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Chemical X-Ers

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Growing Pains". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy, Faith and Willow... Are they really who they claim to be or is something else going on? Follow along as Xander finds out.

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Cartoons > Powerpuff Girls, TheSithicusFR151514,13614516,81030 Aug 0923 Nov 09Yes

Answers PT 1

Author's Notes: I should give everybody time to read the other stories and guess and wonder and try to figure out where I might be going with this... BUT I CAN'T! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait, what? Oh right sorry... And now the further adventures of The Powerpuff Scoobies!

Disclaimer: Joss owns everything Buffy, Cartoon Network and Craig McCraken (Did I get that right?) owns Powerpuff Girls, not me, never me, no way is it me, so stay back because I never said that. Whoever did is lying through their teeth, probably that jerk Mojo Jojo.

Xander stared confusedly at Willow after she just told him that she was someone else, he couldn’t believe what she’d said, it just did not compute. Blinking he tried to process what was happening, Faith on the other hand looked like she was slowly understanding things better than she had been the past few months.

“You used to be Blossom, like what in a past life?” Xander said finally managing to form words.

“No, Xander, not a past life, it’s like… I have two souls inside of me and the other one is finally coming back to the forefront,” Willow tried to explain.

“Yeah, I kind of feel that too now,” Faith added with a slight quirk of her head.

“That’s crazy, you can’t have two souls in your body,” Xander snapped impatiently. He was beginning to feel like he was losing his friend, but for the life of him he couldn’t understand how and it scared him. “You and Buffy and Faith were never sisters or even friends as kids, Willow, this must be some kind of trick from some new big bad or something.”

“You’re wrong,” Willow shot back, frustrated with his narrow mindedness.

“Willow, do you hear what you’re saying, you can’t have two souls in your body,” Xander repeated.

“You’re soundin’ like a broken record there, boy toy,” Faith said with a smirk.

“Stay out of this,” he snapped.

“Xander, calm down. You don’t understand,” Willow tried to assuage his fears.

“No he does not,” a new voice said. Xander looked around searching for the source of the strange sibilant whisper, Willow and Faith assumed defensive positions while Buffy let out a little gasp and literally leapt into the air hovering off the floor.

“What the, since when can she fly?” Xander demanded.

“Silly boy she always could, I just made her forget when I stole the lives of your precious friends to seal away her and her sisters for good,” the sibilant voiced person revealed with a wicked little laugh. Slowly a form began to appear, Xander could sense evil emanating off of it in waves whatever or whoever it was, Willow and Faith tried not to look concerned but they were failing.

The hypnotized not-Buffy clenched her hands into fists and growled out a name. “Him.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, so you remember at last my dear,” the person said as he or she finally appeared it was hard to tell. The demon had a male face with a beard but was dressed in women’s clothing.

“How could I forget, you jumped us after Mojo shot us with that ray of his,” she said angrily.

“True,” Him said with a slight nod, “I knew in time you and your sisters would break from your prisons. Then I could finally tell you what I’ve been looking forward to since I came up with this little plan… but first why don’t you remember everything that you did while you were Buffy Summers.” Him snapped his claw and Buffy blinked as memories both familiar and alien to her assailed her mind, her eyes flashed between those of the other soul and then her regular eyes.

“No!” she cried out in horror as she eyed Faith and Willow briefly.

“Yes, I finally did it little girl, I finally BROKE YOUR MIND!” Him screamed in a new eviler tone of voice. Xander clenched his hands and glared at this demonic thing, whatever he or she had said really upset Buffy or whoever she was. And even if she was acting strange, and flying, which was something he never thought he’d see to be honest. She didn’t deserve the amount of pain she was obviously experiencing because of it.

“No, no, no, no… I died,” she blurted slowly breaking down. Him started to laugh again.

“You did, didn’t you, but that’s nothing compared to what your sister did,” he said eyeing Faith briefly. With another snap of his claw Faith’s eyes changed becoming green circles around black circles with a white dot in the center.

“What the fuck,” she blurted. Then her eyes widened for the briefest of instances before she too leaped into the air and zipped towards the demon, “you piece of twisted shit!” she cursed, slamming her fist into the demon thing only for the demon thing to vanish and reappear next to Willow.

“Tut, tut, no need for violence dear sweet, Buttercup,” he said with another laugh and then he snapped his claw a third time and Willow’s eyes changed. They were red circles with black circles with the same white dot, at first she looked a little lost and then she literally threw up.

“Oh my God.”

“Now that you remember both of your lives I think my work here is done,” Him said before slowly starting to vanish.

“Not so fast,” Xander said with a snarl. Him glanced towards the one-eyed Scooby with an air of superiority, not expecting him to do anything. It came as a shock when suddenly Xander dashed across the space between them slicing through the neck of the demon with a sword.

Him eyed Xander with a look of disbelief and then started to laugh. “You tried little man, but lesser men than you have tried to kill me, I can’t be killed so easily. Goodbye girls and have a pleasant new life.” Him laughed with his deeper toned voice and disappeared.

“Xander,” Willow said slowly drawing closer to him, “Xander, help me,” she pleaded.

“Willow, what’s wrong?”

“It’s not Willow anymore, boy toy,” Faith said.

“I don’t understand.”

“Just give her a hug stupid, she needs one bad right now,” Buffy chastised.

“Ok.” Xander tentatively approached his oldest friend, only to have her zip across the room with a streak of red light behind her before strong arms wrapped around him in a tight embrace. Her grip almost stole the air from his lungs. She burst into tears and Xander just stood there unsure of what to do. “It’s ok, Wills…It’s going to be ok.”
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