was here and had been seen, it would be best to stay. Not to mention that my stomach had started to growl again. I nodded at two men as I passed and smiled at a little girl. The mother of the little girl, gave me a worried look, and seemed to be looking at how skinny I was.

Perhaps I should have put on a baggier shirt.

“Now dear, what can I get you?”

I looked up at the plump lady. She had bleached hair that was styled in a way that I knew had long gone out of fashion. Her lips where painted a nearly painful red, and her clothing was very eccentric. I found myself liking her instantly.

“Umm…I’ll have a glass of orange juice, and a plate of pancakes, please,” I asked politely.

“Sure thing, sugar,” she said. She started to turn, but then seemed to think better of it, because before I knew it she was turned back toward me, and was asking questions.

“You’re not from around here are you, dear?” she asked quietly.

I found myself shaking my head, “Washington,” was all I could say.

“You looking for a job, darlin’?,” she asked.

I thought about it for a moment, then nodded my head. I had not really considered looking for a job this early, but it was right across from where I was staying. It was convenient.

“One of my girls just quit yesterday, and I don’t just replace my girls with just anyone,” she said cryptically.

I would have asked her what she meant by that, but then she was bustling away from me. I watched for a moment as she stopped at the table with the two men, and asked them what they would like. The men where total opposites of each other, and I wondered briefly how they could have come to be sitting together in this little dinner.

One man the older of the two, had light skin, and a business air about him. He was dress in a nice shirt and dress pants. He had light brown hair and glasses. He looked clean cut and sophisticated.

The other man had black skin, and looked for all intents and purposes like a man from the hood. Or the way I would think of someone like that. I wondered briefly if I was being overly judgemental. Dismissing that thought I went back to looking at the man. He was tall, perhaps a little shorter than the white man, but tall all the same. It was obvious that he was strong, just by the way the he sat. He had on a red t-shirt, and dark, baggy jeans. I watch as they conversed with the plump woman. Then looked over at me. I blushed and looked down quickly, embarrassed at being caught staring. I chanced a look up to see them shaking their heads, and to see the black man throw a smile my way. I blush harder and turned my whole body away so that I was looking out the window.

“Well, that is a good idea, but we can’t just hire anyone, they need to know about the supernatural,” Gunn told the lady.

“Oh, I just thought she looked kind of like a lost soul. She needs someone to take care of her, look at how skinny she is, and I see the way that Angel takes care of everyone that works for him,” the woman said.

“Yes we can see that, and it’s very sweet of you, but we really need someone who is more…experienced in what we do,” Wesley told her. “Really Shelly, don’t feel bad.”

Shelly smiled, and walked away with their order. Both men looked back at the girl sitting alone at the table. “You know, we might be doing the girl a favor if we did bring her to answer the phone for us,” Gunn told Wesley.

“And why is that,” Wesley ask, fiddling with the napkin in front of him.

“She’s perfect vamp-bait, man. She’ll take one step outside, and be gobbled up by a vampire,” Gunn told the British man.

“I don’t think so, Gunn, look at how skinny she is.”

Gunn turned slightly to look back at the brown haired girl. She was fiddling lightly with the hem of her shirt, looking out the window, watching people walk by.

“Let’s make a bet, then. We’ll follow her tonight, and I’ve got twenty on her being attacked by a vamp. Well, if she goes out after dark,” Gunn said. There was always the possibility that she would not leave the safety of her hotel room. Though the hotel was a public place, where a vampire could attack at anytime, they normally stayed to the streets where they could stalk their pray.

Wesley looked into Gunn’s eyes for a moment, “deal,” he murmured.

They shook on it and ate their breakfast. Before heading home to sleep until the sun went down, and they had to start saving the innocent.

Shit! I made a quick grab for the papers, but they were long gone out the window. I sighed; this was not something that happened to real people. This was something that happened in the movies, or in a book.

Standing, I grabbed my room key, realizing that I would have to go and hunt for them outside. I was hoping that they had simply fallen on the ground. I would be fast; I had heard horror stories about the things that had happened in this city.

I pushed my door open and walked down the stairs to the first level, and out the front door. I sighed when I saw the application papers lying next to the street. There was no one around, so I didn’t think too much about going to grab the papers. After all if I played my cards right and turned these papers back the Shelly, I would have a job in no time. I hadn’t had a chance to asked Shelly what she had meant about not replacing one of her girls with just anyone. What had that meant?

I gasped lightly when an arm grabbed my around the middle. A deep voice sounded next to my ear.

“Don’t worry little girl. I won’t hurt you, much. I’m going to suck you dry then leave you laying on the pavement with nothing left inside your veins,” he murmured.

My heart sped up, and slowly I turned my head to look at him. I sighed when I saw his non-chalk white face. I gently pressed a finger to the hand holding me. It was chilly, but not anywhere as cold as the any of the Cullen's skin had been. I laughed suddenly. The guy spun me around and looked affronted.

“You’re not a vampire,” I told him, laughing harder now.

“Yes I am,” he told me, puffing out his chest. Suddenly his face changed, and there were ridges over his eyes, and his teeth here longer and-and- I didn’t understand what was happening.

“What are you?” I whispered.

“A vampire, baby,” he told me, confidently.

“I’ve met vampires before, and they look nothing like you.”

Before he could answer, a sharp piece of wood was sticking through his chest. He looked down at it, with a shocked expression, before he crumbled into dust.

When the dust faded there were two men standing behind him, and I realized they were the men from Cathy’s this morning.

“What the hell was that!?” I nearly screamed.

“That was a vampire,” the black man said.

I snorted, and gave him a stern look. “No it wasn’t. I’ve met vampires before, hell, I even dated one. That was not a vampire,” I told him.

“Darlin’, I don’t know what vampires you’ve been hanging with, but that’s what they look like around here.”

I just stood there, not knowing what to say , or do.

“You looking for a job?” the black man suddenly asked.

I turned untrusting eyes on him, and paused for a moment. Wait…these men knew about vampires, and they weren’t running scared. What did that mean?


So you've reached the end of the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it, and I would really like to know what you thought, so drop me a review please.
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