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At least she didn't eat me

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Summary: A kind of random Xander dates various women from the multi-verse. Suggestions welcome, nothing too bad.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredTTrunksFR1546,72011611,99728 Aug 0927 Dec 09No

B cup, Passonate red Head, Magic + Demon = Lucky?

Hello, I know this is just kind of funny and light but I couldn’t help but try it. So my fans, and my haters here’s chapter one of “At least she didn’t try to eat me.“

Everything else will get worked on as soon as I get a chance.

Disclaimer at the end of the story so I don’t’ spoil the five hook ups this chapter.


Xander swallowed his seventh shot of whiskey with a somewhat deep sigh. As his one hazel eye scanned the bar, he couldn’t help but let out another sigh as he took another shot. His car had broken down here in New York and he was stuck here until he got money to pay for repairs.

He looked up as suddenly he heard a scream, cursing himself for agreeing to a “Survived the Apocalypse road trip” idea. Willow was in her room with some almost clone of her, Dawn and Buffy were with two demon hunting brothers and thus it was his job to save the pretty brunette currently surrounded by vampires.

As he let his eyes run over her he couldn’t help but let out an appreciative whistle, the brunette had a body that would make Faith howl, she wore dark green flats dark green stockings, a light green almost indecent skirt, a dark green top, and light green gloves. He’d almost swear the shirt was painted on.

As he assessed the situation, he suddenly realized the scream wasn’t from the girl, but from the female vampire who’d touched her.

Suddenly the girl spoke, “So tell me you undead cunt, before I break every OTHER bones in your body WHERE MY SISTERS ARE?”

The vampire made pathetic noises as it moaned out, “T-The monkey’s got them in his Tower, please no more, I think their powdered.”

Seeing one of the vampires sneak up on the super girl demon thing he said, “BEHIND YOU!”

Even as he went to grab one of the barstools, only for the girl to turn and shove her fist through the vampire’s heart and rip it out before smashing her hands together and the sheer force blew the remaining vampires into the nearby wall their own ribs piercing their hearts or their heads getting ripped off by the force.

Xander looked at the Brunette who walked over to him in what Faith would call a “Soon you’ll be screwing me” walk towards him. Offering the knocked over half blind man her hand the brunette said, “Thanks stranger, I owe you one.”

Xander nodded as he said, “I’ve got some friends if you need help getting your sisters back.”

The brunette shook her head, “Nah, I’m not worried they’ve been dealing with Mojo since we were younger now days we barely break a sweat, so handsome, what’s your name.”

Xander smiled weakly as he said, “Xander, Xander Harris.”

Leaning forward the brunette said, “Well Xander my name is Buttercup, remember it, you’ll be moaning it out later tonight.”

Leaning away she smiled mischievously. Even as Xander cursed the girls for want to go to Townsville. But then took another shot and relaxed figuring there had to be worse things in town.


End B cup


Xander sighted lightly as looked at the older but still attractive redhead at the end of the bar. She seemed just as, if not more, depressed than he did. Since they were the only two at the bar in the small place he moved over saying, “Hello.”

The red head looked up and waved at him. Somehow she ended up spilling her guts about how she’d loved a man for the last twenty years but he just kept ignoring her over and over and over.

As Xander drank some more from the beer bottle, he said, “I’m sorry for your trouble Miss.”

The red head nodded as she said, “Look I’ve got to get out of here, I have work in the morning, and would you like to join me?”

Xander looked at her, “I thought you were in love with the brainy guy.”

The red head nodded to him, saying, “That’s very true, but if I can’t get him then someone else will work just as well for tonight.”

Xander didn’t’ seem convinced until she said, “Look you’re a nice guy, a decent guy, and you seem sweet, I’m not looking for anything long term but I hope you’ll come and enjoy tonight with me?”

Xander nodded even as he said, “Guess worse things could happen, sure Janine I’ll join you.”


End passionate red head


Xander smiled at the pale dark haired girl moving over next to her as he said, “Hm, the Demonica Codex, that’s an interesting choice.”

The goth nodded saying, “I like it I’ve read through it a few times.”

Xander nodded, “Although Althizar’s Compendium has more information the images aren’t as good.”

The pale girl nodded again before looking at the one eyed man suppressing a shiver she said, “Hey, I’ve got some more books in my room upstairs I’m here on vacation would you like to join me?”

Xander nodded, “Sure, but um what’s your name mine is Xander Harris.”

The goth nodded, “Call me Rachel, Rachel Roth.”


End Magic + Demon = Lucky


Also that was the last story for now, as I have time, and interest in this story if it gets any hits or reviews I’ll add more.

I need some suggestions though people; there are so many fun characters who do you think Xander should be with?

Oh and Disclaimer, I don’t own PowerPuff Girls, The Real Ghostbusters, or Teen Titans, nor do I won Buffy the Vampire Slayer, they belong to their various rights holders.
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