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At least she didn't eat me

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Summary: A kind of random Xander dates various women from the multi-verse. Suggestions welcome, nothing too bad.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredTTrunksFR1546,72011612,00128 Aug 0927 Dec 09No

Marvel girls ((Probably 1))

Here’s at least she didn’t eat me Chapter… I honestly don’t remember. Anyway, I’ve decided this chapter will be the chapter for Marvel women, so yeah, it will be quite long. Anyway feel free to drop a review, and give me more ideas. Also each women will be a mix of their various versions.


Xander smiled as he brought the hammer down. The sound of the metal hitting metal was a bit like music to his ears. He’d long ago removed his shirt since the temperature was pretty high in New York in the middle of the summer. He’d been working at Xavier’s School for The Gifted almost a week now, and the fence was being a real pain.

Even as he brought another strike down with his hammer and once again heard the soft “clink” that the action made he couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh. The wood the professor had asked him to use for this project had gotten soaked during a freak rainstorm, so in turn it was fighting him as much as it could. He’d warned the professor putting it up while it was wet would seriously increase the risks of it molding and such but the professor said it was more of an eye thing than to really keep people out. He’d also said it didn’t’ matter since he was sure it would be broken again soon.

The fences didn’t last long here at the Xavier Institute, whether from kids breaking out, or crazy blood craving monster’s breaking in, either way Xander knew the fence was more to keep normal humans out than what the school’s defenders fought.

Suddenly Xander heard a “WATCH OUT!”

Only years of fighting Sunnydale’s night life kept him from losing his head. Ducking the red piece of plastic hit the fence he’d been fixing and continued through it sending wooden shrapnel every which way followed by dirt as the plastic toy hit the ground and shredded into it. Suddenly Xander though he was dead as the most beautiful woman floated down in front of him.

Blinking he said, “Wow, what a way to go.”

The angel landed and blinked at him, “Oh mah god, I am so sarry, I ment to toss it at that lecherous Cajun, are you alright?”

Xander blinked and nodded, “Yeah I’m fine Miss?”

Rogue blinked a few times before saying, “Rogue, everybody jus calls me Rogue.”

Xander nodded as he said, “Okay, well I’m fine Rogue.”

Rogue still obviously felt bad as she spoke, “Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

Xander wasn’t sure why but he nodded, “Sure, why don’t you join me for dinner tonight?”

It was Rogue’s turn to blush but she nodded, “Sure, what time?”

Xander smiled, “Hm, how’s nine, that way you can be done with your teaching duties and your watch?”

Rogue nodded happily saying, “Sure thing, it’s a date sugar.”

Then she turned flying off to the mansion probably to start getting ready. Noticing the broken piece of wood and the damaged ground he mentally told Charles what had happened. He then was forced to drown out the old bald man’s laughing.


((End A Rogue))


As Xander woke up next to Willow he immediately went through last night. Blinking a few times he rolled his eyes, “Damnit Meme, you got to stop doing that.”

The eyes of his best friend opened however with a strange noise they were the yellow eyes he always remembered her having. A touching of her butt let him know that she’d totally reverted. The blue skinned woman said, “How many times must I tell you human my names Mystique, not Meme.”

Xander smirked, “Your name has my in it, and yet you always talk about yourself like you’re the only one that matters, so you nick name is Meme, deal with it.”

The woman growled, “Alex do you know how easy it would be for me to kill you and how much I would enjoy it?”

Xander smirked, “Yeah yeah whatever Meme, heard it before, so how long are you in town this time?”

The lack of a response was the answer to the question. Cuddling up to the blanket he wasn’t surprised. Mystique had her own goals, her own agenda; she almost never stayed long after the orgasms had ended.

Then again Xander couldn’t blame her, not really, not after what Willow had looked up about her past. Pushing these deep thoughts from his mind before he was truly awakened, Xander let sleep claim him hoping next time she might stay for breakfast.


End, Shape Shifter, Heart Breaker


Xander heard the soft sound of shifting wood. He moved suddenly faster than most would expect a sleeping man to move. She was no different even after all the times she’d tried to get this treasure.

Xander had the cat themed thief tightly around the neck with his left arm, his right wrapped around her waist. Even as he whispered in her ear, “Bad kitty, didn’t you learn your lesson last time?”

The white haired female in the skin tight black catsuit swallowed hard saying, “W-w-what are you going to do as punishment Mister Harris.”

Xander said again into the Cat woman’s ear, “Punish you of course you bad, bad kitty.”

That was too much for her and the Black Cat burst out laughing her rich laughter soon followed by the man who held her, as she said, “Oh gods Xander that was hilarious.”

Xander smirked saying, “Yeah well, I’m sorry I’m not a good villain type character.”

The Black cat laughed, “Aw its okay Xandy, you can let me go now.”

Xander smirked mischievously saying, “Nope, I’m still going to have to punish this kitty, she was so bad after all, getting caught.”

Black Cat purred grinding herself back against Xander as she said, “Is that a shotgun, or are you happy to see me?”

Xander smirked, “A bit of both now turn around.”


End Cat that got the caning


Xander pushed off the ground flipping expertly in the air before landing. Even as Journey played above him he skated on a single leg before back flipping and catching himself. Few people new Xander Harris liked disco, and roller skating. As he did a pirouette and caught himself he smiled sometimes it was good to relax and roller disco. He was truly surprised when he heard clapping and saw a VERY nice looking blonde skate over to him. Smirking she said, “Your very good.”

Xander nodded, “Thanks, I practiced a lot, when I was younger a roller disco was only a few blocks away.”

The blonde nodded, “I’m Alison Blaire”

Xander nodded holding out his hand, “Xander Harris.”

The two skated in a comfortable silence for a bit until the only sound the sound of their skates on the hard wood floors. Finally Alison spoke again, “So Xander, do you come here often?”

Xander nodded saying, “Anytime I have time, I work at the local chapter of the WHFLS organization, and that keeps me pretty busy.”

The blond nodded saying, “Yeah I’ve heard about them, Watch Home For Lost Souls, an all girls school right.”

Xander nodded as he said, “Yup, I helped found the company with a few friends of mine.”

Alison nodded as she said, “So you take in low income or special needs girls right?”

Xander nodded his head feeling oddly like he was being interrogated. He also had the weirdest feeling that this girl was glowing. Shaking his head he realized it was probably the sequin one piece she was wearing that showed off quite a bit of cleavage. The woman spoke again and Xander focused, “Yeah a friend of mine saw the name and thought it was hilarious that it sounded like Waffles.”

Xander shrugged, “I don’t know who chose the acronym, but too much work to change it now.”

That was a lie, he’s made the acronym, and he’d even run it by the other’s at the bottom of a stack of paperwork, and they’d all agreed. Same with his hundred dollars a month Twinkie budget, and his bi-weekly hundred dollar chocolate allowance, although after his training house had gone a month with no serious property damage from PMSing slayer’s all of them had been given a similar budget.

The female nodded saying, “I’m a teacher at Xavier’s School for The Gifted myself, and it’s only about a five minute drive from your school have you seen it?”

Xander nodded, “A big mansion right, it looked amazing.”

For a few more hours the two chatted and eventually flirted. Towards the end of the night Xander decided to ask the girl out, and of course Alison said yes. As the Zippo walked the blonde out to her car however his luck decided to show up.

Xander was walking towards his car and Alison towards hers as well when suddenly Xander saw eight men stepping out. All of their eyes glowing bright yellow as he said, “Alison, you might want to go in and call the cops, I think those men are looking for trouble.”

Alison shook her head saying, “And what, leave you out here, I don’t think so.”

Xander nodded pulling the stake out he tossed it to her saying, “Well then those are vampires, not kidding no time to go into details they have super senses try to get that into their heart and not get killed.”

Alison nodded her head, before something dawned on her, “Did you say super senses?”

Xander nodded hoping he could pull this off, even as Alison said, “Close your eyes.”

He did so, only to be glad he did as seconds later a BRIGHT white flare of light filled the area, as he opened his eyes he moved forward taking advantage of the blind vampires to stake six of them the other two finally seemed to be able to see as Xander staked one more the final one charging blindly towards Alison. However Alison, almost like a machine, grabbed the vampire and slammed it HARD into the concrete, the sound of its skull cracking was easy to hear. Xander jammed his stake into its heart, causing it to turn to dust.

Both the adults turned to one another and said almost as one, “We need to talk.”


End Be Dazzled


Xander walked over towards the hot dark haired woman. He was tempted to use a cheesy pick up line but as he approached he tripped over his own shoelaces suddenly falling directly into the woman’s lap. Blushing brightly he apologized and went to stand up only to step in a bottle and fall into her lap again. The dark brunette smirked saying, “You may as well just stay there since you seem to end up their anyway.”

Xander nodded smiling a bit. Even as Wanda realized this was probably the most interesting random activation of her powers in quite awhile.


End Witched


Xander lay next to the most beautiful and exotic looking woman he’d ever seen. It was almost impossible to feel masculine around this particular woman but he didn’t care he loved her with his whole heart.

Slowly the woman opened her eyes and smiled saying, “That was amazing Xander.”

Xander smiled back at her, “No problem Jen, it was amazing for me as well.”

Jennifer Walters smiled at the best man on the planet. Most people would be shocked by a seven foot tall woman with dark green skin, hair and eyes. Most people would call her ugly or want her only because of her body. But then she’d met Alexander Harris and she had to admit he was the most amazing man on the planet.

She’d kept her She Hulk appearance and ability from Xander mostly for fear of his reaction. But after some radiation waves had temporarily ended her ability to shift back, she had to admit to him that she could get stronger and a bit meaner at certain times.

And Xander had said, and to this day she quoted this when asked, “So sometimes you get angrier, and tighter, and make people want to bleed, how is this different from any other female?”

He’d said that despite the fact she was seven feet tall and could easily have thrown him over a hundred yards. He’d said this despite the face she stood at least a foot taller than him. He’d said this even as she’d said she could lift over a hundred ton’s easily. And she loved him dearly for it.

Cuddling up lightly to his girlfriend Xander asked, “Whatcha thinking about Jen?”

And Jennifer Walters, powerful attorney, and She-Hulk, just smiled and said, “How I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world.”

And Xander Harris replied, “I know isn’t he something?”


End Seeing Green


Emma Frost smiled as she relaxed in Xander’s arms, after a love making marathon. Leaning against the man’s hard muscles she said, “You know I think I love you Xander Harris, my White Knight, you’re the most amazing man I’ve ever met.”

Standing up she said, “Too bad I can’t tell you that, I can’t take the mental lock I placed on you so long ago when you came to us here off of that amazing mind of yours.”

The woman headed for the shower not noticing Xander watched her leave. As Emma turned the water on, Xander thought to himself, “I swear one of these days I’m going to tell her Willow gave me a crystal that stops mind tampering.”

Emma’s voice was heard as the water cut off and she said, “Come join me Xander.”

Xander stood up as the water started again he mumbled to himself, “One of these days, I’ll have to get to telling her that.”

Before he walked into the white tiled bathroom.


End White Knight?


Well there you go folks; I think I got all the marvel characters that have been suggested. Feel free to review and mention others.

(Hears cards charging and sighs) What Gambit?

The Cajun glares, “How could you take Rogue from me, you stupid writer!”

(Rolls eyes) “I’m writing an entire story about you sort of, and you get LOTS of tail.”

Gambit looked into frame, “Really?”

The author nods, “Yes, now go back into my brain for a bit, and we’ll get back to that sooner or later.”

Gambit nods saying, “What about a how you say shameless plug?”

The author shrugs, “Okay, if any of you out their like Gambit check out my story Xander’s Gambit, YAHF but I like it a lot, so check it out or Gambit will steel your wallets.

Disclaimer, I do not own Marvel or any of the character’s there in, I also don’t own Buffy or any of those characters.

The End?

You have reached the end of "At least she didn't eat me" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Dec 09.

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