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Paybacks Are Hell

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This story is No. 17 in the series "Fic A Day 2009 Challenge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to New York Heartbreak. A small outtake in that universe, and what happens when you mess with Xander and what he considers to be his. *very evil smirk*

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CSI > CSI New YorkDennSedaiFR1811,595053,99531 Aug 0931 Aug 09Yes
Rating: FRM
Pairing: Danny/Xander
Disclaimer: Buffy The Vampire Slayer and characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. CSI: New York belong to CBS, etc.
Warning: Dark Humor Fic *smirks* Lindsey bashing and threats *sighs and groans* The damn bunny bit out of the blue and the muses cheered. I fully disclaim responsibility for this bit of madness.

Hanging up his cell phone, Xander growled, prompting Danny and Don Flack to both look at him. "You two had better warn Mac to take his little oh so 'perfect princess' in hand, before I deal with her. Because believe me, if she opens her stupid yap again, I'll solve the problem for him. And I can guarantee there won't be any further issues with her ever again, or a scene for you guys to investigate."

Danny just snickered at that, knowing fully well what Xander was capable of, while Don shuddered, as he recalled the case that had brought these two back together once again.

"Xander," Don began knowing it was a futile fight, but having to make the effort. "Don't do anything that you'll regret later. Let Mac handle her for you."

Xander just smirked at that, making both his lover and Don shudder.

"I promise that I won't do anything that I'll regret Don....Now Lindsey, well she may regret it, but not for too terribly long."

"Xan," Danny said cuddling up to his lover. "Be reasonable. If anyone gets first dibs on her, it would be me. Since I'm not allowed to do anything like your considering, you can't either."

Xander pulled out his innocent as an angel expression at that. "Who says I have to do something to her? There's plenty of folks who would be glad to deal with her without even a word from me."

"Don, track Mac down, I'll try and calm Xander down, before we're short a tech," Danny said with a frown, knowing full well what his lover could be like on a rip.


Dialing Mac, as he got in his car, Don swore softly under his breath. He definitely didn't want to get stuck as the messenger of bad news, but someone had to, and Danny was busy trying to calm Xander down.

"Mac, it's me," Don said as he finally got an answer. "Yeah, you could say there's a small issue....well seems like a certain tech has been running their mouth off yet again....yep, Lindsey."

Snickering at the groan and softly muttered gripe, he smirked. "Well, it was suggested that you be told, before it becomes a very big non-issue any more...yep,....that's who she was running her mouth off to....uh huh, well I'd act fast, because Danny's fighting an up hill battle to calm him down. He said he wouldn't have a single regret and that there would be no scene to be investigated....yeah, exactly."

Hanging up his cell phone, Don smiled. Mission accomplished, one fewer headaches for him to have to deal with. Maybe he should call Stella, see if she wanted to grab a beer at he bar, as her shift was almost over.


Growling Mac hung up the phone. He knew he was a patient man, over all, but this had reached his limit. Heading out of his office, he tracked Lindsey down, and dragged her by the arm back to his office, and shut the door.

"Sit down Lindsey, it's apparently long past time for you and I to have a lengthy discussion about appropriate behavior," Mac said glaring at her, as he slowly sat down behind his desk.

"Now I have tolerated your personal idiosyncrasies, as I have every other member of this lab. I do however draw the line, when personal beliefs and feelings cross the line and begin to create a negative impact at work," Mac said his voice chill and level.

"I don't know what anyone's said Mac..."

"No one has had to register a complaint Lindsey. I've seen it myself, I've heard the gossip and rumors and tracked those down. I've also received a complaint from a non-department member, a civilian who you have harassed. It ends now. I will expect three things from you from this point out," Mac said staring her down. "The first is that you will offer a sincere, and polite apology to those involved. The second is that there will be no further repeats of these previous incidents. The third, is that you will be absolutely sure to treat everyone with the common courtesy and respect that is required. I don't care if you can't stand a person, their life style, or anything else. You are an adult, you are here at work and you will be a professional while at work. If you can't do that, I will make sure that you are immediately terminated and an appropriate evaluation entered into your file. I will also make it clear to any one who inquires about your work here, what the reasons for your termination were. Am I Clear?"

"Yes Mac," Lindsey said sullenly. "It's still wrong though..."

"Lindsey..." Mac said sharply, forcing himself not to shake the foolish CSI sitting across from him.

"Fine, I'll leave Danny and Xander alone, I'll make an apology later on and I'll be polite about it."

"You had better Lindsey, as I will not interfere beyond this, if the issue is pushed further. Just as I won't stand up for you, if there is a formal complaint registered with the department."


"Babe, you gotta chill out," Danny said gently, cuddling up with Xander. "I know she's being a pain, but let Mac handle it."

"Danny, I promise it's not like I'm going to kill her," Xander offered with an evil chuckle. "That would be over with far too quickly and easily. She's going to learn exactly why you don't screw with me, or with the man I love."

"No," Danny said weakening ever so slightly in his resolve. Leaning in he kissed Xander, teasing his lover the way that he loved. "No picking on Lindsey...I mean it Xander."

"But babe..."Xander said softly. "It won't hurt her as such..."

Leaning in Danny took another, deeper, lingering kiss.

"Come on, just a few little imps..."

"Xander..." Danny said with a groan for how exasperating his lover was. "No..."

Pulling Danny down, Xander took a kiss this time taking the lead, finally breaking off he grinned. "My man, and no selfish bitch is going to interfere."

"The answer is still no," Danny said letting out a small groan as Xander nipped at his ear. "You're not going to distract me babe..."

"Not trying to, trying to enjoy you Danny," Xander said in a silky whisper. "Going to tease you till your begging, then slowly strip you down, and suck your brains out."

"Xander..." Danny said with a groan at the thought of that.

"Mine, just like I'm yours...Danny...all mine and all yours...maybe keep sucking you till your ready for a second round and let your ride me senseless."


Mac let out a sigh, as Danny escorted Xander up to his office.

"Xander," Mac said with a frown on his face. "Do you have something to tell me?"

Xander let out a snort at that. "Such as?"

Danny rolled his eyes as he stood behind his lover.

"Oh I don't know Xander. You wouldn't happen to know about what happens to be haunting Lindsey would you? After all, she was supposed to offer both you and Danny an apology."

"You mean that snide, I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar, and it's all your fault apology, Mac," Danny asked, reaching down and letting one hand rest on Xander's shoulder in warning.

Mac let out a groan at that. "She was told that she had to offer a sincere, polite apology gentlemen. Is this because of that?"

Danny shrugged, while Xander just smirked.

"I see. If I ask you to end this mess with Lindsey, would you Xander?"

Xander's smirk just grew bigger at that. "I didn't do anything to her Mac. She did it all to herself. The punishment is all of her own creation. Since she didn't offer a sincere, polite apology, she's paying the consequences. With each continued offense it grows worse for her. She's making her own punishment Mac."

Danny snickered ever so slightly at that. "Didn't I tell you not to do anything to her Xander?"

"And I didn't Danny. Like Mac said, she was supposed to offer a sincere, polite apology. She also was supposed to keep her yap shut, to be blunt," Xander said simply. "I didn't do the working, but I won't ask for it to be removed. She's the only one who can end it. If she offers the apology like she was told to, and if she keeps her big mouth shut, it will end. Until then, it will continue to grow and worsen. It won't kill her...but that's not to say death wouldn't be a relief if she doesn't change her attitude."

"Fine, since it's impossible to prove anything, I'll let it go gentlemen. I can't say that I disagree with the punishment, but I can't condone it either," Mac said after a few minutes of careful consideration. "I will remind her, of what she was told and that if she doesn't do so, this 'curse' will grow worse. That someone did it, as simple justice for her actions."

"That's what it is Mac," Xander said with a grin. "I didn't even ask for it, or complain to the person who did it. They merely did it, to try and get on my good side. I'm just watching it in amusement is all."

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Paybacks Are Hell". This story is complete.

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