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Journal of Improbable Things

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Summary: It was an odd feeling, being stalked by an inanimate object. By odd, I mean sort of terrifying (Chapter 17-19 contains Spoilers for 'The Next Doctor').

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Faith-CenteredFaithLestrangeFR152032,74979124,60630 Aug 0920 Jan 10No


Disclaimer: Don't own the BtVS universe or the Doctor Who universe, the characters belong to Joss Whedon and Russell T. Davies.

A/n: This is something that just sort of came to me a week ago and I haven't been able to stop writing ever since. I hope you like it! And I'm pretty much going without a beta, because I get impatient, so if you see any glaring errors be sure to let me know.

You may know me as Faith Lehane.

The Dark Slayer. The killer. The screw-up. The cautionary tale they tell the mini-Slayers before bed time. A girl struggling to redeem herself in the eyes of everyone around her, but never quite succeeding.

Boo-fucking-ho. Right?

But there is another part of my story you may not know.

Now, this part of my story includes space ships & time-travel, so all you geeks should strap in because this shit just got interesting! There's aliens, psychics, and other worlds. Things you couldn't even imagine. Things I couldn't either before I'd seen them with my own eyes.

My real name is Shayakarrafaithura. Don't laugh! Seriously, if you're laughing right now, I'll come into your houses and stamp on all you breakables. I mean it!

Anyway, like all good stories, this one has suspense and wicked large amounts of drama.

And there's pain & hate.

Love & forgiveness.

I even cry a little too. Yeah, yeah, don't go spreading it around. It'd ruin my reputation.

But most of all...the thing that really makes this story complete? The thing that really matters most? In it, there's this doctor.

The Doctor. My Doctor.

This is my story.

A story that begins... with a watch.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking